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National Program 101: Food Animal Production
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Genome to Phenome: A USDA Blueprint for Improving Animal Production

National Agricultural Library, Beltsville, Maryland

November 15 and 16, 2017

Iowa State University Workshop Website


Wednesday November 15, 2017

9:00 am: Welcome

Dr. Caird Rexroad (USDA-ARS), Dr. Jeff Vallet (USDA-ARS) and Dr. Adele Turzillo (USDA-NIFA), Dr. Lakshmi Matukumalli (USDA-NIFA) 

9:05 am: Logistics  Dr. Caird Rexroad, USDA ARS 

9:10 am: The 2008 Blueprint for USDA Efforts in Agricultural Animal Genomics 

Dr. Ronnie Green, Chancellor, University of Nebraska 

9:20 amImplementing Blueprint at the USDA   

Dr. Jeffrey Silverstein, USDA ARS and Dr. Parag Chitnis, USDA NIFA

9:40 am: Implementing the Blueprint with Federal and International Partners (Introductions)

Dr. Jennifer Weller (DBI) NSF; Dr. Neelakanta Ravindranath (NICHD) and Dr. Dan Gilchrist (NHGRI), NIH; Dr. Ramana Madupu, DOE; Dr. Lindsay Parish USAID; Dr. Tim Kurt, FFAR;        Dr. Jean-Charles Cavitte, European Commission

9:50 am: Developing a Next Generation Blueprint  Dr. Caird Rexroad, USDA ARS

10:00 am: Livestock High-Throughput Phenotyping and Big Data Analytics  Dr. James Reecy, Iowa State University

10:40 am: Livestock Industry Perspectives

11:30 am: Discussion Session I: Science to Practice

Precision Selection 1: Dr. Curt Van Tassell, Dr. Caird Rexroad, Sara Nilson, Luke Kramer

Precision Selection 2: Dr. Jerry Taylor, Dr. Lakshmi Kumar Matukumalli, Troy Rowan

Precision Management Systems 1: Dr. Mark Boggess, Dr. Jeffrey Silverstein, Kaitlyn Daza

Precision Management Systems 2: Dr. Archie Clutter, Dr. Jeffrey Vallet, Bethany Krehbiel

12:00 pm: Working Lunch

1:00 pm: Thoughts on Components of an Agricultural Data Ecosystem  Dr. Sean Davis, NIH

1:40 pm: Long Reads and the Future of Vertebrate Genome Sequencing  Dr. Adam Phillippy, NIH

2:20 pm: Discussion Session II: Discovery Science

Genomic and Functional Biology: Dr. Cathy Ernst, Dr. Joan Lunney, Troy Rowan

Host Pathogen Interactions: Dr. Hans Cheng, Dr. Holly Neibergs, Sara Nilson

Phenotyping: Dr. Jeffrey Vallet, Dr. Jim Reecy, Bethany Krehbiel, Kaitlyn Daza

Microbiome and Metagenomics: Dr. Derek Bickhart, Dr. Tim Smith, Luke Kramer

3:50 pm: Report Out – Discussion Sessions I and II

4:30 pm: Panel Discussion – Federal and International Partners

5:00 pm: Adjourn

**This workshop is supported by AFRI grant 2017-67015-26907 project accession 1013525 from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, the ARS Office of National Programs, and the National Agricultural Library.