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Latest ARS Food & NutritionBriefs Posted

By Judy McBride
January 22, 2001

The Agricultural Research Service has posted the January 2001 issue of the Food & Nutrition Research Briefs to its web site at:


The Research Briefs is a quarterly newsletter containing the latest ARS findings in human nutrition, food freshness and safety, and new foods and varieties.

Included in this issue:

  • A generation of "TV-dinner" kids might be learning poor eating habits. Overweight children in a Houston-area survey reported eating 50 percent of their dinner meals in front of the television, compared to just 35 percent by normal-weight children.
  • Parents who tightly control what their children eat actually might be promoting a preference for "off limit" foods and a less-than-healthy relationship with food.
  • Older people may regain some of their youthful resting metabolic rate and get off the slow boat to obesity by regular muscle-building exercises.
  • The potential of different lines of broccoli to stimulate a key enzyme that may protect against certain cancers can vary greatly.

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