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2001 News Archive

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December 31 Microwaves Sense Grain Moisture
December 28 Berry Bad News for Cancer Cells
December 27 Breeding Aluminum Tolerance into Wheat
December 26 Trout Studies Seek Superior Strains
December 21 New Computer Program Helps Growers Protect Poinsettias
December 20 Researchers' Technique Detects Algae Potentially Fatal to Catfish
December 19 Striking Improvements in Breastfeeding Rates Linked to Low-Tech Study
December 18 Giant Salvinia Attacked by Tiny Weevil
December 17 Kenaf Shows Potential as a Finishing Diet for Lambs
December 14 Livestock Biological Data Analysis Wins Top Award
December 13 Scientist Sleuths in Pursuit of Racehorse Disease
December 12 Seabeach Amaranth Making a Comeback
December 11 Tropical Agriculture Research Station Celebrates 100 Years of Scientific Research
December 10 ARS Seeks Partner to Help Stop Potato Sprouting
December 7 Coffee Pest May Harbor Its Weakest Link
December 6 Folate May Help Forestall Forgetfulness
December 5 Scientists Engineer Baker's Yeast to Eat Plant Fats
December 4 U.S.-Brazil Research Partnership Paying Off for Both Countries
December 3 Skinny Peach Trees: Good for Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners
November 30 New Southernpea Released by ARS
November 29 ARS, Cepheid Team to Make Plant Disease Diagnosis Faster, Easier and More Accurate
November 28 ARS Hall of Fame Inducts Three Scientists
November 27 New Research Positions’ Goal is Increased Value from Soybeans
November 26 Coordinated Control Methods Vanquish Apple and Pear Pest
November 23 New Pilot Plant Could Help Boost Ethanol Use
November 21 Studies Explore Minerals and Your Brain
November 20 New Sprays, Trap Promise to Slash Insecticide Use in America's Corn Belt
November 19 New Peanut Planting System to Boost Yields
November 16 Banding Together to Stall Leafy Spurge
November 15 Souped-Up Broccoli, Broccoli Sprouts Deter Cancers in Rats
November 14 New ARS Publication Charts 80 Years of Vegetation Changes in the Northern Plains
November 13 A New Technique Examines Soil Pressure on Cropland
November 9 Breeding Better Plants for Military Bases
November 8 Renovations to Bonsai Museum Under Way
November 7 New Pestivirus Identified
November 6 U.S.-Mexico Meeting To Forge Cooperation on Future Research
November 5 ARS Seeks Business Partners for Pectin Making and Other Technologies
November 2 Watch Out, Invasive Weeds--These Fungi Are Killers!
November 1 Grass Hedges to Curb Soil Runoff
October 31 Rose Research Targets Mites, Powdery Mildew
October 30 Energy Savings Initiated at ARS Facility
October 29 USDA Holds First International Meeting on Comparative Insect Genomics
October 26 Colorado Potato Beetles May Succumb to the Glow
October 26 ARS’ Research Timeline Expanded, Updated
October 25 Using Hot Water as a Solvent for Checking Food Safety
October 24 With Potatoes, More Color May Mean Better Nutrition
October 24 Latest ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted
October 23 Publication Outlines the Best Cotton Ginning Practices Worldwide
October 22 Scientific Sleuths Track the Origin of Tapeworms in Humans
October 19 Scientists Serve Up a Dish of Pig Liver Cells
October 18 The National Arboretum Is 16-Time Gold Medal Winner
October 17 Beet Armyworms: What Do They Really Want?
