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Why SCINet?

The scale and rate of data generation is increasing rapidly in agricultural science. To enable new discoveries, ARS is investing in computational training and expertise, improving networking between ARS locations, expanding its high-performance computing clusters and providing access to cloud computing for researchers.

SCINet Resources


SCINet has organized training workshops in several scientific areas including:

We have a virtual research support core of scientists who provide answers to computing questions.

We have an online forum more than 400 users who help each other with scientific computing.


High-performance computing

The Ceres Cluster

 Ceres is a high-performance computer cluster with 70 compute nodes, 5 high memory nodes, 2 Graphical Processing Unit nodes, and a two Petabyte file system for a range of scientific applications.


ARS scientists from different disciplines including bioinformatics, remote sensing, phenomics, and modeling work on Ceres. Hundreds of software applications have been tested for inclusion on SCINet to provide access to these tools for researchers, and eliminate software redundancy across ARS research locations. Graphical User Interface based applications are also available through shared licenses and web portals. 


ARS has built a next-generation hardware network as the backbone of SCINet. It connects six ARS locations (Ames IA, Stoneville MS, Albany CA, Beltsville MD, Clay Center NE, Fort Collins CO) and serves as a research data conduit among agency locations.

If you are an ARS scientist you can sign up for access to SCINet resources right now.

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