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2004 News Archive

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December 30 Dust-Reduction System To Be Licensed
December 29 ARS Diversifies Sunflower Traits
December 28 Unique Pistachio Trees Preserved in California Collection
December 27 Baking up a Whole-Grain Rice Bread
December 23 December Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
December 23 New Rust- and Mosaic-Resistant Beans Released
December 22 Website Provides Reliable Information on Healthy Eating, Nutrition, Obesity Prevention
December 22 Foreign Fruit Fly Suppression Program Grows in Hawaii
December 21 New Computer Program Predicts Mycotoxin Levels in Corn
December 20 Turkish Plant Oils Are Lethal to Vegetable Pest
December 17 Optical Sensors Help Farmers Find High-Quality Wheat
December 16 New Sensory Testing Facility Open
December 15 Scientists Probe Genetic Makeup of Chickens
December 14 Quenching Plants' Thirst--Below Ground
December 13 Rice Collection Identifies Valuable Traits
December 10 Ganging up to Stop Fire Ants
December 9 Scientists Tap Fungus to Protect Corn
December 8 Agroforestry and Wildlife Management Go Together in Floodplains
December 7 Researchers Challenge Poultry Pathogens
December 6 In the World of Bees, It Pays to Be Tidy
December 3 Tree Micropropagation Technique Developed
December 2 Studies Yield Low-Sugar Watermelons, Probe "Minis'" Nutrition
December 1 High Fiber Equals Lower Risks
November 30 First Virus to Infect Red Imported Fire Ants Discovered
November 29 USDA Online Course Teaches WIC Nutrition Educators
November 29 A Regional Scheme for Foiling Non-Native Plant "Escapes"
November 26 Organic Farming Is a Winner for Sustainability
November 24 ARS Labs in Texas "Going Green"
November 23 Cows Could Be Getting Too Much Protein
November 22 Mouse-Ear Can Be Defeated
November 19 A Forage Laboratory for America's Mid-South
November 18 Copper Oxide Effective Against Nematodes in Small Ruminants
November 17 Cataloguing Natural Pesticides' Modes of Action
November 16 New ARS Poisonous Plant Research Lab Dedicated
November 15 New Carrots Offer Colorful Surprises--and Health Benefits
November 12 Revegetating Rangeland With Seed-Source Islands
November 10 New Issue of ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted (2)
November 10 Research Aims to Improve Fertigation for Farmers
November 9 Tracking Fluoride in the National Food Supply
November 8 "Pistachio Blaster" Listens for Perfect Nuts
November 5 Helping Cotton Thrive in the Heat
November 4 New Lures to Doom Crop-Damaging Caterpillars
November 3 Stressed Out? Have Some Cold Vegetable Soup
November 2 Stopping the Coffee Berry Borer from Boring into Profits
November 1 Showing Florida How to Oust an Invasive Pest
October 29 Keeping Apples Cool to the Core
October 28 Conservation Tillage Has Immediate Benefits
October 27 New Pinto Bean Now Resists Anthracnose Disease
October 26 Study Shows Differences in Natural Immunity in Cloned Pigs
October 25 New Healthy Animals Now Online
October 25 Slowing the Loss of Ag Chemicals
October 22 Researchers Improve Science of Predicting Catastrophes
October 21 Luscious Longans Protected in ARS Collection
October 20 Water, But Not Salt, Effective in Changing Grazing Patterns
October 19 Statue of Liberty Goes Green with Soy
October 18 LiDAR: A Bright New Trend in Environmental Studies
October 15 Making Campylobacter Easier to Count
October 14 Fungus Provides Varroa Mite Relief for Bees
October 13 A One-Time Plowing May Not Hurt Carbon Credits
October 12 Scientists "Smear" Pests With Mustard
October 8 A Head Start on Mapping Two Cereal Crop Genomes
October 7 Beneficial Fungi Could Halt Hopper Hordes
October 6 CEAP Bibliographies Available Online
October 6 New Sampling System Helps Growers Learn About Their Fields
October 5 Vitamin D Found to Reduce Age-Related Falls
October 4 Salmonella Can Cause Poorer Eggshell Quality
October 1 Unmasking the Genes of Food-Poisoning Campylobacter
September 30 A Grazing Strategy for Small Dairy Farms
September 29 Proposal To Monitor Water Quality Wins Top Award
September 28 Buyer Beware: Product Labels Don't Always Measure Up
September 27 Bacteria Take on Late Blight, Sprouting and Dry Rot in Potatoes
September 24 Ethanol Byproduct Shown to Improve Soil
September 23 New Food Consumption Data Released
September 22 Making Lychee and Longan Harvests Predictable
September 21 Fingerprinting Dust Blowing in the Wind
September 20 "Free-Range" Chicken--No Guarantee It's Free of Salmonella
September 17 New York Germplasm Resources Unit to Celebrate ARS' 50th Anniversary with Open House
September 16 Using Electromagnetic Induction to Trace Soil Nitrogen
September 15 Three Scientists Inducted into Research Agency's Hall of Fame
September 15 Making Orange Juice Taste Even Better
September 14 Glorious Gardenias Get Boost From ARS Scientists
September 13 A Tortilla's Freshness Is Wrapped Up in Its Wheat
September 10 Dainty Plant Can Power-Clean Cadmium-Contaminated Soils
September 9 Federal Genebank Releases First Animal Germplasm
September 8 Revolutionizing Turkey Production With Functional Genomics
September 7 Weevil Wreaks Havoc on Giant Salvinia
September 3 New Plant Nutrient Database Launched
September 3 Carry-Out Containers From Wheat? Yes!
