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December 30 Tomato Trek Yields Chilean Treasure
December 29 Filth Flies Feel the Heat
December 28 New Chickpea Variety Available for Legume Lovers
December 27 New Findings on Low-Glycemic-Load Diets for Weight Loss
December 23 New Barley Bred for Candymakers, Brewmasters—and More
December 22 Going Against the Grain: A New Take on Harvesting
December 21 Natural Fruit Enzyme May Lessen Peanuts' Allergenic Punch
December 20 Better, Faster Vaccinations for Poultry
December 19 New Antibiotic Approved for Treating Bacterial Honey Bee Disease
December 16 Waste Management: It’s About Thyme
December 15 Here's One A-MAIZE-ing Website
December 14 New Method Yields Local Strawberries Until Christmas Season
December 13 New Software Aids Northeast's Potato Farmers
December 12 Pathogen Studies Could Result in Safer Produce
December 9 Farm Conservation Dollars and Sense
December 8 The Hills Are Sagging
December 7 Johanns Recognizes Four ARS Scientists
December 6 New Korean Beauty at U.S. National Arboretum
December 5 Cutting-Edge Studies Focus on Broccoli, Peas and Watermelon
December 2 Targeting the Southern Plains "Forage Gap"
December 1 Redesigned NAL Website Brings Fresh Look, Swift Access
December 1 Biobased Plastic Flexes its Muscle
November 30 New Method Monitors Insects Ravaging Stored Products
November 29 Shiitake Mushrooms' Secret May Benefit Earth-Friendly Fuels
November 28 Tasty Toadstool or Fatal Fungus? Federal Researcher Makes Call
November 25 More about No-Till and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
November 23 Farming on Propane
November 22 Website Helps Growers Plan Greenbug Control
November 21 A Promising Lure May Curb South American Fruit Fly Woes
November 18 New Secret to Castor Bean's Awesome Oil Revealed
November 17 Flax Adds Performance Features to Cotton Textiles
November 16 Natural Substance Reduces Campylobacter in Chickens
November 15 Irrigation for Southeast U.S. Crops
November 14 ARS Scientist Shares Cryopreservation Techniques Abroad
November 10 Study Probes Spread of U.S. Corn Pest in Europe
November 10 New Film Created From Milk Is Edible, Water Resistant
November 9 DNA Chips Spot, Help Track Antibiotic Resistance
November 8 New Issue of ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Posted
November 8 New Prairie Grasses to Fatten Beef Cattle
November 7 Soy Set to Withstand Exotic Aphid
November 4 Irrigator Pro Software Helps Manage Crops More Effectively
November 3 USDA Agency Grants License on Soy-Based Sunscreen
November 2 Probing the Genes of an Eccentric Beetle Pest
November 1 Hydrilla's Resistance to Herbicide Gives Scientists a New Challenge
October 31 Perchlorate in Milk Examined
October 28 Rice Researchers Fight Straighthead Disease and Improve Grain Quality
October 27 Compounds May Help Produce Juicier Meat
October 26 ARS Awards Scientist for Wheat Gene Proposal
October 25 Evaluating Riparian Buffers' Effectiveness
October 24 What's in the Foods You Eat Now on Home Computers
October 21 Estrogen and Exercise Promote Leanness in Similar Ways
October 20 Scientists Seeking Biocontrols Against Sharpshooters
October 19 Chemical Communique of Weed-Attacking Beetle Deciphered
October 18 New Method Leads to New Findings Concerning Carotenoid Absorption
October 17 Entomologist C.V. Riley Featured in Agricultural Library Collection
October 14 Low-Cost Air Sampler Could Help Poultry Farmers
October 13 Special Line of Bees "Sniffs Out" Its Worst Enemy
October 12 Cocoa's Two Most Devastating Pathogens Are Close Kin
October 11 Pumpkin's Tantalizing Carotenoids Scrutinized
October 7 ARS Scientists Collaborate to Increase Irrigation Accuracy
October 6 A Fly, New to North America, Hunts Down Greenhouse Pests
October 5 Chesapeake Bay Day: Coordinating Research to Improve Farm Practices, Bay Health
October 5 Grass Farming and the Environment
October 4 Healthy Animals Now Online
October 4 A Smorgasbord of Resources for Healthy School Meals
October 3 Pineapples Have Fingerprints, Too
September 30 Return of the Native: ARS Scientists Stimulate Growth of Native Aspen Trees
September 29 New Report Sheds Light on Nutrient Intakes Nationwide
September 29 New Soybean Resists Nematodes and Pathogens
September 28 Advance May Help Mobilize More Wasps Against Grape Pest
September 27 Now in Spanish: Farm-Ready Findings From Idaho Scientists
September 26 DNA Fingerprints for Insects
September 23 Guidelines for Managing Children's Weight
September 22 New Kidney Bean Germplasm Line Resists Common Bacterial Blight Disease
September 21 New Lancet Offers Painless Bleeding Technique
September 20 Adapting Furrow Dikes for Southeast U.S. Farming
September 19 Sequencing Vital in Developing New Tests for Johne's Disease
September 16 New, Healthful Compound Discovered in Exotic Lentils
September 15 New Insight into How Burdensome Weed Climbs Surfaces
September 14 Wormholes--Yet Another Avenue for Pollution?
