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National Program 108: Food Safety (animal and plant products)
Action Plans
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 Current Action Plan 2021-2025

The National Food Safety Research Program (NFSRP), in collaboration with its regulatory agency and industry customers/stakeholders; and academic partners, conducts research to provide the means to ensure that the U.S. food supply is safe for consumers, and that food and feed meet foreign and domestic regulatory requirements. The Program’s research and subsequent accomplishments seeks ways to detect, assess, control or eliminate potentially harmful food contaminants, including both introduced and naturally occurring pathogenic bacteria, viruses and parasites, bacterial and plant toxins, fungal-toxins (mycotoxins); and non-biological-based chemical contaminants, including foreign materials such a microplastics. Since food safety is a global issue, the Program involves both national and international collaborations through formal and informal partnerships. Accomplishments and outcomes are utilized in national and international strategies delivering research results and advances to regulatory agencies, commodity organizations, industry, academia, research and extension agencies and consumers.


To view the 2021-2025 full Action Plan click here.


Previous Action Plan 2016-2020

To download a PDF version of the 2016-2020 Action Plan for National Program 108: Food Safety, please click here.