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2019 News Archive

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June 21 Vaccine Investigators Use Bacterium's Own Protein Against It
June 20 Disrupting One Gene Could Be First Step Toward Treating Honey Bee Parasite Nosema Ceranae
June 18 Gut Bacteria from Breastfeeding Linked to Improved Infant Response to Vaccines
June 17 Bees Required to Create an Excellent Blueberry Crop
June 10 ARS Efforts Should Help Ensure Our Wheat Supply
June 9 George A. Bray To Present 2019 ARS W.O. Atwater Memorial Lecture
June 4 Agricultural Research Scientists Honored for Their Federal Service
May 29 Antibiotic Alternative Scores Well in Second Round of Swine Trials
May 16 The USDA Announces New Vision for Animal Genomics
May 13 Tomato Pan-Genome Makes Bringing Flavor Back Easier
May 8 Charleston Gray Watermelon Sequenced
May 2 ARS Entomologists Publish Guides on Latest Research Tools
May 1 Peanut Genome Sequenced with Unprecedent Accuracy
May 1 ARS Develops Calculation Correction for Grain Quality Test
April 29 Study Gives Insight into Diet, Gut Bacteria and Chronic Diarrhea
April 26 USDA Reaffirms Science-Based Decision Making at G20 Agricultural Chief Scientists Meeting
April 18 Weak Honey Bee Colonies May Fail From Cold Exposure During Shipping
April 10 Three Scientists Named to ARS Science Hall of Fame
April 9 USDA's Agricultural Research Service Honors Scientists of the Year
April 8 Study Sheds Light on Major Disease in Roses
April 5 European Lab Celebrates 100 Years of Biological Control Research
April 3 New Food and Nutrient Data System for Researchers, Consumers Launches Today
March 25 Deciphering the Walnut Genome
March 25 To Press or Not to Press: That is the Question
March 21 Pork Essentially Free of Veterinary Drug Residues
March 20 Honey Bee Colonies More Successful By Foraging on Non-Crop Fields
March 15 Diverse Bee Communities Best for Apple Orchards
March 11 Study Clarifies U.S. Beef's Resource Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
March 4 Study Reveals Pigs Can Transmit FMD Prior to Signs of Sickness
March 1 March 2019 ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
February 20 Starship Nematode
February 13 Mosquitoes Show High Resistance to Common Insecticide
February 11 AgResearch Content Delivery Gets a Makeover … Announcing Tellus
January 31 ARS Cotton Advance Helps Launch Wound Dressing
January 31 ARS Molecular Biologist Elizabeth Ainsworth Receives National Academy of Sciences Prize in Food and Agriculture Sciences
January 29 ARS Microscopy Research Helps Unravel the Workings of a Major Honey Bee Pest