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National Program 108: Food Safety (animal and plant products)
Strategic Vision
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Mission Statement

To provide through research, the means to ensure that the food supply is safe for consumers; and that food and feed meet foreign and domestic regulatory requirements. Food safety research seeks ways to assess, control or eliminate potentially harmful food contaminants, including both introduced and naturally occurring pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites, toxins and non-biological-based chemical contaminants, mycotoxins and plant toxins. Food safety is a global issue; thus, the research program involves both national and international collaborations through formal and informal partnerships. Accomplishments and outcomes are utilized in national and international strategies delivering research results and advances to regulatory agencies, commodity organizations, industry and consumers.


Program Vision

To enhance and protect public health and agriculture through the development of technologies, strategies, and data that safeguard food from pathogens, toxins, and chemical contaminants during production, processing, and preparation, thus increasing the safety of the food supply. 



Program Component

Food Borne Contaminants

  • Problem Statement 1. Population Systems
  • Problem Statement 2. Systems Biology
  • Problem Statement 3. Microbial Contaminants:  Technologies for Detection and Characterization
  • Problem Statement 4.  Chemical and Biological Contaminants:  Detection and Characterization Methodology, Toxicology, and Toxinology
  • Problem Statement 5.  Intervention and Control Strategies
  • Problem Statement 6.  Predictive Microbiology/Modeling; Data Acquisition and Storage; Genomics Database
  • Problem Statement 7:  Antimicrobial Resistance

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