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2006 News Archive

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December 31 USDA Researchers Evaluate Prion-Free Cattle
December 29 Science Puts a Lot in Your Holiday
December 28 Low-Phytate Wheats: How Do They Bake?
December 27 Genetic Marker Predicts Pig Litter Size
December 26 New Orleans Termites Dodge Katrina Bullet
December 22 ARS Seeks Business Partner for Flame-Resistant Wool
December 21 New Dwarf Type May Be a Giant of Grape Research
December 20 Could Improved Wheats Reduce Magnesium Deficiencies?
December 19 Cool-Water Wash for Eggs Can Help Prevent Microbial Contamination
December 18 Wetlands Curb Hog Hormones in Waste Water
December 15 Body Composition Device Facilitates Infant Studies
December 14 From Candy to Brews, Sublette Malting Barley Is Sublime
December 13 ARS Seeks Partner for New Environmentally Friendly Fertilizer
December 12 Weed Implicated in Potato Blight Persistence
December 11 Queen Bees Shown to Pass Viruses to Their Offspring
December 8 Mushrooms Have a Future in Fighting a Fowl Parasite
December 7 Smarter Application Improves Catfish Vaccine
December 6 Using Comparative Genomics to Manage Marek's Disease
December 5 Super Slurper: From Laboratory Bench to Library Shelf
December 4 New Soybean Pulls Nitrogen from Soil, Not Air
December 1 Invention Detects Hidden Dried Plum Pits
November 30 Autumn King Seedless Grapes: Big and Luscious!
November 29 Adjusting Fertilizer to Create Low-Phytate Crops
November 28 To Catch a Pest, Scientists Fine-Tune Traps
November 27 Labels Help Middle-Schoolers Choose Healthier Foods
November 24 Making Wheat Flour More Nutritious
November 22 Breeding Soybeans for Ethanol and Fiberboard
November 21 Research Seen To Improve the Chesapeake
November 20 Testing Poultry Litter for No-Till Farming
November 17 Beneficial Bacteria Boost Intestinal Health
November 16 "Domesticated" Microbes Flex Industrial Muscle
November 15 Getting Livestock Vaccines Past a Maternal Block
November 14 Can Fish Intake Predict Chances of Developing Dementia?
November 13 Idaho Research Station Helps Beleaguered Bird
November 9 Citrus' Huanglongbing Disease Voted Top Research Proposal
November 8 Healthy Animals Now Online
November 7 Genetics Research Helps Scuttle Scrapie
November 6 A Breath of Fresh Air for Pig and Dairy Farms
November 3 Scientists Leverage New Tool to Diagnose Plant Diseases
November 2 Berry Compound Thwarts Enzyme Linked to Cancer
November 1 Midwestern Weed May Inspire Newfound Respect
October 31 Chlorate Compound Found to Quell Microbes in Meat Animals
October 30 Irradiation for Healthier Food
October 27 New Edition of ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted on the Web
October 26 Predators of Insect Pests Thrive in "Live" Mulch
October 25 Finding Out How Genes Govern Bees' Lives
October 24 Unraveling the Listeria Genome
October 23 Food Safety: From Farm to Fork
October 20 Nutrition Genomics Expert Receives USDA Award
October 19 "Bad-Guy" Bacterium's Genetic Structure Probed
October 18 Nonthermal Food Processing Heats Up
October 17 ARS Device Helps Ensure Efficacy of New Orleans Levees
October 16 Deconstructing a Deadly Mold, Gene by Gene
October 13 Researchers Decipher Eggplant Pest's Chemical Call
October 12 New Methods for Detecting Listeria
October 11 Two New CEAP Bibliographies Available Online
October 11 Missouri Watershed Research Helps Guide Farmers' Pesticide Decisions
October 10 Tasty Nuts' Natural Defense: Caffeic Acid?
October 6 Ground Beef Nutrient Profiles Now Made to Order
October 5 Scientists Pick Apart Fungus for Genetic Clues
October 4 Hide-Washing Improves Beef Safety
October 3 Cattle Protozoa Help Shift Antibiotic Resistance
October 2 Fighting Crop-Damaging Fungi With Bacteria
September 29 Tomorrow's Superstorms May Speed Erosion
September 28 Turning Grease into Fuel
September 27 Aging Hosts Seen to Ratchet up Viral Virulence
September 26 Thanks to Systematics, Battle Is on to Save a Great American Hardwood
September 25 An Online Toolkit for Soybean Studies
September 22 Perfect Peppers: How Much Water Do They Need?
