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Newest Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Now Available

By Marcia Wood
May 12, 2006

Oats rich in a heart-healthy fiber, and a new database of added sugars in more than 2,000 foods, are highlighted in the newest issue of the Agricultural Research Service's Food & Nutrition Research Briefs. View this free newsletter on the World Wide Web at:


The user-friendly publication encapsulates scientific findings in text that will interest specialists and nonspecialists alike.

The current issue also describes:

  • Soybean compounds called glyceollins (GLY-cee-OH-lins) that might help fight breast cancer;
  • Support groups' important role in helping dieters;
  • Habits that can make you fat; and
  • Ways that whole-grain foods keep you healthy.

The illustrated newsletter provides references to scientific articles that have further details about these investigations. Studies include those led by ARS scientists at laboratories from coast to coast, as well as investigations by ARS-funded researchers and other collaborators.

Individuals who would like to receive the ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs by email, or an email notifying them when a new edition of the Briefs is posted on the World Wide Web, can sign up online for these free services.

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