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ARS’ Research Timeline Updated

By Kathryn Barry Stelljes
January 26, 2001

More than 600 new items fill out the Agricultural Research Service’s "Research Timeline"--a World Wide Web compendium of U.S. Department of Agriculture scientific and other achievements since 1862. Separate pages pull together legislation important to agricultural research and list sources of the timeline information. View this chronological history at:


Initially, the web timeline duplicated the printed version published in the December 1999 issue of Agricultural Research, ARS’s monthly magazine. This update provides a more comprehensive view of significant scientific accomplishments by USDA and ARS researchers. The timeline will be updated with new items annually.

The next expansion, due out in a few months, will provide in-depth stories on nearly two dozen milestones in USDA research history, ranging from the eradication of hog cholera to discovery of the viroid.

ARS is the USDA’s chief scientific research agency.

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