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National Program 216: Sustainable Agricultural Systems Research
Action Plan
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National Program 216-- Sustainable Agricultural Systems Research

Action Plan for 2018-2022


The mission of National Program 216 is to build the science-based foundations for farming systems of the future using a systems approach without bias for particular science discipline. Producers will be equipped with actionable genetic and management options offering multiple routes to achieving the four goals of sustainable agriculture: 1) desired quantity and quality of yields, 2) economic viability and competitiveness, 3) environmental enhancement, and 4) quality of life for rural populations and society as a whole.


This transdisciplinary research effort integrates information and technology. New configurations of practices will be identified that integrate on-farm resources with knowledge of natural ecosystem processes to reduce the need for purchased inputs, thus reducing production costs and risk. Technological advances that include precision management, automation, and decision support tools are investigated to increase production efficiencies and enhance environmental benefits. The resulting diverse, improved agricultural systems will support the long-term financial viability, competitiveness, and sustainability of farms and rural communities, and increase food, feed, and fiber security for the U.S. and the world.


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Action Plan 2018-2022 (pdf)