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Animal Disease Diagnosis
item Quantification of macrophages and Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in bovine intestinal tissue during different stages of Johne's disease. (May 2019)
item A recombinant bovine herpesvirus-4 vectored vaccine delivered via intranasal nebulization elicits viral neutralizing antibody titers in cattle (Apr 2019)
item A peptide-based vaccine for Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (Apr 2019)
item Detection and genotypic characterization of toxoplasma gondii DNA within the milk of mongolian livestock (Apr 2019)
item Detection and genotypic characterization of toxoplasma gondii DNA within the milk of Mongolian livestock (Apr 2019)
item A multiplex fluorescent microsphere immunoassay for increased understanding of Rift Valley fever epidemiology in ruminants in Kenya (Apr 2019)
item Experimental Seneca Valley virus infection in market-weight gilts (Feb 2019)
item Gene gun DNA immunization of cattle induces humoral and CD4 T-cell-mediated immune responses against the Theileria parva polymorphic immunodominant molecule (Feb 2019)
item Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae associated with polymicrobial pneumonia in a free-ranging yearling caribou (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) from Alaska, USA (Feb 2019)
item Identification and evaluation of antivirals for Rift Valley fever virus (Feb 2019)
item Unraveling the cellular and molecular pathogenesis of bovine babesiosis: is the sky the limit? (Jan 2019)
item Transgenic babesia bovis lacking 6-Cys sexual-stage genes as the foundation for non-transmissible live vaccines against bovine babesiosis (Jan 2019)
item Silencing expression of the Rhipicephalus microplus vitellogenin receptor gene blocks Babesia bovis transmission and interferes with oocyte maturation (Jan 2019)
item Silencing expression of the Rhipicephalus microplus vitellogenin receptor gene blocks Babesia bovis transmission and interferes with oocyte maturation (Jan 2019)
item Accelerated accumulation of retinal alpha-synuclein (pSer129) and tau, neuroinflammation, and autophagic dysregulation in a seeded mouse model of Parkinson's disease (Jan 2019)
item Vitamin D status and responses in dairy cows naturally infected with Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis (Dec 2018)
item Scrapie agent from different genotypes of sheep show different seeding activity with elk recombinant prion proteins in RT-QuIC (Dec 2018)
item Preparation of lyophilized recombinant prion protein for TSE diagnosis by RT-QuIC (Dec 2018)
item Membrane and cytoplasmic proteins of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis that bind to novel monoclonal antibodies (Dec 2018)
item Identification of Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae in wildlife species beyond the subfamily caprinae (Dec 2018)
item Identification of coding and non-coding RNA classes expressed in swine whole blood (Nov 2018)
item Molecular aspects of Rift Valley fever virus and the emergence of reassortants (Nov 2018)
item Macrophages and galectin 3 control bacterial burden in acute and subacute murine leptospirosis that determines chronic kidney fibrosis (Oct 2018)
item Exploring the conformational differences between PrPSc from classical and atypical scrapie using mass spectrometry (Oct 2018)
item Chronic Wasting Disease: The American experience (Oct 2018)
item RT-qPCR genotyping assay for Rift Valley Fever virus with the capability of low copy resolution in mixed virus populations. (Oct 2018)
item Chapter 60: Visna-maedi (Oct 2018)
item Treponeme-associated hoof disease of wild elk (Cervus elaphus spp.) in southwestern Washington State, USA (Sep 2018)
item Chapter 61: Caprine arthritis-encephalitis (Sep 2018)
item Low-volume goat milk transmission of classical scrapie to lambs and goat kids (Sep 2018)
item Generation of recombinant Newcastle disease virus expressing the S1 protein of turkey enteric coronavirus for use as a bivalent vaccine (Sep 2018)
item In situ hybridization for localization of ovine herpesvirus 2, the agent of sheep-associated malignant catarrhal fever, in formalin-fixed tissues (Sep 2018)
item Systemic necrotizing vasculitis in sheep is associated with ovine herpesvirus 2 (Sep 2018)
