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National Program 101: Food Animal Production
Strategic Vision
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Vision Statement:

The vision for National Program 101 entitled “Food Animal Production” is that ARS will provide the scientific community and food animal industries with scientific information, biotechnologies, and best management practices that ensure consumers an abundant supply of competitively priced, high quality animal products that enhance human health, while ensuring domestic food security, and enhancing the efficiency, competitiveness and environmental sustainability of the food animal industry.

Mission Statement:

Conduct research to improve food animal production efficiency, industry sustainability, animal welfare, product quality and nutritional value while safeguarding animal genetic resources.

Research Program Components:

  1. Increasing Production and Production Efficiencies while Enhancing Animal Well-Being across Diverse Food Animal Production Systems
  2. Understanding, Improving, and Effectively Using Animal Genetic and Genomic Resources
  3. Measuring and Enhancing Product Quality and Enhancing the Healthfulness of Meat Animal Products

Projects in this Program. Click on a colored state to view research projects within the state.