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National Program 211: Water Availability and Watershed Management
Strategic Vision
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Integrated, Effective, and Safe Water Resource Management


The mission of this National Program is twofold: (1) to conduct fundamental and applied research on the processes that control water availability and quality for the health and economic growth of the American people; and (2) to develop new and improved technologies for managing the Nation's agricultural water resources. These advances in knowledge and technologies will provide producers, action agencies, local communities, and resource advisors with the practices, tools, models, and decision support systems they need to improve water conservation and water use efficiency in agriculture, enhance water quality, protect rural and urban communities from the ravages of droughts and floods, improve agricultural and urban watersheds, and prevent the degradation of riparian areas, wetlands, and stream corridors. The rationale for this program is that water is fundamental to life and is a basic requirement for virtually all of our agricultural, industrial, urban, and recreational activities, as well as the sustained health of the natural environment.


The goal of the Water Availability and Watershed Management National Program (211) is to effectively and safely manage water resources while protecting the environment and human and animal health. This goal will be achieved by characterizing potential hazards, developing management practices, strategies and systems to alleviate problems, and providing practices, technologies, and decision support tools for the benefit of customers, stakeholders, partners, and product users. Customers, stakeholders, partners, and users of this research include producers, landowners, consultants, State agencies, Cooperative Extension Service, NRCS, FS, FSA, FAS, ORACBA, EPA, USGS, CDC, NOAA, NASA, BLM, BOR, USACE, NPS, and other action-oriented organizations and centers.

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