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ARS’ Research Timeline Expanded, Updated

By Linda McElreath
October 26, 2001

For nearly a century before the Agricultural Research Service was established in 1953, U.S. Department of Agriculture scientists were hard at work. ARS’ "Research Timeline" is a World Wide Web compendium of USDA scientific and other achievements since 1862.

Just added are feature stories on key research accomplishments, significant scientific results from the year 2000, and dozens of additional photographs.

View this chronological history at:


Initially, the web timeline duplicated the printed version that appeared in the December 1999 issue of Agricultural Research, the monthly magazine published by ARS. The newest expansion adds 22 features linked to individual timeline entries:


View 20th century insect control
View ARS helps science flourish at 1890 schools
View Conquering cattle tick fever
View Conserving the world’s plants
View Do you know a soybean when you eat it...wear it?
View Eradicating hog cholera
View Finding new uses for surplus products
View Founding American nutrition science
View Frozen food that’s freezer friendly
View Fueling the Green Revolution

View Improving corn
View Making fabrics friendly
View More and better citrus
View Probing the mystery of life
View Processing cotton
View Saving a fragile resource
View Starch that slurps
View Subduing the screwworm
View Tackling foot and mouth disease
View The rescue of penicillin
View Tracking the elusive viroid
View Tripping the light switch fantastic