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2013 News Archive

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December 23 Making White Layer Cakes with More Fiber, Less Fat
December 19 Sesame Seed Oil Extract May Improve Soy Oil for Frying
December 17 Allergenic Properties of Proteins in Browned Peanuts
December 16 Taking Aim at Deadly Swine Diseases
December 12 Dust from Dairies Not Likely to Pose Hazard to Nearby Communities
December 9 Biodegradable Packaging from Cotton Waste
December 5 Lending a Hand in Hybrid Catfish Production
December 3 Another Weapon to Fight FMD
December 2 Assessing the U.S. Population's Sodium Intake
November 27 Healthy Breakfast: A "Plus" for Kids' Math Performance, Study Shows
November 25 Ramping Up Pterostilbene in Crops
November 22 Kitty Litter: Potential New Use for Spent Corn Grains
November 21 Disease-resistant Peas Developed for Release
November 18 Fungus May Offer Natural Weed Control
November 15 Studies Confirm Breadfruit's Ability to Repel Insects
November 13 Newest Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
November 12 Reclaiming Turf from an Irksome Invader
November 8 Researchers Investigate Nut Allergy Mechanisms
November 6 Field Drainage Innovations Can Improve Lake Erie Water Quality
October 31 Great Plains Producers Could Profit from Spring Canola Crops
October 28 The Search for What Makes a Tasty Tomato
October 24 Novel Method Makes FMD Vaccine Production Safer
October 21 New Trap on Tap for Better Beetle Control
September 26 Shedding Light in the Forest: Climate Change's Effects on Timber
September 23 Multiple Studies Pay Off for Maine Potato Producers
September 19 Following a Pesticide Away From the Field
September 16 ARS Scientists Develop Improved Method to Estimate Calories
September 11 Three Scientists Named to ARS Science Hall of Fame
September 9 ARS Researchers Develop Strategies to Stop Tuberculosis Infections in Cattle
September 5 Searching for Ways to Control an Agricultural Nuisance
September 3 Temporary Coating May Help Protect Homes from Wildfires
August 29 USDA Study Shows Benefits of Weaning Calves Early
August 26 Beneficial Fungi Examined for Battle against Destructive Beetles
August 22 USDA Study Hints at Possible Links between Soil Characteristics and Stroke Risk
August 19 Nickel and Phosphite Help Growers Fight Pecan Scab
August 15 Broader Scope May Enhance UV Screening of Navel Oranges, ARS Study Suggests
August 12 Scientists Rely on High-tech Eyes to Spy on Microscopic World
August 9 ARS Scientists Verify Soil Moisture Data Collected by Satellites
August 8 Study Reveals Top Traits of Different Sheep Breeds
August 5 Recipe for HLB-affected Citrus: Apply Heat-Lots of It
August 2 Researchers Study Fire Ant Venom as Natural Fungicide
July 29 New Maps Show the Way for Rangeland Management
July 26 French Fries' Oil Content: It's Lower with Infrared Heat
July 25 Fungi Collection Key in Identifying Diseases
July 24 Bees Exposed to Fungicide More Vulnerable to Nosema Parasite
July 22 USDA Scientists Explore Use of Invasive Trees to Develop Jet Fuel
July 19 Scientists Put Citrus in "Deep Freeze" to Preserve It
July 16 ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued - July
July 15 New System Gives Insight into Animals' Feeding Habits
July 12 New Strawberry Species Found in Oregon
July 11 Savvy Seed Sorter Separates Good from Bad
July 8 Following the Footprint of Invasive Trees
July 5 Enhanced Lure Proves Irresistible to Orchard Pest
June 24 Plant Compounds Studied for Food Safety Chores
June 17 Gene Discovery Leads to New OPP Test
June 13 Tiny Doses of Bile Acid May Blunt Preemie Liver Disease