October 16 Pomegranates of the World Housed in Unique California Collection
October 15 Resistance Genes Key to Protecting Chocolate Supply
October 12 Portable Rainfall Simulators Helping Fight Runoff
October 11 A Newly Discovered and Sequenced Turkey Disease Virus
October 10 New Golden-Nematode-Resistant Potato Introduced
October 9 Disease-Resistant Cowpeas Now Available
October 5 Web Page Available on Bt Corn Risk to Monarch Butterflies
October 4 Risk Assessment for Biotech Alfalfa
October 3 Keeping Nutrients in Manure
October 2 Researchers Help Growers Fight Floral Pests
October 1 Low-Fat Foods Can Help Lower Fat Intake
September 28 Plant Estrogens Low in Older Women's Diets
September 27 State-of-the-Art Modeling Could Help Improve Gulf's Water Quality
September 24 New Method To Measure Water and Chemical Movement in Soil
September 21 Bacteriophages a Possible Alternative to Antibiotics in Animal Production
September 20 Scientists Identify Insect That Transmits Killer Bacterium to Cucurbits
September 19 Combine Attachment Offers On-the-Fly Peanut Cleaning
September 18 Researchers Battle Plum Pox in Pennsylvania
September 17 Virus-Resistant Plum Trees--Ready and Waiting
September 14 Udderly Fantastic: Mutant Plants a High Source of Calcium
September 13 Tiny Berry Tops Tomatoes in Lycopene
September 12 Using Biotech to Speed Classical Breeding
September 11 New Insights May Lead to Better Control of Gray Mold
September 10 The Flying Camera
September 7 Researchers Clone Powdery Mildew Resistance Gene
September 6 Making Sure Consumers Get Their Fill--of Chicken Breasts
September 5 Exposure to Lyme Disease-Transmitting Ticks Depends on Activity
September 4 Japanese Mint Could Lead to Environmentally Friendly Fumigant
August 31 USDA Aquaculture Center Gets New Home
August 30 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online (1)
August 30 New Oats and Barleys for Breakfast, Brewery or Barn
August 29 Researchers Develop Value-Added Products from Fats, Oils
August 28 Lowly Ring Nematode Suppressed with Biological Control
August 27 Spying Global Warming in the Desert?
August 24 Predicting Flooding Earlier By Mapping Soil Moisture
August 23 How Much Antioxidant Protection Do You Really Have?
August 22 Specialty Bean Tissues No Treat for Nematodes
August 21 Potassium Permanganate Kills Fish Parasite
August 20 Antimicrobial Compounds May Reduce Swine Waste Odor
August 17 Parasitic Wasps Could Curb Mealybug
August 16 Researchers Unlock the Secrets of How Herbicides Interact With Soil and Subsoil
August 15 New Tanning Process Good for Industry and the Environment
August 14 Fecal Detection Technology Advances to Whole-Carcass Imaging System
August 13 For Information About West Nile Virus--Here's the Source of Sources
August 13 New Virus Test Kit Helps Keep Chicken on the Dinner Table
August 10 Cricket-resistant Turf in the Pipeline
August 9 Leptin May Help Quiet Dieters' Hunger
August 8 Bone Gains in New Mothers
August 7 USDA to Expand Use of Biodiesel, Ethanol Fuels
August 6 Patent Sought on Technology for Soy-Based Car Parts
August 2 Cooking Process Reduces Toxins in Corn
August 1 A Southern Wheat Rust Moves North
July 31 Study Questions Popular CLA Supplement
July 30 Controlling Pathogens on Fresh-Cut Produce--a New Phage?
July 26 Easing the Sediment Load
July 25 ARS Scientists Develop More Potent Chromium Supplement
July 24 Woody Debris Structures Help Rehabilitate Streambed Channels
July 23 Calving Research Helps Producers and Heifers
July 20 Phytase Aids Iron Absorption in Anemic Pigs
July 19 State-of-the-Art Technology Chosen to Clean Up Wastewater from Swine Production
July 18 Healthful Soybean Oil From the Southeast to Be Evaluated
July 17 Wild Australian Soybean Relatives Hold Genes for Nematode Resistance
July 16 New Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center Celebrated
July 13 Putting the Missing Ingredient into Snack Foods
July 12 Sorting Out Wheat Stem Sawfly Attractants
July 11 Low-Fat French Fries From Rice?