item Preliminary evaluation of the susceptibility of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) to Rift Valley fever virus (Sep 2018)
item Identification of genes associated with susceptibility to mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis (Map) tissue infection in Holstein cattle using gene set enrichment analysis-SNP (Aug 2018)
item Global dynamics of highly pathogenic avian influenza outbreaks between 2005 and 2016 - Focus on distance and rate of spread (Aug 2018)
item Identification of a putative methyltransferase gene of Babesia bigemina as a novel molecular biomarker uniquely expressed in parasite tick stages. (Aug 2018)
item Differences in francisella tularensis subsp. novicida infection competence in cell lines from a natural vector and non-vector tick species (Aug 2018)
item Virological and Serological Responses of Sheep and Cattle to Experimental Schmallenberg virus Infection (Aug 2018)
item First report of Anaplasma marginale infection in goats, Brazi (Aug 2018)
item First report of Anaplasma marginale infection in goats, Brazil (Aug 2018)
item Tenascin-XB (TNXB) amino acid substitution E2004G is associated with mature weight and milk score in rambouillet, targhee, polypay, and suffolk sheep (Aug 2018)
item Failure to detect M. avium subspecies paratuberculosis in Johne’s disease using a proprietary fluorescent in situ hybridization assay (Jul 2018)
item Malignant catarrhal fever (Jul 2018)
item Complete mitochondrial genome sequence of bighorn sheep (Jul 2018)
item Seroprevalence of malignant catarrhal fever virus in captive wildebeest (Connochaetes sp.) in France (Jul 2018)
item Evaluation of glycoprotein Ov8 as a potential antigen for an OvHV-2-specific diagnostic assay (Jul 2018)
item Breeding scrapie resistant goats: A new DNA test to enhance goat health and your business (Jul 2018)
item A new tool: Genetic scrapie resistance in goats (Jun 2018)
item Generation of a recombinant Newcastle disease virus expressing two foreign genes for use as a multivalent vaccine and gene therapy vector (Jun 2018)
item Relationship between the pathology of bovine intestinal tissue and current diagnostic tests for Johne's disease (Jun 2018)
item Short communication: Lymphocyte proliferative responses in cattle naturally infected with digital dermatitis consists of CD8+ and gamma delta T cells but lack CD4+ T cells (Jun 2018)
item Discovery of a novel species Theileria haneyi n. sp. infective to equids highlights exceptional genomic diversity within the genus Theileria: implications for apicomplexan parasite surveillance (Jun 2018)
item Effect of feeding heat-treated colostrum on cell-mediated immune response to Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in neonatal dairy calves (Jun 2018)
item Failure to detect M. avium subspecies paratuberculosis by fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) in Johne’s or Crohn’s disease using a proprietary assay (Jun 2018)
item Evaluation of Fluorescence Microsphere Immunoassay for the Detection of Antibodies to Rift Valley Fever Nucleocapsid Protein and Glycoproteins (Jun 2018)
item Porcine mRNA and sncRNA expression intersections during viral infection (May 2018)
item Up-regulated expression of spherical body protein 2 truncated copy 11 is associated with reduced in vitro endothelial cell cytoadhesion by babesia bovis (May 2018)
item e-PIG-enetics: porcine miRNA and tRNA expression during highly pathogenic PRRSV infections (May 2018)
item Divalent cation effects on elk prion protein stability and fibril formation (May 2018)
item Retinopathy in a mouse model of Parkinson’s disease: seeding of synucleinopathy induces accumulation of phosphorylated alpha-synuclein (pSer129) and tau, neuroinflammation, metabolic dysregulation, and cell death (May 2018)
item The agent of H-type bovine spongiform encephalopathy associated with E211K prion protein polymorphism transmits after oronasal challenge (May 2018)
item RT-QuIC seeding activity using elk recombinant prion proteins discriminates scrapie isolates (May 2018)
item The agent of chronic wasting disease from pigs is infectious in transgenic mice expressing human PRNP (May 2018)
item Range-wide genetic analysis of Dermacentor variabilis and its Francisella-like endosymbionts demonstrates phylogeographic concordance between both taxa (May 2018)
item Small non-coding RNA expression status in animals faced with highly pathogenic porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (HP-PRRSV) (May 2018)
