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Facebook Live Events 

ARS scientists are a highly valued resource, not only for farmers, ranchers, and suppliers, but to citizens as well. In 2020, we began holding FB Live events that focus on topics of consumer interest, such as soil health in your garden and beekeeping.

June 7, 2023 Gardening Tips with the U.S. National Arboretum
December 14, 2022 Egg Handling, Safety and Consumption
March 16, 2022 Raising Healthy Backyard Chickens
June 14, 2022 Weeding Your Garden
October 15, 2021 Herbs To Help Your Gut
August 20, 2021 The Asian Giant Hornet Up Close And Personal
May 27, 2021 USDA Climate Hubs
April 7, 2021 Food Waste
November 23, 2020 Household Insects
August 27, 2020 Beekeeping
May 6, 2020 Tips for Healthy Soil in Your Backyard Garden