June 11 USDA's Agricultural Research Service Announces Scientist of the Year and Other Awards
June 6 Nematodes Encapsulated to Better Battle Corn Pests
June 5 Farmed Salmon Raises Blood Levels of Omega-3s
May 31 Pine Tree Carbs May Help Improve Dogs' Digestive Tract Health
May 28 Project Aims to Biofortify Rice for Improved Nutritional Value
May 23 Olive-oil Milling Leftovers Scrutinized in New ARS Studies
May 16 USDA'S Novel Cell Line Identifies All Foot-and-Mouth Virus Serotypes
May 13 Farm-raised Salmon Retains Healthy Omega-3s When Baked
May 9 Olive Oil Assays May Help Assure Authenticity
May 2 New Yeast Strain Could Lower Costs for Cellulosic Ethanol Production
April 29 Pig Stress Syndrome Linked to Huge Gene
April 26 Two Approaches for Optimizing Water Productivity
April 25 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
April 22 Improved Vitamin B12 Test May Help Young and Old Alike
April 18 User-Friendly Program Updates Phosphorus Management
April 15 Researchers Determine Beneficial Compounds in Whole-grain Rice Varieties
April 12 New Technology Sheds Light on Crop Tissues
April 11 Opening a Window into Vector-borne Viruses
April 8 Delivering a Virus that Gets Rid of House Flies
April 4 Irrigation Wastewater Can Help Salvage Damaged Soils
April 1 Identifying Johne's Disease with Accuracy
March 28 Battling Climate Change with Tried and True Methods
March 25 Enhancing Yogurt with Healthful Fiber From Oats
March 22 A Long-Sought Goal: Crystallizing an Elusive Protein
March 21 A Study of Switchgrass for Home Heating in the Northeast
March 18 Chemical Trickery Explored to Help Contain Potato Pest
March 14 A Better Understanding of the Impacts of Grazing Sheep
March 11 Epigenetics Mechanism May Help Explain Effects of Mom's Nutrition on Her Children's Health
March 8 Deterring Ticks with Citrus and Millipedes
March 7 Manure Spills: Detailing the Damage, Finding a Fix
March 4 Scientists Explore Brain, Cortisol, and Weight Loss Connections
March 1 An Interactive Atlas to Preserve Agricultural Biodiversity
February 28 The Right Way to Roll Rye
February 25 Temperament Plays Key Role in Cattle Health
February 22 The Lifetime Journeys of Manure-based Microbes
February 19 New Tool Gets to the Root of the Matter
February 14 New Club Wheat is Tough on Fungi, But Tasty in Baked Goods
February 11 Studying Bed Bug Actions for New Management Tactics
February 8 Virus Helps Scientists Identify "Who's Who" Among Two Veggie Enemies
February 6 Understanding Microbes Blowing in the Wind
February 4 USDA Scientists Say Mix-and-Match Cover Cropping Can Optimize Organic Production
February 1 USDA Scientists Help Select U.S. Dogwood Trees for Planting in Japan
January 31 Corn Cobs Eyed for Bioenergy Production
January 29 ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
January 28 With Hot Air Treatment, Bacteria Fly the Coop
January 25 Fighting Back Against Citrus Greening
January 24 New, Cost-cutting Approach to Formulating Pest-killing Fungi
January 23 Studies Show Biosolids Can Boost Soil Phosphorus Levels for Years
January 22 USDA Studies Confirm Plant Water Demands Shift with Water Availability
January 18 ARS Scientists Test Improved Stink Bug Trapping Methods
January 16 Pulp as Biodegradable Plastic in Disposable Food Containers
January 14 Amino Acid Studies May Aid Battle Against Citrus Greening Disease
January 11 Lady Beetle Diet Influences Its Effectiveness as Biocontrol Agent
January 9 Bacteria Pitted Against Fungi to Protect Wheat and Barley
January 7 Combating USDA's Top-ranked Invasive Insect
January 4 Drainage Ditches Can Help Clean Up Field Runoff
January 2 Treating Stable Flies in Pastures