July 10 Food Poisoning Microbe Targeted in New Studies
July 9 Cleaner Air, Fewer Exhaust Emissions May Come from Soybean Oil in Jet Fuels
July 6 Weeds Could Meet Their Match in a Novel Bioherbicide
July 5 Red Clover Silage Boasts Benefits over Alfalfa Silage
July 3 USDA Research Helps Preserve Historic Flag
July 2 USDA Launches New Information-based Web Site on Food Safety Research Programs
July 2 Beetles Have a Big Appetite for Waterlettuce
June 29 ARS Patents Filed and Waiting for Commercial Partners
June 28 June ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Posted
June 28 ARS, NASA Explore Food Safety Research
June 27 Making Sense of Xylella's Genome--First Step to Its Control
June 26 Genome of Grapevine Culprit Revealed
June 25 Scientists Seek to Improve Farm Animal Conditions
June 22 Making Prize-Winning Yields More Routine
June 21 Keeping the Balance in Cytokines--Key to Healthy Animals
June 20 New Lure Works Better Than Pheromones for Codling Moths
June 19 Sheep and Beetles Control Leafy Spurge
June 18 Preparing Newborn Pigs for Faster Weight Gains
June 15 Mite-Resistant Russian Bees Also Have Winter Hardinesse
June 14 Campylobacter Mystery Moves Toward Resolution
June 13 Feeding Preemies for Optimal Development
June 12 No Trans Fats in Peanut Butter--Contrary to Current Rumor
June 11 Pop Goes the Cotton!
June 8 Good Nutrition Could Help Prevent Bad Viruses
June 7 USDA Research Agency Sequences Genome of Food Borne Pathogen
June 6 Putting the Bite on Plum Curculio Weevils
June 5 ARS Researcher Finds Keys to Cockroach Resistance
June 4 ARS Scientists Win Top Honors Today in Annual USDA Ceremony
June 1 Do Navajo Diets Build Better Bones?
May 31 Researchers Test Yeast's Anti-Scab Mettle
May 30 Searching Exotic Corn Types to Improve Yields and Uses for U.S. Corn Crop
May 29 Students May Have Answer for Faster-Healing Civil War Wounds that Glowed
May 25 Deer Feed, Ticks Drop in Maryland Control Program
May 24 Study Explores New Mothers' Mineral Needs
May 23 ARS Patents New Fruit Fly Lure and Trap
May 22 Biocontrol Beetles Set Free to Tackle Saltcedar
May 21 Building Wheats with Multiple Resistance to Leaf Rust
May 18 Plant Growth Facility Named for Famous Scientific Team
May 17 New Sweetpotatoes Make Great Chips, Fries
May 16 Researchers Develop Integrated Controls for Potato Pests
May 15 ARS Scientists Working to Reduce Poultry Crop Breaks
May 14 Bringing Back Native Soil Fungi
May 11 New Surveillance Device Uncovers Insects
May 10 Have You Taken Your Plant's Temperature Lately?
May 9 Managing Forage for Best Use of Manure
May 8 Formosan Termite Experts to Meet at New Orleans Conference
May 7 Tick Control Device is Tested in USDA Project to Reduce Lyme Disease
May 4 New "Science Without Boundaries" Web Site
May 3 ARS, Maryland Business Organizations Sign Technology Agreements
May 2 Satellites and Planes Scan Cornfields for Clues
May 1 Researchers Honored for Transferring Technology
April 27 Selenium Deficiency Increases Severity of Flu Virus in Mice
April 26 Government, Industry Team up Against Exotic Water Weed
April 25 Dynamic Duo Found to Control Melaleuca
April 24 ARS Scientists and BASF Corporation Join Forces
April 23 Powerful New Microscope Probes Sex Glands of Worm Pest
April 20 Two New Corn Viruses Discovered
April 19 Research Expedition Yields Potential New Control Agents for U.S. Pests
April 18 High-Tech Research Spells Trouble for Soybean Nematodes
April 17 France-Based Lab Plays Key Role in U.S. Biocontrol Research
April 16 Scientists Lasso Computers to Help With Ranch Plans
April 13 Quick Evaluation Technique Finds New Applications in Food and Agriculture
April 12 New Edible, Food-Grade Fruit Coating Has It Covered
April 11 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
April 11 ARS Scientists Develop Phosphorus Index to Control Pasture Runoff
April 10 Collaboration Aids Moroccan, American Livestock Producers
April 9 Natural Fungicide May Blast Global Rice Disease
April 6 April ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted
April 6 Protein Saves Bone in Elders
April 5 Reducing the Use of Organic Solvents
April 4 More Efficient Ethanol Production Closer to Reality
April 3 Soybean Hulls Eyed for Wastewater Filtering
April 2 Vegetative Mulch Reduces Pesticide and Soil Losses in Runoff
March 30 B Vitamins Choline and Folate Scrutinized
March 29 ARS Posts Latest Edition of Quarterly Report of Research Progress
March 29 ARS Releases New Insect-Resistant Corn Germplasm Line
March 28 New Study Sheds Light on Plants' Nighttime Defense
March 27 Cherry Harvester Helps Kids Learn Mechanical Engineering
March 26 ARS and Industry Test New Vegetable Oils as Industrial Lubricants
March 23 How Well Do You Convert Beta-Carotene into Vitamin A?
