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2021 News Archive

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December 15 A New Way to Predict Grazing Cattle Weight Gain on Rangelands From Satellite Imagery
December 14 USDA Research Seeks to Strengthen Cranberry Resiliency as Climate Change Affects Production
December 13 Black Beans Help Fix Insulin Resistance and Gut Bacteria Balance
December 1 ARS Scientists Discover a Promising Biological Control Agent for Tree-of-Heaven in France
November 29 Natural Products May Be Buzzworthy Solutions for Honey Bees' Health
November 22 Making Air Travel More Sustainable with Soy-Fuel Innovations
October 26 Scientists Identify Proteins in Bacteria Associated with Bovine Respiratory Disease: As Possible Intervention Against the Disease
October 25 ARS, Collaborating Scientists Tackling "Tar Spot" Threat to U.S. Corn
October 18 Researchers Develop Self-Pollinating Almond With a Gold Mine of Tasty Traits
October 8 USDA Celebrates 75 Years of Research Contributions Achieved at the Knipling-Bushland U.S. Livestock Insects Research Laboratory
October 4 Breeding Honey Bees for Adaptation to Regionalized Plants and Artificial Diets
September 30 USDA's Vaccine Candidate Successful in Blocking Spread of African Swine Fever Virus
September 16 Scientific Collaborations Are Creating New Trends to Find Solutions in Dryland Crop Production Systems
September 2 New Food Freezing Concept Improves Quality, Increases Safety and Cuts Energy Use
September 2 High Hopes for Lowly Pond Scum
August 31 Scientists Evaluate and Refine A Simple Economic Method to Measure Soil Health in Dryland Farming
August 30 Study Takes "Seasonal Pulse" of Plant Productivity
August 27 A New Technology for Environmentally Safe Pest Control Discovered Inside Insect Cells
August 24 Fereidoon Shahidi Presents the ARS 2021 Sterling B. Hendricks Memorial Lecture
August 17 Penicillium Strain Named State Microbe of Illinois
August 10 Targeted Cattle Grazing Quickly Contains Wildfires in the Great Basin
August 8 Postharvest Physiologist Penelope Perkins-Veazie Presents 2021 ARS B.Y. Morrison Memorial Lecture
July 29 Truce Between Prairie Dogs and Livestock Farmers?
July 27 An Upgraded Software Application Can Better Predict Erosion Processes of Earthen Dams
July 20 July 2021 ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
July 14 USDA ARS and Collaborators Research Shows Innovative Technology to Treat Plant Pathogens and Pests
July 12 Microscopic Worms to the Cranberry Rescue
July 9 Summer Lights
July 7 Securing Plant Genebank Collections and Providing Educational Resources For Training Opportunities
June 29 Pickling Cucumbers Fused with Health Promoting Compound
June 24 Scientists Serve Up Vaccine Cocktail for Protecting Cattle from Disease
June 23 Four Nutrients in Flower Pollens Improve Honey Bee Gut Health
June 22 Study Shows Amygdalin In Almond Nectar Can Reduce Viruses And Gut Parasites In Honey Bees
June 21 Pollens to Fit A Honey Bee’s Every Season
June 8 Richard Mattes Presents 2020-21 ARS W.O. Atwater Memorial Lecture
June 4 USDA and US Biologic, Inc. Announce New Oral Solution to Combat Major Poultry Disease
June 1 Good Bacteria Could Contribute in the Fight Against Pathogens in the Food Processing Environment
May 27 Numerous Health Benefits Found in Summer-Favorite Watermelon
May 25 ARS Scientists Are Developers of Most Used Prediction Technologies to Reduce Soil Loss
May 18 Piglets Pay the Price of Mom’s Heat Stress
May 11 A Data-Driven Approach to Measuring Agricultural Sustainability in Large Landscapes
May 6 African Swine Fever Virus Vaccine Candidate Now Produced in a Cell Line
May 4 Some Things to Consider For 2021 Periodical Cicada Season
May 3 USDA Scientist Named Finalist for Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal for Groundbreaking Research
May 3 USDA’s Civil Engineer Honored as Finalist in The Science and Environment Category For Samuel J. Heyman Service To America Medal
April 29 ARS Plant Molecular Geneticist Barbara Baker Elected to National Academy of Sciences
April 27 USDA Agency and Company Partner to Explore Personal Care Products from Hemp
April 19 Managing Cattle Grazing Distribution: It’s Not As Simple As It Sounds
April 15 USDA Scientist Dr. Steven Mirsky Honored for Outstanding Achievement in Applied Science and Engineering
April 13 Two Scientists Named to ARS Science Hall of Fame
April 13 USDA's Agricultural Research Service Honors Scientists of the Year
April 6 Droughts Longer, Rainfall More Erratic Over the Last Five Decades in Most of the West
March 30 New Website Documents Check Dams Fixing Erosion of Minor Channels in Southwest
March 24 USDA Agency Launches New Site for Science-Minded Students
March 11 USDA Partners with Puerto Rico Dept. of Agriculture to Eradicate Cattle Ticks
March 4 January ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
March 3 ARS Announces Winners of Innovative Challenge to Preserve Flavor of Catfish
March 2 Wild Potatoes Tapped for Late Blight Guard Duty
February 26 USDA Agricultural Research Service Sets Stage for Next-Generation Researchers
February 18 Parasite Hijacks Iron in Honey Bees
February 11 Romance is For Humans — Not Insects
January 28 Corralling Carrots' Microbial Allies Could Stymie Disease
January 27 Micronutrient-Packed Bar Improving Metabolic Health Goes Commercial
January 7 Grass Flowers are Something to Buzz About