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1890 Faculty Research Sabbatical Program

The 1890 Faculty Research Sabbatical Program (FRSP) /ARSUserFiles/00000000/1890LandGrantSabbatical/Images/1890logo.jpgprovides faculty at 1890 land-grant universities (LGUs) with the opportunity to participate in a residency at an ARS laboratory to conduct cooperative research of mutual interest with ARS scientists. Tenure-track and research-track faculty who have been employed for a minimum of 3 years at their current 1890 LGU are eligible to participate in the program. Each year, pending annual appropriations, ARS invests up to $500,000 in the program to support expenses such as salary, housing, personal living expenses, travel, and research costs.


Now accepting proposals for the 2022 program

FY 2022 Program Documents

  1. FY 2022 Program Information Document
  2. Project Information Template (application)
  3. Budget for Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreements Research and Related Budget (Total Fed + Non-Fed)

FY 2022 Informational Session

  1. Session Recording
  2. Slides
  3. Perspectives from a former program participant

Frequently Asked Questions here 


For more information on the 1890 Faculty Research Sabbatical Program, email

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