September 13 Eastern Gamagrass Loves the Heat
September 12 Turning Evaporation Ponds into Arable Land
September 9 Groundbreaking for New USDA Poultry Facility
September 9 Food Samples Travel Thousands of Miles for Analysis
September 8 Hand-Held Sensor to Gauge Nutrients in Livestock Forage
September 7 New ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted on Web (1)
September 7 Cholesterol-Reducing Compounds Found in Citrus
September 6 Partnership Supports Troops With New Insect Control Measures
September 2 Curbing What Goes Down the Drain
September 1 Looking to Africa for Lessons in Dairy Farming
August 31 How the Beetle Gets Its Shell
August 30 Short-Day Onions Saved for the Long Haul
August 29 New Obesity-Fighting, Heart-Healthy Product Announced Today
August 26 Pig Gene Database Supports Human Nutrition, Immunity Studies
August 25 Unlocking Secrets of Pseudomonad Bacteria
August 24 New Citric Acid-Based Polymers for Agricultural Applications
August 23 To Boost Flock Fertility, First Find Superior Studs
August 22 Testing Your Zinc: Is the ZIP1 Gene the Best Choice?
August 19 Peach and Nectarine Trees: Picking the Perfect Height
August 18 ARS Scientists Aid Revival of Historic American Rice
August 16 Cotton DNA Database Launched to Help Find Plant Resistance
August 15 Flax Fiber Has New International Standards
August 12 USDA Announces Plans for Classical Chinese Garden at Arboretum
August 11 Shade Trees Can Protect Forage Plants
August 10 U.S. Peanuts Pass the Flavor Test In Europe
August 9 Increasing Nutrients in Melons May Boost Growers' Income
August 8 Mapping Manure-Hungry Soybean and Alfalfa Fields
August 5 World's Walnuts Flourish in California Research Orchard
August 4 Maintaining the Safety of Earthen Dams
August 3 Golf Courses and the Environment
August 2 Removing Damaged Proteins that Cloud Vision
August 1 With a Good Dunking, Just-Cut Produce Stays Fresher Longer
July 29 From Dirt to Diamonds
July 28 Free Searchable Database on Food Content
July 27 For a Healthier Heart, Don't Go Against the Grain
July 26 Healthy, Flavorful Wraps Enhance Sushi-Style Delicacies
July 25 Unique Software for Preventing Pesticide Drift
July 22 Bacteria Propel Gains in Ammonia Removal
July 21 Success Controlling Medfly
July 20 Progress Toward Larger Trout
July 19 Snappy New Pear Is Long-Storing, Blight-Resistant
July 18 Website Expands Agricultural Research Info En Espanol
July 15 Delicious "Kettleman" Apricots to Debut Soon
July 14 Cotton Roots Coaxed into Producing Promising Compound
July 13 New Test Leaves Fewer Places for Bad Bugs to Hide
July 12 New Varieties and Techniques Make Barley Better for Ethanol
July 11 ARS to be Part of New Team Improving Cassava
July 8 Nutritional Supplements Help Boost Piglet Immunity
July 7 Work Begins on New USDA Cereal Crops Lab
July 7 There's Nothing "Foul" About This Poultry Waste
July 6 New Quarantine Treatment on Tap to Zap Fruit Storage Pests
July 5 TILLING for Heart-Healthy Soybean Oil
July 1 Grafting Watermelon Makes Firmer, Healthier Fruit
June 30 High Carb Diet May Cloud Vision Over Time
June 29 Butternuts Protected in Oregon Orchard
June 28 ARS Research Yields New Food Products
June 27 Pathogen Monitoring Made Easier With Paint Can Shakers
June 24 Manual Highlights Arthropods That Curb Aquatic Weeds
June 23 National Germplasm Repository Receives Semen from Historic Bulls
June 22 USDA, Pioneer Hi-Bred to Automate Screening for Crops' Viral Resistance
June 21 Copper's Healthy Limits Probed
June 20 New Tests Screen Weed for Resistance to Major Herbicide
June 17 Special "Sting" Operation Could Guard Grocery Goods from Buggy Pests
June 16 Climate-Friendly Farming Project Underway
June 15 Potassium: The Overlooked Crop Nutrient?