item Comparison of the transcriptome response within the porcine tracheobronchial lymph node following viral infection (May 2018)
item Detection of multiple pathogens in serum using silica-encapsulated nanotags in a surface-enhanced Raman scattering-based immunoassay. (May 2018)
item Porcine Macrophage-Like Cells Permit Viral Replication, Produce Inflammatory Mediators, and Undergo Apoptosis Following Infection with Rift Valley Fever Virus MP-12 (May 2018)
item Antigenic and genetic evolution of contemporary swine H1 influenza viruses in the United States (May 2018)
item Transcriptome responses to respiratory virus infection of pigs within the tracheobronchial lymphnode following infection with PRRSV, PCV2 or IAV (May 2018)
item Application of the biosafety RAM and eProtocol software programs to streamline institutional biosafety committee processes at the USDA-National Animal Disease Center (Apr 2018)
item Stable transformation of Babesia bigemina and Babesia bovis using a single transfection plasmid (Apr 2018)
item Regional Patterns of Genetic Diversity in Swine Influenza A Viruses in The United States From 2010 to 2016 (Apr 2018)
item High copy number of ovine gammaherpesvirus 2 DNA associated with malignant catarrhal fever-like syndrome in a lamb (Apr 2018)
item Comparisons of the topographic characteristics and electrical charge distributions among Babesia-infected erythrocytes and extraerythrocytic merozoites using AFM (Apr 2018)
item Immunomolecular characterization of MIC-1, a novel antigen in babesia bigemina, which contains conserved and immunodominant B-cell epitopes that induce neutralizing antibodies (Apr 2018)
item Identification of small non-coding RNA classes expressed in swine whole blood during HP-PRRSV infection (Apr 2018)
item Exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage in barrel racing horses in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States (Mar 2018)
item Isolation and characterization of pathogenic leptospires associated with cattle (Mar 2018)
item Inbred rats as a model to study persistent renal colonization and associated cellular immune responsiveness (Mar 2018)
item Spherical body protein 2 truncated copy 11 as a specific babesia bovis attenuation marker (Mar 2018)
item Pathologic and biochemical characterization of PrPSc from elk with PRNP polymorphisms at codon 132 after experimental infection with the chronic wasting disease agent (Mar 2018)
item Molecular detection and characterization of theileria spp infecting cattle in Sennar State, Sudan (Mar 2018)
item Live virus Immunization (LVI) with a recent 1-7-4 PRRSV isolate elicits broad protection against PRRSV challenge in finishing age swine (Mar 2018)
item Passive transfer in domestic and bighorn lambs Total IgG in ewe sera and colostrum and serum IgG kinetics in lambs following colostrum ingestion are similar in domestic sheep and bighorn sheep (ovis aries and ovis canadensis) (Mar 2018)
item A novel genotype VII Newcastle disease virus vaccine candidate generated by mutation in the L and F genes confers improved protection in chickens (Mar 2018)
item Scrapie resistant goats: Keep your herd healthy and help your business with a new gene test (Mar 2018)
item Goats singly heterozygous for PRNP S146 or K222 orally inoculated with classical scrapie at birth show no disease at ages well beyond six years (Feb 2018)
item Environmental Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis hosted by free-living amoebae (Feb 2018)
item Isolation and genomic characterization of a novel avian orthoreovirus in Korea, 2014 (Feb 2018)
item Detection of BSE prions by RT-QuIC in cattle with subclinical BSE (Jan 2018)
item Transcriptome responses to respiratory virus infection of pigs within the tracheobronchial lymphnode following infection with PRRSV, PCV2 or IAV (Jan 2018)
item Differential effects of divalent cations on elk prion protein fibril formation and stability (Jan 2018)
item Porcine reproductive and respiratory disease virus: evolution and recombination yields distinct ORF5 RFLP 1-7-4 viruses with individual pathogenicity (Jan 2018)
item Pathology of the emerging Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex pathogen, Mycobacterium mungi, in the banded mongoose (Mungos mungo) (Dec 2017)
