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ARS, Maryland Business Organizations Sign Technology Agreements

By Sharon Durham
May 3, 2001

Bringing commercially viable research-based technologies to the marketplace is the aim of a formal agreement signed today by the Agricultural Research Service and two Maryland agencies.

The Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation (PGEDC), the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO), and ARS signed separate five-year agreements that will foster cooperation in transferring ARS-developed technology and facilitating economic development in the state of Maryland and in Prince George’s County.

The agreements were signed by ARS Administrator Floyd P. Horn; Joseph J. James, chief executive officer, PGEDC; and Phillip A. Singerman, executive director, TEDCO. They met during a “Bio-Science for Life” showcase at the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC), located in Prince George’s County.

A wide range of research topics with possible technology transfer potential was highlighted at the symposium. ARS research scientists provided oral and poster presentations with topics ranging from animal improvement and insect behavior to composting organic wastes and plant genomics.

PGEDC and TEDCO will provide personnel to assist local companies in identifying and promoting opportunities to cooperate with ARS scientists and administrators in the selection, development, transfer and commercialization of appropriate ARS technologies.

These two corporations will also inform ARS administrators of the technological needs and interests of various locally based companies and help transfer ARS technologies that fit those requirements. Both corporations will assist in drawing up business plans and obtaining financing for business development based on the ARS projects.

ARS will work with the cooperating partners to cultivate the most appropriate method for successful technology transfer. Each organization will host conferences and workshops toward this end.

Maryland is home to a growing number of high-tech companies, many of which could benefit by establishing cooperative interactions with ARS scientists or by licensing ARS- owned technologies.

ARS is the chief scientific research agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Contact: Harry Danforth, Beltsville Area Technology Transfer Coordinator, Beltsville, Md., (301) 504-6421; fax (301) 504-6001;