Global African Swine Fever Research Alliance
Fighting African Swine Fever Together

GARA Group Photo Workshop 2023

Group Photo from the GARA Gap Analysis in Manila, Philippines, December 5-7, 2023


To establish and sustain global research partnerships that will generate scientific knowledge and tools to contribute to the successful prevention, control and where feasible eradication of African Swine Fever (ASF).


A coordinated global research alliance enabling the progressive control and eradication of ASF.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1. Identify research opportunities and facilitate collaborations within the Alliance

Goal 2. Conduct strategic and multi-disciplinary research to better understand ASF

Goal 3. Determine social and economic drivers and impact of ASF

Goal 4. Develop novel and improved tools to support the prevention and control of ASF

Goal 5. Determine the impact of ASF prevention and control tools

Goal 6. Serve as a communication and technology sharing gateway for the global ASF research community and stakeholders