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CEAP Bibliographies Available Online

By Len Carey
October 6, 2004

WASHINGTON, October 6—A series of bibliographies made available on the World Wide Web by the U.S. Department of Agriculture provide a comprehensive review of the current literature covering conservation programs, including the research needed to improve practices.

The bibliographies were prepared in support of the USDA Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) by the Water Quality Information Center of USDA’s National Agricultural Library.

Through CEAP, USDA is studying the environmental benefits of conservation practices implemented through various USDA conservation programs. CEAP will evaluate conservation practices and management systems related to nutrient, manure, and pest management; buffer systems, tillage; irrigation and drainage practices; wetland protection and restoration; and wildlife habitat establishment.

The bibliographies offer more than 2,700 citations, with abstracts where available, and with URLs when the documents are freely available online. The bibliographies are available in four volumes, all on the Web:

Environmental Effects of U. S. Department of Agriculture Conservation Programs is a guide to literature examining environmental effects of USDA conservation programs--information useful for assessing on-the-ground results of conservation programs from various environmental perspectives.

Implementing Agricultural Conservation Practices: Barriers and Incentives is a guide to recent literature examining agricultural producers' views of conservation programs and practices--information helpful in developing conservation programs and practices to fit the needs of agricultural producers.

Data and Modeling for Environmental Credit Trading is a guide to literature on the data and modeling requirements for environmental credit trading, to help interested people become informed about the current state of data acquisition and use of simulation models in environmental credit trading.

Agricultural Conservation Practices and Related Issues: Reviews of the State of the Art and Research Needs is a guide to the recent literature covering agricultural conservation practices and associated issues, focusing on where information has been combined and synthesized from many sources.

The National Agricultural Library, in Beltsville, Md., is part of the Agricultural Research Service.