June 14 Acidifying Soil Helps Plant Remove Cadmium, Zinc Metals
June 13 Researchers Find Resistance to Soybean Fungus
June 10 A Rare-Earth Approach to Tracking Erosion
June 9 Knowledge of Nitrogen Transfer between Plants and Beneficial Fungi Expands
June 9 Great Plains Farmers Are Diversifying
June 8 New Healthy Animals Now Online
June 8 Does Zinc Fight Prostate Cancer?
June 7 Models Predict Poultry Pathogen Behavior
June 6 From a Few Wild Ancestors, a Citrus Cornucopia
June 3 Guidelines Help Parents Decide What's Best to Feed Baby
June 2 A Sugar That's Not So Sweet for Insect Pests
June 1 A Home on the Range for Forage Research
May 31 Fertility Study Looks at Ovulation's Intricate Workings
May 27 Arboretum Hosts 5th World Bonsai Convention
May 27 New, Winter-Hardy Pea Variety Now Available
May 26 Picking the Perfect Ear of Corn--for More than 6,000 Years
May 25 New Waxy Wheat Being Tested for Public Release
May 24 Can Compost Teas Help Flowers Battle Blight?
May 23 Finding the Source of Campylobacter
May 20 National Herb Garden Celebrates 25th Anniversary
May 19 An Online Check on the Weather and the Water Table
May 18 Defender Potato Makes Fabulous Fries, Foils Late Blight
May 17 Sunflower Seed "Butter" Improves as It Spreads Across America
May 16 DNA Test Developed to Study, Combat Fusarium Head Blight in Wheat
May 13 Termite Researchers Find a Source of Calm Before the Swarm
May 12 New ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted on Web
May 12 Casting New Light on Genetic Iron Overload
May 11 Future Fashions Made of Silky Smooth Wool?
May 10 Learning More about Cryptosporidium in Cattle
May 9 Exploring Sorghum's Knack for Keeping Weeds Away
May 6 Arkansas Small Farms Research Center Marks 25th Anniversary
May 6 Laser Shows if Fruit's Beauty is Only Skin Deep
May 5 New Fish Vaccines Developed by ARS
May 4 USDA Quarantine Facility to Help Control Invasive Pests
May 4 ARS Scientists Receive FLC Recognition for Tech Transfer
May 3 Strength Training Is an Antidote to Muscle Loss
May 2 Long-Standing Ohio Team Serves as Front Line for Corn, Soybean Viruses
April 29 Prairie Towers Watch Carbon and Water Losses from Cornfields
April 28 Sliced Apples' Flavor Saver Gains Favor
April 27 Tracking Soil Loss Through Water-Clarity Sensors
April 26 Natural Plant Extracts Seem Deadly to Formosan Termites
April 25 Conference Tackles Global Problem of Salinity
April 22 Giving Farmers Credit for Carbon
April 21 Researchers Discover Sex Potion to Ensnare Mealybug Pests
April 20 Preserving Wild Rice and Other Crops
April 19 Biting Midge Harbors Livestock Disease Virus
April 18 Keeping Your Dairy Products Safe
April 15 New Test on Tap for Detecting Pesticide-Resistant Mites
April 14 Predatory Insects May Help Solve Mealybug Problem
April 13 Capturing Carbon a Key Benefit of No-Till Soil Management
April 12 Biodiesel Production Gets Simplified with New Method
April 11 Protecting Sacred Sheep
April 8 New Quarantine Facility Opens for Invasive Plant Research
April 8 Synthetic Pheromone Helps Scientists Sniff Out Biocontrol Bug's Whereabouts
April 7 Wind Erosion Model Transferred from ARS to NRCS
April 6 Preserving the Grain Crop Finger Millet
April 5 Boost in Immune Response Fights Common Cold
April 4 In Chocolate, More Cocoa Means Higher Antioxidant Capacity
April 4 Transgenic Cows Resist Mastitis-Causing Bacteria
April 1 Beneficial Beetles Battle Pesky Saltcedar
March 31 Major Wheat Pathogen Chosen for Genome Sequencing
March 30 Groundbreaking Today for High-tech Expansion at USDA Grain Research Facility
March 30 Bacteria-based Production Method Patented
March 29 Reducing the Smell of Beef Cattle Manure