September 21 Recommendations for a Safer Compost Tea
September 20 Benefits of Compound in Blackberries Studied
September 19 Friendly Fungus Could Help Sugar Beet Fields Go "Green"
September 18 High-Tech Microbes Could Bolster Production of Natural Sweetener
September 15 Watermelon's Power of Red--in Powder Form?
September 14 Lambs' Selenium Needs Scrutinized
September 13 Three Scientists Inducted into ARS Hall of Fame
September 12 Delta Soils Found to Alter Herbicide's Effectiveness
September 11 To Beat Tropical Spiderwort, Plant Cotton Early
September 8 Gene "Delivery Truck" Aids Nonchemical Pest Control
September 7 New Enzymes Boost Alcohol Production
September 6 Better-Bean Information Available Online from NAL
September 5 Twice as Nice: Versatile Vegetables Pack a Double Punch
September 1 Protecting the Prickly Pear Cactus in Its Native Habitat
August 31 The Last Straw? Making Gas from Crop Residue
August 30 Scientists Gear Up To Decode Cassava Genome
August 29 Farming Practices Influence the Effects of Rising Carbon Dioxide
August 28 Web-Based System Tracks Watersheds' "Vital Signs"
August 25 Insect Virus Could Spell Doom for Potato Pest
August 24 New Technique to Tap Bulls for Breeding
August 24 Farmers Have Antidotes to Oil Dependency
August 23 Food for Thought: Berries Boost Brain Power
August 22 "Sound" Technology Used in Sediment Research
August 21 Bringing Wetlands to the Farm
August 18 Nutrient Data on Mushrooms Updated
August 17 New Addition Dedicated at USDA Grains, Potato Research Lab
August 16 Soil Is Key to Effective Weed Management
August 15 Public Dedication Today for ARS Western Human Nutrition Research Center
August 14 New Form of Fusarium Wilt Could Pose Threat to Watermelon Crop
August 11 High Temperatures Could Leave Seed Crops Sterile
August 10 Texas and Israeli Irrigators Give Plants the Last Word
August 9 The Latest Buzz on Russian Bees
August 8 Blazer Russet Potato Wins Top Reviews
August 7 Genetic Gumshoes Trace Fungus' Turn to Serious Crop-Crime
August 4 ARS Software Tackles Weeds
August 3 Swine Odor Researchers Target an Ill Wind
August 2 Agricultural Research Service Has Wind Power
August 1 Floating Plant Mats Help Clean Manure Lagoons
July 31 Walnuts' Potential New Link to Heart Health Reported
July 28 ARS Workshops Enrich Organic Farming Tour
July 27 Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
July 27 Michigan Lab on Path to New Marek's Disease Vaccine
July 26 "Herald" Barley Benefits Farm Animals, Growers and Environment
July 25 Growers Can Make More Money by Going Organic
July 24 New Pinto Beans Resist White Mold
July 21 New ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted on Web
July 20 New "Jeanne" Gooseberry Resists Diseases
July 19 Energy Farming With Switchgrass Saves Carbon
July 18 Mobile Machine Quickly Measures Manure Nitrogen
July 17 USDA Patents Microbes to Fight Wheat Fungus
July 14 Making Fresh-Cut Apples Convenient and Safe
July 13 State-of-the-Art Technology Being Applied to Agricultural Problems
July 12 U.S. Rice Collection Proves a Genetic Treasure Chest
July 11 A Bright Future for an Ancient Fruit
July 10 Reheating Cuphea Seed Improves Germination
July 7 Forest-Friendly Ways to Get More From Pine
July 6 High-Tech Packaging Keeps Cut Produce Fresh
July 5 Feed Additives Help Agriculture and the Environment
July 3 Puerto Rico Provides New Ornamental Options
June 30 New Crop-Yield Study Casts Doubt on a Climate-Change Prediction
June 29 "Green" Catalyst Takes on Hormones in Wastewater
June 28 Pomegranate Bars Capture Fun Fruit's Flavor, Nutrients
June 27 Study Targets Invasive "Dog-Strangling" Vines
June 26 Nutrient Data on Pork Updated
June 23 Turmeric Curbs Off-Flavors in Packaged Pickles
June 22 New License May Aid Control of Citrus Weevils, Other Pests
June 21 Soybean Scraps: Nature's Pollution Solution?
