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Check out our feature areas below to learn more about how our research affects the lives of every American, from farm to table.

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ARS scientist Aspen Workman has been honored with the 2023 Arthur S. Flemming Award in Applied Science and Engineering for her contributions to the advancement of safeguarding livestock from endemic diseases and ensuring healthy and economically viable food systems and food security. More ...
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Latest Content ... To make production more profitable, Agricultural Research Service (ARS) researchers are working to identify new business opportunities by creating new products from existing crops. Learn more.


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Factsheets, Q&A's and other reports.


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Public affairs contacts and other information for journalists.

A scientist looking at a petri dishAgLab
Geared toward k-12 students, this website offers a variety of content that educates students about the importance of science and agriculture in their daily lives.
Camera: Link to Image GalleryImage Gallery
Visit the Gallery to view hundreds of our very best downloadable color photographs in low- and high-resolution formats. The Gallery and the rest of our online catalog—thousands of images—are searchable by keywords.


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Check out our "Science in Your Shopping Cart" podcast series to learn which ARS developed fruits, vegetables and other products may be sitting in your shopping cart.
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Our Youtube channel includes videos that feature how we're resolving major agricultural issues, creating innovative technologies, and making discoveries that will greatly impact our farms, foods, and future.