item Evaluation of the growth of the bursa of fabricius in broilers reared under different light photoperiods (Dec 2017)
item Comparison of the transcriptome response within the tracheobronchial lymphnode following infection with PRRSV, PCV2 or SIV (Dec 2017)
item Disease state influences the presence of macrophages and Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in bovine intestinal tissue (Dec 2017)
item Comparative analysis of signature genes in PRRSV-infected porcine monocyte-derived cells to different stimuli (Dec 2017)
item Relationship between the pathology of bovine intestinal tissue and current diagnostic tests for Johne's disease (Dec 2017)
item Molecular genetic analysis of a large Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis mutant bank (Dec 2017)
item Effect of miRNA and tRNA gene expression on the homeostatic status of pigs infected with highly pathogenic PRRSV (Dec 2017)
item Measuring bovine gamma delta T cell function at the site of Mycobacterium bovis infection (Dec 2017)
item Domestic sheep show average coxiella burnetii seropositivity generations after a sheep-associated human Q fever outbreak and lack detectable shedding by placental, vaginal, and fecal routes (Nov 2017)
item Pathogen-mediated selection in free-ranging elk populations infected by chronic wasting disease (Nov 2017)
item Pathogenesis, molecular genetics, and genomics of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis, the etiologic agent of Johne’s disease (Nov 2017)
item Detection and characterization of an H4N6 avian-lineage influenza A virus in pigs in the Midwestern United States (Nov 2017)
item First detection of diffuse and cerebral theileria equi infection in neonatal filly (Oct 2017)
item Sudan Black B masks Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis immunofluorescent antibody labeling (Oct 2017)
item The babesia bovis hap2 gene is not required for blood stage replication, but expressed upon in vitro sexual stage induction (Oct 2017)
item U.S. feral swine were exposed to both avian and swine influenza A viruses (Oct 2017)
item Underdominant KCC3b R31I association with blood sodium concentration in domestic sheep suggests role in oligomer function (Oct 2017)
item Knowledge gaps that hamper prevention and control of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis infection (Sep 2017)
item Current status of rift valley fever vaccine development (Sep 2017)
item Experimental transmission of the chronic wasting disease agent to swine after oral or intracranial inoculation (Sep 2017)
item Advances in the application of genetic manipulation methods to apicomplexan parasites (Sep 2017)
item Identification of sero-reactive antigens for the early diagnosis of Johne's disease in cattle (Sep 2017)
item Influenza A (H3N2) virus in swine at agricultural fairs and transmission to humans, Michigan and Ohio, USA, 2016 (Sep 2017)
item Genome sequences of Escherichia coli strains that cause persistent and transient mastitis (Aug 2017)
item Assessment and optimization of theileria parva sporozoite full-length p67 antigen expression in mammalian cells (Aug 2017)
item Pathogenic leptospires modulate protein expression and post-translational modifications in response to mammalian host signals (Aug 2017)
item The genomic evolution of H1 influenza A viruses from swine detected in the United States between 2009 and 2016 (Aug 2017)
item Autofluorescence and non-specific immunofluorescent labeling in frozen bovine intestinal tissue sections: Solutions for multi-color immunofluorescence experiments (Aug 2017)
item Correlation of cellular factors and differential scrapie prion permissiveness in ovine microglia (Jul 2017)
item Development of a Newcastle disease virus vector expressing a foreign gene through an internal ribosomal entry site provides direct proof for a sequential transcription mechanism (Jul 2017)
item infections bronchitis virus S2 of 4/91 expressed from recombinant virus does not protect against ark-type challenge (Jul 2017)
item Engineered newcastle disease virus expressing the F and G protein of AMPV-C confers protection against challenges in turkeys. (Jun 2017)
item Two single mutations in the fusion protein of Newcastle disease virus confer hemagglutinin-neuraminidase independent fusion promotion and attenuate the pathogenicity in chickens (Jun 2017)
