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2015 News Archive

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December 31 New Hope for Extending Fresh-cut Vegetable Storage
December 30 A Better Understanding of Rangeland Health
December 15 Native Vine's Sap Eyed as Potential Gum Arabic Alternative
December 10 Confirming Nutrient Content of Supplements
December 8 How Coffee Berry Borers Survive on Caffeine
December 3 Tropical Fire Ant Movement Traced to Spanish Ships
November 24 Connecting Overeating, Emotions and Cognitive Control in Young Children
November 20 Camelina 'Partnered' with Soybeans for Food and Fuel Benefits
November 19 Camelina Cover Crops a Boon for Bees
November 17 Solid Fats and Added Sugars in Foods
November 13 Strip Tillage and Cover Crops Enhance Soil Quality in the Southeast in the Face of Climate Change
November 12 Learning What Wood a Termite Prefers
October 29 Ag Utilization Centers Celebrate 75 Years of Innovation
October 21 ACS Names Beltsville Agricultural Research Center as National Historic Chemical Landmark
October 20 USDA Transfers 3,800 Acres in Brooksville to Florida A&M University
October 2 Toolset Helps Identify Key Water-Conservation Options
September 29 Food Toxin Detector Incorporates Camera
September 23 New Disease Resistant Pea Now Available
September 17 Wine Grape Flour Reduces Cholesterol in Lab Animal Study
September 16 Four Scientists Named to Agricultural Research Service Science Hall of Fame
September 15 USDA's Agricultural Research Service Honors Scientists of the Year
September 11 A Wash that Reduces Health Risks in Fresh Produce
September 9 Rise in Carbon Dioxide May Boost Anti-Malarial Compound in Plant
August 27 A New Forage Comes to the Midwest, Courtesy of Mother Nature
August 26 Rotating Trellis Boosts Profits for Blackberry Growers
August 25 Taking the Temperature of Water-Thirsty Plants
August 20 Introducing Gulfsnow, a New Peach Variety from ARS
August 19 A "One-stop Shop" for Wasp Identity Information
August 18 Tumlinson Delivers 2015 ARS Sterling B. Hendricks Memorial Lecture at ACS Annual Meeting
August 5 Klee Delivers 2015 ARS B.Y. Morrison Memorial Lecture at ASHS Annual Conference
August 4 Consumers Missing Out on Health Benefits of Seafood Consumption
July 30 E. coli Gets a Boost from Lettuce Disease
July 28 USDA Scientist Helps Texas Sorghum Growers Reduce Water Use
July 22 New Technique for Mining Health-conferring Soy Compounds
July 16 Organic Seed Coating for Alfalfa Helps Prevent Some Soilborne Diseases
July 14 Low Vitamin D Linked to Osteoarthritis in the Knee
July 10 July - ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
July 9 Egg Cage System May Bolster Native Ladybug's Biocontrol Prospects
June 30 Quick-Serve Foods Slow To Change
June 29 Reviving Cottonseed Meal's Adhesives Potential
June 24 Allergen-Free Peanuts Lead USDA Report Highlighting New Innovations in Ag
June 23 Fish Reared in Hard Water are More Susceptible to Columnaris Disease
June 19 A New Blueberry for Home Growers
June 11 New Tracking Tool for Pathogen Investigators
June 9 Yeasts on Plums Have a Plus Side
June 5 Growers Use Chart to Help Choose Cover Crops
May 29 Smart Phone Apps Series to Help Maximize Land?s Productivity, Protect Resources
May 28 Natural Enzyme Examined as Antibiotics Alternative
May 26 How to Lure a Pest of Pistachio, Almond and Walnut
May 19 Lowering Risk of a Major Eye Disease
May 14 16 New Lettuce Breeding Lines from ARS
May 13 Bee Survey: Lower Winter Losses, Higher Summer Losses, Increased Total Annual Losses
May 12 New Begonia Lines both Beautiful and Sturdy
May 7 Recipe for Flavorful Tomatoes: Heat Before Chilling
May 6 Newly Named Bacteria Help Honey Bee Larvae Thrive
April 29 New Fruit Fly Lure Developed from Pest?s Favorite Scent
April 28 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
April 22 New Berries from ARS
April 21 USDA Scientists, International Colleagues Sequence Upland Cotton Genome
April 15 New Procedure to Test NDV Vaccines
April 8 Fast New Approach to Formulating Pest-Killing Fungi on Tap
April 2 U.S. National Arboretum To Re-Open to the Public Seven-Days A Week
April 1 USDA Agency Retools Its Monthly Science News Magazine
March 31 Slavin Delivers ARS 2015 W.O. Atwater Memorial Lecture at Experimental Biology
March 30 Strategies to Control Cravings
March 27 Beneficial Insect Virus Gets Boost as Crop Pest Fighter
March 23 Spotting Problems and Targeting Treatments to Where They Are Needed
March 20 A New Vaccine to Fight Poultry Diseases
March 18 Sniffing Out Overwintering Stink Bugs
March 13 Wheat Varieties Make Way to Breads and Malt Beverages
March 6 Shifting Out of High-Calorie Habits
February 24 A New Spanish Peanut Variety for Consumers, Growers
February 18 Killing Fish Egg Fungus with a Disinfectant
February 13 Controlling Stable Flies That Pester Zoo Animals
February 12 USDA Research Yields Cotton Resistant to Top 20 Ag Threat
February 11 ARS Study Shows No Damage to Soils from Grazing of Cover Crops
February 10 ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
February 6 ARS Scientists Develop Higher Yielding Sorghum Plants
February 5 Research Shows Honey Bee Diseases Can Strike in All Seasons
February 4 Modeling Nutrient Loss from Midwestern Crop Fields
February 2 Special Journal Issue Highlights New Perspectives on the Dynamics of Dry Lands
January 30 A New 'Gem' of a Pear Released by ARS, Cooperators
January 29 Infrared-Based Peeling of Tomatoes May Improve Precision, Save Water
January 28 Probing Phosphorus Losses from Midwestern Crop Fields
January 14 Using Clay to Fight Fish Disease
January 13 NAL Unveils New Search Engine for Published USDA Research
January 7 Physical Activity Intervention for the Elderly