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ARS Science Hall of Fame

ARS Science Hall of Fame

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ARS Science Hall of Fame

Welcome to the ARS Science Hall of Fame

The Hall was inaugurated in 1986.

The women and men who have been inducted into the ARS Science Hall of Fame represent a very special group of scientists—the best of the best. Every member of the Hall of Fame has produced a major impact on agricultural research by:

  • Solving a significant agricultural problem through research or providing outstanding leadership that significantly advanced agricultural research
  • Achieving accomplishments that continue to be recognized by the agricultural research community
  • Possessing the character and record of achievement worthy of emulation by younger agricultural scientists, and
  • Reaching achievements that were nationally or internationally recognized by peers in the scientific community.

Inductees to the Hall are selected by a panel of peers from ARS and other federal agencies and academia. Nominations can be made by any ARS employee. To be eligible for nomination, a scientist must be retired or eligible for retirement from ARS. For information on how to nominate someone, please contact Brittany Swartz with the ARS Human Resources Division, Performance and Awards Staff.


. Meet Our 2024 Inductee. 

Animal Health

David L Suarez
David L Suarez
Veterinary Medical Officer
U.S. National Poultry Research Center
Exotic & Emerging Avian Viral Diseases Research Unit
Athens, GA

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 ARS Hall of Fame's Esteemed Women

ARS is proud to be a diverse workplace, where we nurture and support our scientists of every race, color, national origin, age, physical or mental disability, sex (including gender identify and expression), sexual orientation, genetic information, political or religious beliefs, and veteran/marital/parental/familial status. Dedicated ARS women scientists are working across the country to solve the world's biggest agricultural problems. Below are three of our esteemed colleagues who are women and have demonstrated their leadership through creativity, drive, dedication, and of course, their contributions to agricultural science.

Lindsay Allen
Lindsay Allen - Inducted 2022
Davis, CA
Micronutrient Research

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Hyun Lillehoj
Hyun Lillehoj - Inducted 2014
Beltsville, MD
Protecting Poultry

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Allene Jeanes
Allene Jeanes - Inducted 1999
Peoria, IL
Life-Saving Research

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