March 28 Fight Osteoporosis: Bone Up on B12
March 25 Bacterium Tapped to Battle Fire Blight Disease in Tree Fruit
March 24 "Burton" Barley Fends Off Aphids
March 23 Presenting: Two New Southernpea Varieties
March 22 Newly Formed ARS Laboratory Will Focus on Egg Safety and Quality
March 21 Understanding Rye and Rice May Help Farmers Improve Wheat
March 18 Johanns Announces Expansion of BSE Research Program and Research Initiative to Improve Food Safety
March 18 Unraveling the Mystery of Modern Potatoes' Origins
March 17 USDA Mobile Lab Helps Contain Exotic Pests
March 16 Remote Sensing Technique Uses Agricultural Aircraft
March 15 Company or a Snack? Letting Pregnant Sows Choose
March 14 On Cotton Gin's 211th Anniversary, World Market Demands Gentler Touch
March 11 Mealtime Habits Important to Girls' Bone Health
March 10 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
March 10 Creating New Foods and More from Agricultural Products
March 9 Walnuts' Secret Defense Explored
March 8 Tracking Antimicrobial Resistant Organisms
March 7 New System Allows Efficient, Earth-Friendly Use of Hog Waste
March 4 Research Reveals Functions of Harmful Shellfish Pathogens
March 3 Agricultural Tool Recruited to Help Fight Malaria and Other Diseases
March 2 Anti-Stress Formula Gives Calves a Boost
March 1 Groundbreaking Today for New ARS Research Facility
February 28 USDA Agency Hosts Biobased Products Conference
February 28 Hardy Oats Stand the Cold
February 25 Designer Composts May Combat Phosphorus Overload
February 24 Poultry Feathers Made Into Plastic Mulch
February 23 Medicinal Compound Gets New Life as Fungicide
February 22 Beneficial Fungal Strains Fight Harmful Ones in Corn
February 22 New Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Posted on Web
February 18 Strawberry Latent Ringspot Virus Found in North America
February 17 For Some Insects, It's Smart to Run With the Crowd
February 16 Dietary Protein and Bone Health Revisited
February 15 "Melapaleuza" Event Takes Aim at Invasive Melaleuca Trees
February 14 Moth Released to Curb Spread of Climbing Fern
February 11 Hessian Fly-Resistant Wheat Germplasm Available
February 10 ARS Announces Technology Transfer Winners
February 9 Research Agency Announces Top Scientists for 2004
February 8 Health Benefits of Citrus Limonoids Explored
February 7 Keeping New Mexican Peppers Hot in the World Market
February 4 Frozen Fly Eggs Thawed, Reared to Adulthood
February 3 The Science Behind Making Steak More Tender
February 2 Genomic "Jigsaw Puzzle" for Wheat Scab Fungus Is Put Together
February 1 Plant Doctors Target Sudden Oak Death
January 31 Work to Identify Possible Foes of Ash-Killing Beetle
January 28 A New Way to Free up Rice's Valuable Starch and Protein
January 27 Youth Need Training to Interpret Nutrition Labels
January 26 Flame Retardants Examined in Animal Tissues
January 25 New System Developed for Raising Fresh-Water Fish
January 24 Web Site Offers a Detailed Look at Legumes
January 21 Technology Complements Methyl Bromide Alternative
January 19 How Will Rising CO2 Affect Nitrogen Use?
January 18 More Forage, But Less Filling
January 14 Food-Grade Starch Put to New Industrial Use
January 13 Key USDA Grain Lab in Kansas to be Modernized
January 12 Discovering More About Healthy Bones
January 11 New Peaches for the Sweet-Loving Palate
January 10 Genome Map Helping Scientists Build a Better Honeybee
January 7 Lighting up Gene Expression in Plants
January 6 New Detection Methods Improve Food Safety
January 5 Fruits of the Future?
January 4 Protein Profilers Sleuth Wheat Kernels
January 3 Herbicide-Resistant Sunflowers Have Roots in ARS Research