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Briefing Room

Rice batter fries. Potassium Content of Specific Foods  (html) or (pdf) [infographic] 
Rice batter fries.Agricultural Research Service's Agricultural Coexistence Efforts (html)
Watermelon slices. National Watermelon Month (html) or (pdf) [factsheet] 
Bee on flower.Survey of Bee Losses During Winter of 2012/2013 (html) [factsheet]
Honeybee on a white flower.USDA/EPA Scientific Report on Honey Bee Health (html) [factsheet]
GRIN Global logoGRIN  (html) or (pdf) [factsheet]
Bed bug.Controlling Bed Bugs (html) [electronic info kit]
Stink bug.Controlling Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs (html) [electronic info kit]
Rice.Summary of USDA-ARS Research on the Interrelationship of Genetic and Cultural Management Factors That Impact Grain Arsenic Accumulation in Rice (html)
Mosquito.Deployed War-fighter Protection Research Program (html) [electronic info kit]
RiverOverview of the USDA Agricultural Research Service  (html) or (pdf) [factsheet]
GlucernaSucromalt  (html) or (pdf) [factsheet]
BeeARS Researchers Working to Solve the Honey Bee-Colony Collapse Disorder Mystery (html) [electronic info kit]
Canada thistleUSDA Lab Seeks Your Help in Finding a Fungal Weed Fighter  (html) [factsheet]
MosquitoRift Valley Fever Strategies  (html) or (pdf)  [factsheet]
Cow.Hi-Tech Bovine Genomics Tool  (html) or (pdf)  [factsheet]
RiverOverview of the USDA Agricultural Research Service   (html) or (pdf)  [factsheet]
Plant Hardiness Zone map.USDA Unveils New Plant Hardiness Zone Map   (html) or (pdf
Soybean rust.ARS Scientists Collaborating for Global Food Security (html) [electronic info kit]
Cow.Automated Geospatial Watershed Assessment Tool (AGWA) (html) or (pdf)  [factsheet]
Box of chocolates.Chocolate Expedition Yields Sweet Rewards (html) [electronic info kit]
Potato seedling.Composting: Nature's Way of Recycling Organic Materials (html) or (pdf)  [factsheet]
Apples on tree100% Fruit Bars (html) or (pdf)  [factsheet]
Fruit.Fresh-Cut Fruit Coating (html) or (pdf)  [factsheet]
Papaya.Protecting Tropical Fruits From Pests (html) [electronic info kit]
Boll weevil.Boll Weevil Detection (html)  [electronic info kit]
Sunbutter label.Sunflower Butter (html) or (pdf)  [factsheet]
Rice.New Rice Varieties (html) or (pdf) [factsheet]
Fish.ARS Aquaculture Research  [electronic info kit]
Chesapeake Bay Bridge.Chesapeake Bay  [electronic info kit]

Bee with varroa miteHoney Bees Selected by ARS Toss Out Varroa Mites  [electronic info kit]

SEM of virusInfluenza A Virus  [briefing paper]

Orange slices.Huanglongbing (Citrus Greening): What ARS Is Doing  [briefing paper]

honey comb.Honey Bee Health and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)  [briefing paper]

HoneySweet Plums.HoneySweet Plum Trees: A Transgenic Answer to the Plum Pox Problem  [briefing paper]

Chicken head.Avian Influenza  [briefing paper]

Nutrition button.Human Nutrition Research  [briefing paper]

Monarch butterfly.Butterflies & BT Corn: Allowing science to guide decisions  [briefing paper]

Monarch butterfly.Q&A: Bt Corn and Monarch Butterflies  [Q&A]

Lady beetle.The Multicolored Asian Lady Beetle  [briefing paper]

piglet. U.S. Meat Animal Research Center Briefing Room (html)