September 2 Cutting-Edge Tools Help Farmers Seek Out Salt
September 1 Researchers Working To Diversify Hawaii's Agriculture
September 1 Key Clues to Cause of Rice Yield Dilemma
August 31 Agricultural Research Service Lab Promotes New Technologies
August 31 No-Till Farming Can Decrease "Global Warming Potential"
August 30 New Method Sorts Out Signals in Stressed-Out Plants
August 27 Watering Plants When Their Temperature Says, "I'm Thirsty!"
August 26 Vitamin D Is Good for Your Gums
August 25 Charring Peanut Shells for Hydrogen Fuel
August 24 Little-Known Weed Causing Big Trouble in Southeast
August 23 Grape Compound Scores High for Lower Lipids
August 20 Root-Knot Nematode Species Identified
August 19 Hot Peppers Pep Up North Florida Growers' Bottom Lines
August 18 Absorbing News About Eggs and Lutein
August 17 Everglades Restoration to Be Part of Invasive Species Discussions
August 17 Protecting Sugar Beets From Root Diseases
August 16 Insect Virus Targets the Proverbial Worm in the Apple
August 13 ARS Workshops Boost Public Seed Project
August 12 Newly Explored Rice Gene Could Help "Blast" Killer Fungus
August 11 USDA Livestock and Range Research Lab Expansion Unveiled
August 11 Beautiful Flowers--It's All in Their Genes
August 10 A Search for Nematodes' Biological Soft Spots
August 9 Wild Potato's Gene May Protect Vulnerable Spuds
August 6 Multimedia Game Helps Kids Eat Better
August 5 Rust Fungus Unleashed to Fight Exotic Thistle
August 4 Targeting E. Coli Bacteria at Their Source
August 3 Probing Plants' Pollen Puzzles
August 2 Some Flowers Can Stand the Salt--and Save Precious Water
July 30 New Issue of ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted (1)
July 30 New Plum Variety Released
July 29 New Soybean Line Offers Strong Resistance to Nematodes
July 28 Arboretum Highlights the Science of Systematics
July 28 Treating Both Swine Diets and Manure Can Slash Phosphorus Runoff
July 27 Plant Enzyme Turns Scientists' Thoughts to Taxol
July 26 Two New Peach Varieties Released
July 23 Arboretum Pitches in to Clean up Chesapeake Bay Tributary
July 22 USDA to Assess Environmental Benefits of Conservation Programs
July 22 Prized Pomegranates Undergo Scrutiny of Nursery Staff, Growers
July 21 ARS Celebrates North Dakota Research This Week
July 20 Fiber-Hungry Bacteria Could Form Natural "Bond" With Wood Industry
July 19 Sorting Out the Genes Behind Leaner Beef
July 16 Exercise Is Undervalued in Treating Arthritis
July 15 A Close Look at Milk and Iron Uptake
July 14 New Soy Germplasm Lines Available for Breeding
July 13 Scientists Mobilize To Conduct Nutrition Research Among American Indians
July 12 Computer Models Help Guide Ethanol Production Research
July 9 Making Grass Out of Trash
July 8 Water-Treatment Residues Curb Phosphorus Runoff
July 7 Genetics Underscore Mites' Promise As Climbing Fern Foe
July 6 Tomatoes Get Genetic "Boost" Under Sustainable Ag System
July 2 Eyeing Forecast Models' Role for Drier Times
July 1 Desert Laboratory for the World
June 30 Snack Bar Temptation's Too Great for Middle Schoolers
June 29 New Method Can Boost Yields, Lower Fertilizer Use
June 28 ARS Top Performers Win Presidential Rank Awards
June 25 ARS Employees Recognized at Agriculture Secretary's 2004 Honor Awards Ceremony
June 24 Helping Hop Growers Predict Powdery Mildew
June 23 Pepper Lends Its Nematode Resistance to Double-Cropped Vegetables
June 22 New Protection for Peanuts From Aflatoxin
June 21 New Website Traces Long, Strange Trip of Corn
June 18 Indoor "Black Mold" Fungus Has Unexpected Relatives
June 17 Sorghum--the Next New Wave in Grains?
