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National Programs
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ARS research is organized into National Programs. These programs serve to bring coordination, communication, and empowerment to approximately 660 research projects carried out by ARS. The National Programs focus on the relevance, impact, and quality of ARS research.  

Marlen Eve
Acting Associate Administrator
National Programs

Nutrition, Food Safety/Quality
  • Human Nutrition (NP #107)
  • Food Safety (animal and plant products) (NP #108)
  • Product Quality and New Uses (NP #306)
  • Animal Production and Protection
  • Food Animal Production (NP #101)
  • Animal Health (NP #103)
  • Veterinary, Medical, and Urban Entomology (NP #104)
  • Aquaculture (NP #106)
  • Crop Production and Protection
  • Plant Genetic Resources, Genomics and Genetic Improvement (NP #301)
  • Plant Diseases (NP #303)
  • Crop Protection and Quarantine (NP #304)
  • Crop Production (NP #305)
  • Natural Resources and Sustainable Agricultural Systems
  • Water Availability and Watershed Management (NP #211)
  • Soil and Air (NP #212)
  • Grass, Forage, and Rangeland Agroecosystems (NP #215)
  • Sustainable Agricultural Systems Research (NP #216)