item Engineering of obligate intracellular bacteria: progress, challenges and paradigms (Jun 2017)
item Identification of novel seroreactive antigens in Johne’s disease cattle using the Mycobacterium tuberculosis protein array (May 2017)
item Recombinant Newcastle disease virus expressing human TRAIL as a potential candidate for hepatoma therapy (May 2017)
item Geno- and phenotypic characteristics of a transfected babesia bovis 6-Cys-E knockout clonal line (May 2017)
item Small ruminant lentiviruses: Strain variation, viral tropism, and host genetics influence pathogenesis (Apr 2017)
item Characterization of leukocyte subsets in buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) with cross-reactive monoclonal antibodies specific for bovine MHC class I and class II molecules and leukocyte differentiation molecules (Apr 2017)
item The transcription factor relish controls anaplasma marginale infection in the bovine tick rhipicephalus microplus (Apr 2017)
item Inhibition of the in vitro growth of babesia bigemina, babesia caballi and theileria equi parasites by trifluralin analogues (Apr 2017)
item Detection of lipomannan in cattle infected with bovine tuberculosis (Apr 2017)
item Incorporation of antigens from whole cell lysates and purified virions from MP12 into fluorescence microsphere immunoassays for the detection of antibodies against Rift Valley fever virus (Apr 2017)
item A cryptosporidium PI(4)K inhibitor is a drug candidate for cryptosporidiosis (Mar 2017)
item Surveillance for highly pathogenic H5 avian influenza virus in synanthropic wildlife associated with poultry farms during an acute outbreak (Nov 2016)
item Pathology Review of Two New Rift Valley Fever Virus Ruminant Models (Oct 2016)
item Ixodid ticks in the megapolis of Kyiv, Ukraine (Oct 2016)
item Characterization and use of new monoclonal antibodies to CD11c,CD14, and CD163 to analyze the phenotypic complexity of ruminantmonocyte subsets (Jun 2016)
item Dr. James N. Miller; Virtuoso of All Spirochetes (Jun 2016)
item Using 1-D 1H and 2-D 1H J-resolved NMR metabolomics to understand the effects of anemia in channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) (Oct 2015)
item Evaluation of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus transmission and the immune response in growing pigs (May 2015)
item Nonlesions, misdiagnoses, missed diagnoses, and other interpretive challenges in fish histopathology studies-A guide for investigators, authors, reviewers, and readers (Apr 2015)
item Oral vaccination of channel catfish against enteric septicemia of catfish using a live attenuated Edwardsiella ictaluri isolate (Apr 2015)
item Oral vaccination of channel catfish against enteric septicemia of catfish (ESC) using a live attenuated Edwardsiella ictaluri isolate (Mar 2015)
item Real-time PCR assays for detection and quactification of Edwardsiella tarda, Edwardsiella piscicida, Edwardsiella piscicida-like sp. in catfish tissues and pond water (Mar 2015)
item Phenotypic and genotypic heterogeneity among Streptococcus iniae isolates recovered from cultured and wild fish in North America, Central America and the Caribbean Islands (Oct 2014)
item CLSI performance standards for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacteria isoloated from aquatic animals; second information supplement. CLSI document VET03/VET04-S2 (Sep 2014)
item Methods for broth dilution susceptibility testing of bacteria isolated from aquatic animals; approved guideline-second edition (Sep 2014)
item Fatal septicemia caused by the zoonotic bacterium Streptococcus iniae during an outbreak in Caribbean reef fish (Sep 2014)
item The effects of a sublethal dose of botulinum serotype E on the swimming performance of channel catfish fingerlings (Aug 2014)
item Comparative susceptibility of channel catfish, blue catfish, and their hybrid cross to experimental challenge with Bolbophorus damnificus (Digenea: Bolbophoridae) cercariae (Aug 2014)
item Histological and computed tomographic evaluation of a parasitic conjoined twin in hybrid catfish (Ictalurus punctatus [rafinesque] X Ictalurus furcatus [lesueur]) (May 2014)
item Zebrafish (Danio rerio) bioassay for visceral toxicosis of catfish and botulinum neurotoxin serotype E (Mar 2014)
item Iron status of channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus affected by channel catfish anemia and response to parenteral iron (Jan 2014)