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Website Expands Agricultural Research Info "En Español"

By Alfredo Flores
July 18, 2005

The Spanish-language website of the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) recently received a major facelift that makes it more user-friendly to anyone searching for scientific news and other ARS information.

The Spanish-language website is updated every business day with the latest ARS news. New search tools allow Spanish-speaking visitors to more easily find particular news stories, scientists, laboratories, ARS products and services, and employment information. They can also e-mail questions and comments about ARS to the Spanish-speaking ARS news staff at

Visitors to the "Noticias" (news) area of the site can sign up for Spanish-language news delivered by e-mail every business day or once weekly. More than 1,100 Spanish-language news stories are searchable in the archive section, with topics ranging from nutrition to food safety, crop and animal research, and soil conservation.

There's also a "Ciencia Para Niños" (Science for Kids) website, dedicated to science education for children from about 7 to 13 years old. This website contains dozens of stories about agricultural science, a catalog of science careers and even a list of science project ideas.

Also available on the Spanish-language website are translations of selected stories from Agricultural Research magazine.

Users can search and download from an archive of thousands of low- and high-resolution photographs in a variety of categories, including animals, crops, education, fruits and vegetables, insects and plants.