March 22 Two Mississippi Lakes Revitalized As Fisheries
March 21 Stunt Nematodes--Everything You Need to Know to Identify These Pests
March 20 The New, Improved and Integrated Food Survey
March 19 Mineral Film Foils Cotton Pests
March 16 Magnesium--Minor Nutrient Has Major Importance
March 15 ARS Research Magazine Wins Award
March 15 Peppers Put the “Heat” on Pests
March 14 Genetic Study Aims to Protect Beans Against White Mold
March 13 The Latest on Bee Mite Resistance to Pesticides
March 12 Paper Mulch Coated with Vegetable Oil Offers Biodegradable Alternative to Plastic
March 9 Crops and Conservation Tillage Glean Carbon for the Land
March 8 Mechanism of Tobacco Budworm Resistance to Bt Proposed
March 7 Insecticides Reduced in Runoff from Bt Cotton
March 5 Reducing Salmonella and E. coli 0157:H7 at the Farm
February 9 From Corn-Bred Statistics to High-Tech Breeding
February 8 Scientists Honored for Moving Research Results to Market
February 7 Charles Bacon Tops ARS Scientist of the Year Award Winners
February 6 The Chihuahuan Desert Knows No Borders
February 5 Hungry, Helpful Insects Thrive on Special Fast-Food
February 2 Cooked-to-Brown Burgers May Not Tell the Truth
February 1 Watermelons Screened To Find Those That Resist Two Major Diseases
January 31 Storytelling CD-ROM Documents Screwworm Eradication Science
January 30 Camphor Curbs Asian Lady Beetles
January 29 Starch-Water-Oil Mix Fit for Many Uses
January 26 ARS’ Research Timeline Updated
January 25 Biotech Advance May Revive U.S. Castor Oil Production
January 24 Bone Gains Fade When Elders Cease Supplements
January 23 Scientists Learning To Keep Tabs on Dioxin
January 22 January ARS Food and Nutrition Briefs Posted
January 22 New Catfish Line Released
January 19 Quirky Rice May Speed Breeding of New Varieties
January 18 U.S. and Mexico Cooperating To Control Water-Hyacinth Infestation
January 17 New Cottons Pack a Punch Against Fungi
January 16 New Kit to Identify Tissue-Invading Fly Maggots
January 12 Lichens: An Unexpected Source of New Herbicides
January 11 Lift Weights to Lift Aging Metabolism, Lower Weight Gain
January 10 Scientists Develop First Transgenic Cow Clone for Mastitis Disease Resistance
January 10 Manipulating Plant Hormone May Help Crops
January 9 What Would Eli Whitney Think?
January 8 Superb Strawberries--Without Help From Methyl Bromide
January 5 Eavesdropping on Insects in Soil and Plants
January 4 USDA Scientists Complete Genetics Project
January 3 Alfalfa Meets Its Asian Relatives
January 2 Broccoli Varieties Differ in Potential Anticarcinogenic Activity