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1890 FRSP Frequently Asked Questions
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1890 Faculty Research Sabbatical Program (FRSP)


Frequently Asked Questions

Updated October 2022

Will the 1890 FRSP fund my student?

May I split time between my home institution and ARS during my sabbatical?

What is the application process?

What does my 1890 LGU need to do to submit the application?

Do I need to obtain my institution’s approval to participate in the program? At what point in the process does this need to happen?

May the 1890 FRSP fund daily travel costs (e.g., mileage) to and from the ARS research location during my sabbatical?

What are the application criteria?

Proposals will be reviewed by an internal ARS panel and evaluated according to the following criteria:

Although ARS will attempt to maximize the number of institutions receiving awards, multiple awards may be made to the same university based on the quality of the proposals.

When and why was the program established?

What is an 1890 land-grant university?

How do I learn more about the program?