June 16 Rapid Test for Global Fungal Threat
June 15 Researcher Seeks Better Production Systems for Sunshine Bass
June 14 Researchers Develop Improved Food Consumption Survey Method
June 10 Uncovering Coffee Bean's Genes
June 9 Delta Initiative Finding Answers to Region's Poor Health
June 8 Continual Fertilizing, Not Cows, Is the Problem on Sensitive Pastures
June 7 Waist Circumference Can Signal a Syndrome
June 4 Arboretum Scientist Releases Boxwood Encyclopedia
June 3 New USDA Lab to Study Stress Indicators in Livestock
June 3 ARS, Turfgrass Group Sign Research Pact
June 2 Effects of Extended Storage on Eggs
May 28 New Rice Stock Adds Good Trait to Genetic Collection
May 27 Feather Fiber Technology Receives a "World's Best" Award
May 26 Rice Offers a Healthier Way to "Batter Up"
May 25 New Bacterial Group Named After ARS Scientist
May 24 Irrigating Through Drainage Pipes Helps Farmers and the Environment
May 21 Grabbing a Quick Bite Nabs More Calories
May 20 ARS Flume Shows "V" in River May Aid Endangered Tern
May 19 Red Imported Fire Ant Nemesis Gains Permanent Foothold in Florida
May 18 USDA Scientists Help Resolve Cotton Quality Standard Issue
May 17 New Issue of ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted
May 17 Exotic Lychees Safeguarded in ARS Botanical Library
May 14 ARS Cotton Research Earns ACS Landmark Status
May 14 Agricultural Research Service Hosts Fruit Fly Conference
May 13 Bringing Back the Native Grasses of California
May 12 Trait in Honey Bees Keeps Mites From Multiplying
May 11 New, Disease Resistant Sunflower Available
May 10 Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
May 10 Agricultural Dust More Accurately Measured
May 7 Got Arthritis? Fresh Cherries May Help
May 6 Helping Beneficial Fungi Work
May 5 Federal Laboratory Consortium Recognizes ARS Scientists for Tech Transfer
May 5 Dragging Through the Day? Be Sure You Get Enough Magnesium
May 4 Hot Bath Foils Lychee and Longan Insect Foes
May 3 A Little Creek That Could Help Repair Waterways
April 30 Turkey's Ghrelin Gene Sequenced
April 29 USDA Participates in Worldwide Research Effort against FMD
April 28 Scientists Meet to Tackle Gully Erosion Issue
April 28 Bacterial Proteins Combat Campylobacter
April 27 Food Survey Shows Areas of Concern, Opportunities for Nutrition Interventions
April 26 World's Peaches, Plums Preserved in Unique Collection
April 23 USDA-DOD Research Initiative to Protect U.S. Military
April 22 U.S. Scientists Help Scottish Counterparts Quash Ticks
April 21 After 17 Years, the Cicadas Are Coming
April 20 New ARS Facility Dedicated in Colorado
April 19 Beneficial Compounds in Cinnamon Spice Up Insulin Sensitivity
April 16 Study Reveals Cause of Disease in Beneficial Insects
April 15 Soy Supplements Lead to Bone Health
April 14 New Tests for Detecting Livestock Growth Promoter
April 13 Canine Cure for Catfish Off-Flavor
April 12 Toward a Better Sugar Beet
April 9 Trio of New Plums for Spring and Summer
April 8 Thwarting Russian Wheat Aphids--Again
April 7 Depressed? "B" Sure To Get Enough Folate
April 6 Cotton and Clay Make a "Hot" Pair
April 5 New Peach Looks Funny, Tastes Great
April 2 100th Anniversary of Washington's Cherry Blossoms Celebrated
April 1 New Breed of Beet Geneticists Unraveling Sugar Beet Genome
March 31 Listening for Weevils in Nursery Crops
March 30 Plant Roots, Too, Know How to "Seize the Moment"
March 29 Corn Fungus Tapped for Carotenoid Production
March 26 Corn Plants Alert Neighbors, Seek Help Against Pests
March 25 Apache Apricot Trees Take Root at Fruit Ranches
