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 OSQR News!

OSQR Website Enhancements: We are working hard to make the OSQR website a valuable resource for researchers and reviewers, as well as for support staff, administrators, and others interested in the ARS peer review process. 

UPDATED! Vacancies: Vacancies in a project team can create challenges both in the preparation of plans and for their peer reviewers.  Vacancies have varying impacts on a research plan. Thus, there is no single solution for how to address them in the plan. We've developed a series of scenarios intended to illustrate the range of ways researchers can (and should NOT!) address vacancies when preparing a plan. See Guidance on Handling Vacancies in the Project Plan for information.

Plan Titles and Funding: Project titles and objectives are assigned to researchers in the PDRAM and are intended to capture the essence of a research plan. But plans may, ultimately differ from what the originally-assigned title suggests. In such cases researchers can (and should!) discuss…(See Retitling my Plan for more).

Best Practices: Discussions of the ARS Peer Review Focus Group have centered on assessing best practices for success in peer review from across the agency. While not intended to replace guidance in the OSQR Handbook, the resulting document does provide much useful information to aid Areas and individuals in the development of plans for review. For more information, see the Peer Review Best Practices report from the Focus Group.