June 20 Gypsum Helps Curb Runoff of Soil Phosphorus
June 19 New Findings About Essential Choline
June 16 Thomcord Grape: Flavorful, Attractive--and Seedless!
June 15 Scientists Develop New Crankcase Lube From Plants
June 14 Private-Public Effort Aims to Develop Biobased Nursery Pots
June 13 Jefferson Trees Resistant to Dutch Elm Disease
June 12 New Pintos Resist Bean Diseases
June 9 Guarding Corn and Soybeans Against Viral Attack
June 8 Continuing the Fight Against Cattle Ticks
June 7 Cocoa Plants Find a Friend in Fungi
June 6 Sentry Lab Searches for Threats to U.S. Grains
June 5 Scientists "Go Ballistic" Against Brucellosis
June 2 Scientists Help Rust-Proof America's Soybeans
June 1 Halting Black Raspberry Decline
May 31 Selenium May Boost Insect Immunity
May 30 USDA Opens New Horticultural Lab
May 26 Silencing Wheat and Barley Scab
May 25 Young African-Americans' Low Vitamin D Levels Reported
May 24 Novel Antimicrobials Protect Against Mastitis-Causing Bacteria
May 23 A Quicker, Cheaper Test for Turkey Viruses
May 22 Entomology Pioneer's Notes, Still Relevant, Now Online
May 19 New Grant to Help Clean Up Chesapeake Watershed
May 18 Arboretum Scientist Brings Back Boxwood From Far-Flung Places
May 17 Quelling Trade "Brush Fires" With Science
May 16 Relaxed Management of Cattle Has Benefits
May 15 Water Primrose: Aquatic Invader Targeted
May 12 Newest Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Now Available
May 11 Cherries Pack an Anti-Inflammatory Punch
May 10 Seed-Rotting Microbes Sought to Battle Weeds
May 9 Improving Conservation in Potato Fields
May 8 Metalworking Lube From Soy Oil
May 5 New Cotton Gin Technologies Combine for Big Savings
May 4 To Bag a Bad Beetle, Researchers Tap Forensic Science
May 3 Sowing Clover Mats to Shelter Weed Seed Eaters
May 2 Two New Lilacs From the U.S. National Arboretum
May 1 Spit: Worth Its Weight in Gold?
April 28 Phages Eyed as New Way to Control Salmonella
April 27 New Findings on Link Between Diet and Vision Loss
April 26 Black Pearl: Beauty with a Bite
April 25 Digital Repository Provides Public Access Online to Selected USDA Publications
April 25 Smoke-Clearing Technology May Come From Poultry House Air Scrubber
April 24 New U.S. Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center in Maricopa, Arizona
April 21 April Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
April 21 Automated System Predicts Grape Yields
April 20 USDA Lab Committed to Sustainable Farming Gets New Research Wing
April 19 Cultivating Organic and Conventional Vegetable Production
April 18 Season of Birth Affects Calf Growth on Great Plains
April 17 A Second Nematode-Foiling Gene Found in Grape Plants
April 14 Grain-Forage Crop Rotations Seen Boosting Soil Quality
April 13 Scientists Mobilize Fungus to Fight Hydrilla
April 12 Evaluating a Natural Fumigant for Apple Orchards
April 11 Grape Expectations: New Muscadine Will Offer Improved Flavor, Health Benefits
April 10 New Initiative May Lead to Better Peanuts
April 7 "Scarlet Royal" Grapes: Delicious!
April 6 Citrus Peel Waste a Potential Source of Ethanol
April 5 Alternate Methods of Whitefly Control
April 4 Grapes' Color Linked to a Gene's Inner Workings
April 3 Panting Through Your Workouts? Try Getting Enough Zinc
March 31 Genetic Markers Point Toward Low-Linolenic-Acid Soybeans
March 30 How Wheat Kernels "Sing" Is a Sign of Their Quality
March 29 Lifestyle Factors Play Key Role in Weight Control
March 28 Imagine--Fuel Alcohol From Pea Starch!