March 24 Test Detects Brucella Bacteria in Goat's Milk
March 23 Wild Potatoes Tapped for Nematode Defense
March 22 USDA's Gentle, But Tough, Termiticide Now Patented
March 19 Telemetry System Helps Scientists Study Heat Stress in Cattle
March 18 Pretty New Pepper Plants Developed by ARS
March 17 Machine Vision Automating Cotton Gins
March 16 Good Sources of Dietary Choline Now a Mouse Click Away
March 15 Sweet Scarlet Grape: New Variety Readied for Growers
March 12 Secret to Winterizing Wheat Plants Revealed
March 12 Beetles Learn that You Are What You Eat
March 11 On the Lookout for Mite-Borne Citrus Threat
March 10 ARS Scientists Help Experts Recognize Foreign Fungi
March 9 Air Curtain Blocks Unwanted Insect Pests From Airplanes
March 8 Lowering CO2 Loss in Fall Tillage
March 5 New Test to Find, Recruit Pest-Fighting Bacteria
March 4 New Approach to Controlling E. coli in Pigs
March 3 Scientists Study Benefits of Pasture Plant Diversity on Dairy Production
March 2 The Latest Research on Africanized Honey Bees
March 1 Monitoring Earth's Water Cycle From Space To Improve Weather Forecasting
February 27 Raspberries' Year-Round Protective Light Show
February 26 Arboretum Provides Breathtaking, Hassle-Free Cherry Blossom Viewing
February 25 Device Replaces Cotton Bale Ties
February 24 With Just a Sprinkle, Plants Soak Up More Selenium
February 23 USDA Researchers Test System to Track U.S. Cotton Products
February 20 Ground Broken for U.S. Arid-Land Agricultural Research Center
February 19 Finding Alternatives to Burning Leftover Straw
February 18 Scientists Sleuth Glassy-Winged Sharpshooters' Hangouts
February 17 Senior Gardeners Helping to Save Hawaiian Agriculture
February 13 New Soybean Promises Healthier Soy Oil
February 11 Progress in Reverse Against New Swine Flu Strain
February 10 Tackling Tough Problems in the World of Chocolate
February 9 New Database Helps Monitor Food Pathogens
February 6 Winning the Fruit Fly Battle in Hawaii
February 5 Cattle May Follow Appalachian Trail to Fine Urban Eateries
February 4 Maple Tree Species Is Asian Longhorned Beetle's Favorite
February 3 Scientists Tap Bee Genome Map for Improved Traits
February 2 Latest ARS Food & Nutrition Research Briefs Posted
February 2 Bacteria-Fungi Combo Could Boost Pea Growth
January 30 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
January 29 Foundation Licenses ARS-Developed Tick Control Device
January 28 BMI Calculator Especially for Kids
January 27 More Soil Benefits from No-Till Planting
January 26 Phosphorus Fertilizer Can Be Effective For Many Years
January 23 Papaya Sex-Chromosome Study Provides New Glimpse of Evolution
January 23 ARS Scientists Honored for Tech Transfer Efforts
January 22 Veneman Announces Top ARS Scientists for 2003
January 21 NAL, University Partner on Information Project
January 21 Sheep Could Help Control Leafy Spurge
January 20 ARS Develops a New Chromium Complex
January 16 Vitamin E May Be Key to Listeria-Free Turkeys
January 15 Scientists Investigate Probiotic Use in Poultry, Develop New Tests
January 14 Planet's Papaya Protected in Hawaii Collection
January 13 ARS-Adapted Grain Sorter Sees Fungal Poisons Under "New Light"
January 12 DXA Measures Meat, Fat Composition in Pork
January 9 Cleaning Roots More Efficiently
January 8 Eggplant Found To Have an Antioxidant Kick
January 7 Rose Gardens: A Thorny Problem for Pesky Caterpillars
January 6 Scientists Study Soy Infant Formula
January 5 Survey Links Fast Food, Poor Nutrition Among U.S. Children
January 2 Replanting Papayas: New Tactics May Cut Costs