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January 2006 issue

ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted on Web

By Marcia Wood
February 22, 2006

The Agricultural Research Service has posted the newest edition of its quarterly online ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs newsletter at:


Research findings highlighted in this user-friendly publication include:

  • Unique broccoli plants for tomorrow might produce seed that's an economical source of a cancer-fighting compound called glucoraphanin.
  • Apples contain a protein known as PPO, short for polyphenoloxidase, that might be employed to quell allergy-causing compounds in peanuts.
  • Exercise and estrogen work in similar ways to help our bodies stay lean.
  • June-bearing strawberry plants can be coaxed to yield delicious fruit in fall through late winter for the mid-Atlantic states.
  • Our exposure to Campylobacter might be lessened by bacteriocins, natural compounds that can kill this foodborne pathogen.

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