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ARS Research Magazine Wins Award

By Sean Adams
March 15, 2001

Agricultural Research magazine has won a second place Blue Pencil Award from the National Association of Government Communicators. The award was presented at the NAGC meeting recently in Denver, Colo.

Agricultural Research is the four-color, in-house magazine produced by the Information Staff of the Agricultural Research Service. The magazine features the latest research findings from ARS scientists at more than 100 research locations. ARS is the chief scientific research agency in the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

NAGC received nearly 500 entries for all Blue Pencil categories, including magazines, articles, news releases, speeches and others. Entries are judged for professional standards including cost effectiveness, production, writing, content, layout, design, quality and creativity.

Agricultural Research has a printed circulation of about 40,000.

Contact: Bob Sowers, editor, Agricultural Research magazine, ARS Information Staff, Beltsville, Md., phone (301) 504-1651, fax (301) 504-1641,