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National Program 216: Sustainable Agricultural Systems Research
Strategic Vision
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This interdisciplinary research integrates information and technologies to develop new practices and dynamic systems that optimally enhance productivity, profitability, energy efficiency, and natural resource stewardship for different kinds and sizes of American farms. New configurations of practices are identified that utilize on-farm resources and natural ecosystem processes to reduce the need for purchased inputs and reduce production costs and risks. Precision management, automation, and decision support technologies are used to increase production efficiencies and enhance environmental benefits. Strategies are developed for sustainable production of bio-based energy products from farms. Production systems incorporate consumer preference and supply chain economic information to expand market opportunities for agricultural and other value-added bio-based products. Diverse improved agricultural systems will support the long-term financial viability, competitiveness, and sustainability of farms and rural communities, and increase food and fiber security for the USA and the world.

Program Vision

Help producers develop integrated solutions that solve their problems related to productivity, profitability, energy efficiency, and natural resource stewardship

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