March 27 Study Suggests Boning up on Copper While Dieting
March 24 Canada Adopts Method to Extract Noroviruses from Oysters
March 23 GEMS--A Program to Guide Young Girls' Eating
March 22 Genetic Tests Beef Up Cattle Breeding
March 21 Fat-Fighting Secrets of Whole-Grain Foods
March 20 Genetic Variants Shown to Hoard Body Fat
March 17 Rapid Salmonella Test May Reduce Meat and Produce Recalls
March 16 A Website Ripe with Data from ARS Tomato Studies
March 15 Dieting: Success Depends on Calories and Consistency
March 14 Can Video Games Help Kids Make Healthy Choices?
March 13 Kitchen Meets Farm in Fight Against Late Blight
March 10 Scientists Study Feasibility of Switchgrass for Energy Production
March 9 Scientists Serve Up Fat-Fighting Food Products
March 8 Using Natural-Occurring Products To Build Hydrogen Fuel Cells
March 7 Pilot Program Fosters Fitness in Three Delta Communities
March 6 Africanized Honey Bees Are Still on the Move
March 3 Dying Fat Cells Call for Molecular Rescue
March 2 Fighting Weight Gain a Different Way
March 1 Pest-Removing Treatments Examined for Cherry Packing Operations
February 28 For Bands of Marching Crickets, It's a Bug-Eat-Bug World
February 27 Botanical Feast for the Eye: The Prestele Exhibit
February 27 Added Dietary Sugars Are Now Easily Identified
February 24 Apple Bars: Delicious, All-Natural Snack From ARS
February 23 Watermelon Line May Help Breeders Combat Mildew
February 22 ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted on Web
February 22 Learning to Grow Better Nursery Plants -- Better
February 21 Fungi Found on Cicadas May Benefit Science
February 17 Progress Made in Reducing Campylobacter in Poultry
February 16 Tiny Animals Aid Salmonella
February 15 Eyeing a Test for Barber Pole Worm
February 14 Seeded Pastures Can Sustain Cattle--and Native Rangelands
February 13 New Anti-Mastitis Weapon on Tap for Dairy Cows
February 10 Innovations in Rangeland Monitoring
February 9 Cacao Symposium Tackles Chocolate Production Problems
February 8 ARS Scientists Honored for Transfer of Technology
February 7 Johanns Announces Top USDA-ARS Scientists for 2005
February 6 New Heart-Healthy Oat Now Available
February 3 Sources of Sorghum Anthracnose Resistance Discovered
February 2 Microbes Strengthen Inside Animals' Protozoa
February 1 ARS, Cooperators Fight New Strain of Wheat Stem Rust
January 31 A Granddad's Advice May Help Thwart Mosquitoes
January 30 Monitoring Herbicides in Midwest Drinking Water
January 27 Microbes in Manure Can Minimize Potential Pharmaceutical Pollution
January 26 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
January 26 For Optimal Health, Go With the Grains
January 25 Dieting Study Highlights Benefits of Group Support
January 24 Non-Risky Business: New Technology Improves Ranch Management
January 23 USDA Joins Partnership to Protect Rare Forest
January 20 HOOF-Prints Help Find Where Outbreaks Begin
January 19 Learning More About Beneficial Soil Fungi
January 18 Meeting Showcases Anti-Sclerotinia Research
January 17 New Plant Compounds Could Aid Blood Flow
January 13 Gene Knowledge Helps in Search for Larger Trout
January 12 Today's Catch: Convenient Catfish Cuisine
January 11 Snowy Pastures' Hidden Treat: Forage Kochia
January 10 New Approaches Needed To Fight This Cattle Virus
January 9 Searching for Soy's Secret, Yet Promising, Compounds
January 6 Colorful New Tropical Evergreen for U.S. Gardens
January 5 No-Till and Poultry Litter Can Help Cotton Weather Drought
January 4 New Sugarcane Variety Resists Major Diseases
January 3 Going Back to the Source for a Heartier Apple Tree