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National Program 106: Aquaculture
Retrospective Assessment
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A retrospective review of the ARS NP106 Program for Aquaculture for the years 2013-2017 was conducted on April 4, 2018, by an independent panel of experts.  Spreadsheets, presentations, and other Program-provided materials that summarized NP106 research accomplishments and background information (budget allocations, publication lists, etc.) for the review period served as reference sources for the review panel and were the basis for the panel’s review comments.  The review comments fell in two categories: 1) Responses to General and Specific Questions provided by the National Program Leader; and 2) Ratings for each of the Problem Statements in the five Component areas of NP106’s 2015-2019 Action Plan.

To view the webinar PowerPoint presentation (pdf;7.4Mb) Retrospective Presentation

Click here to read the Retrospective Panel Executive Summary (pdf; 0.3 Mb)