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National Program 106: Aquaculture
Annual Reports
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The aim of the ARS Aquaculture Program is to support a safe and affordable domestic supply of seafood products for 330 million U.S. consumers that is produced in a healthy, competitive, and sustainable aquaculture sector; a sector supported by more than 3000 aquaculture farmers producing more than $1.4 billion worth of goods annually.

Fiscal year 2018 was the fourth year of externally-reviewed five-year project plans (2015- 2019) that fall under the five Components of the 2015 – 2019 National Program NP 106 Aquaculture Action Plan which are:

  1. Selective Breeding, Directed Reproduction, and Development of Genomic Tools
  2. Nutrient Requirements and Alternative Sources of Protein and Lipid
  3. Health of Aquatic Animals
  4. Sustainable Production Systems
  5. Product Quality and New Products

Although these project plans guide most of the efforts of the laboratories, we remain flexible to respond to unanticipated challenges and opportunities. NP 106 research covers the spectrum from fundamental to applied research and is focused on solving problems through long term high impact research. NP 106 scientists published 86 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals in fiscal year 2018 along with 9 articles in trade journals and 2 book chapters.

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