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United States Department of Agriculture

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National Program 106: Aquaculture
Strategic Vision
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Vision Statement



The vision for ARS aquaculture research and technology transfer is to support a thriving domestic industry based on improved genetic stocks and scientific information on biotechnologies and management practices to ensure a high quality, safe supply of healthful seafood and aquatic products.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Aquaculture National Program is to conduct high quality, relevant, fundamental, and applied aquaculture research, to improve the systems for raising domesticated aquaculture species, and to transfer technology to enhance the productivity and efficiency of U.S. producers and the quality of seafood and other aquatic animal products.


The Components of this Research Program are:

Component 1: Selective Breeding, Directed Reproduction, and Development of Genomic Tools

.        Problem Statement 1A: Genomic Tools and Genotype to Phenotype

.        Problem Statement 1B: Define Phenotypes and Develop Genetic Improvement Programs

.        Problem Statement 1C: Enhance Aquatic Animal Production


Component 2: Nutrient Requirements and Alternative Protein and Lipid Ingredients

.        Problem Statement 2: Determine Nutrient Requirements and Evaluate the Nutritional Value of Alternative Sources of Protein and Lipid


Component 3: Health of Aquatic Animals

.        Problem Statement 3A: Improve Understanding of Host Immunity, Immune System Evasion by Pathogens, and Disease-Resistant Phenotypes

.        Problem Statement 3B: Control of Pathogens and Prevention of Disease


Component 4: Sustainable Production Systems

.        Problem Statement 4A: Improve Technologies for Recirculating and Flow-through Production Systems

.        Problem Statement 4B: Enhance Control of Pond-Based Ecosystems to Maximize Production and Product Quality

.        Problem Statement 4C: Develop Shellfish Systems to Maximize Productivity and Environmental Compatibility


Component 5: Product Quality and New Products

Projects in this Program - by State

    Maroon = click to see related projects in these states.
    Gray = No related research in this state.


Last Modified: 8/28/2016
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