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2009 News Archive

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December 31 New ARS-Developed Soybean Line Resists Key Nematode
December 30 Bacteria Wins First Round Against Inflammatory Bowel Disease
December 29 Biotech Advance May Yield Genetically Sterile Screwworms
December 28 Tracking Virus Resistance Genes in Watermelon Made Easier with New Molecular Markers
December 24 New Method Tests Severity of Key Citrus Virus
December 23 Hot Water Treatment Eliminates Rhizoctonia from Azalea Cuttings
December 22 Challenging Weed Meets its Match in Field Trials
December 18 Egg Processing Plant Carts Can Harbor Bacteria
December 17 New Vaccines May Help Thwart E. coli O157:H7
December 16 Replicating Climate Change to Forecast its Effects
December 15 Sorter Detects and Removes Damaged Popcorn Kernels
December 14 Foodborne Staph Toxin Pinpointed by New Assay
December 11 Watermelon: Fruit on the Fast Track
December 10 ARS Scientists Help Fight Damaging Moth in Africa
December 9 Farms, Fertilizers and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
December 8 Roasting Does More than Enhance Flavor in Peanuts
December 7 Long-Term Effects of Carbon Dioxide on Plants Studied by ARS
December 4 Fungus-on-Fungus Fight Could Benefit Chickpeas
December 3 New Peas Unfazed by Viral Bully
December 2 ARS Explores Ways to Keep Carbon in the Soil
December 1 Catch the Subterranean Slug-Fest--Now, Live on Video
November 30 ARS Survey Helps Growers Track Two Key Cotton Pests
November 27 Scientists Uncover Immunity-Related Genes in Alfalfa Leafcutting Bee
November 25 New Switchgrass Germplasm Collected in Florida
November 24 Sustainable Corn Production Supports Advanced Biofuel Feedstocks
November 23 Dehydration Affects Mood, Not Just Motor Skills
November 20 Time-Tunneling for Climate Change Clues
November 19 USDA Scientists, Colleagues Sequence Corn Genome
November 19 Microwave Meter Measures Moisture and Density of In-Shell Peanuts
November 18 Invasive Nettle Moth Triggers Hawaii Research
November 17 Studying Fertilizers to Cut Greenhouse Gases
November 16 Fungi May Hold Key to Reducing Grapefruit Juice Interactions with Medications
November 13 Scientists Find Ozone Levels Already Affecting Soybean Yields
November 12 Predicting the Environmental Effects of Transgenic Bt Crop Lines
November 10 Crops and Weeds: Global Climate Change's First Responders
November 9 Researchers Study Effect of Cinnamon Compounds on Brain Cells
November 6 Making NOAA Climate Forecasts Useful to Farmers
November 5 Sweetpotatoes Get High-Tech Help
November 4 Spread of Western Juniper Seeds Studied
November 3 Searching for Ways to Reduce Agriculture's Climate Change Footprint
November 2 Scientists Plot Genetic Ploy Against Grain Pest
October 30 Spying on Corn Rootworm Predators’ Nightlife
October 29 ARS Releases First Hard Winter Wheat Varieties for Eastern U.S. Production
October 28 Research on Childhood Obesity May Help Fight Epidemic
October 27 ARS Scientists Cryopreserve Pest-Imperiled Ash Trees
October 26 Computer Modeling Can Contribute to Thai Soybean Production
October 23 Test Detects Insect Carriers of Citrus Greening Disease
October 22 ARS, Company Team Up to Fight Biofilm Food Contamination
October 21 New Issue of ARS Healthy Animals Newsletter Available
October 20 Doppler Ultrasound Helps Scientists Understand Fescue Toxicosis in Cattle
October 19 Sheep Breeding Improvements Arise from ARS-University Research
October 16 Understanding Why Rye Works as a Cover Crop
October 15 Hardy New Corn Lines Released
October 14 Sweet Potato Protection is More Than Skin Deep
October 13 Bacterium Identified as Potato Disease Culprit
October 9 ARS System to Detect Poultry Contamination Passes First Commercial Test
October 8 Squeezing More Crop Out of Each Drop of Water
October 7 Latest Version of USDA's Premier Nutrient Database Released
October 7 October ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
October 6 Beneficial Nocturnal Insects Help Combat Pests in Texas
October 5 Ultrasound Used for Better Breeding in Sheep
October 2 ARS Scientists Study Holstein Milk Production, Fertility
October 1 Ornamentals to Brighten the Fall Garden Palette
September 30 Livestock Can Help Rangelands Recover from Fires
September 29 Springtime Sheep Grazing Helps Control Leafy Spurge
September 28 Drug Eliminates Parasite that Causes Babesiosis in Horses
September 25 ARS Scientist Helps Craft National Academies Report on Alternative Fuels
September 24 Culprit Compounds That Block Beans' Healthful Iron Probed
September 23 The Field Narrows for Cover Crops in Biofuel Production
September 22 New Pest-Resistant Habanero Joins Peck of ARS-Created Peppers
September 21 How Much Corn Stover can a Corn Grower Pick?
September 18 New ARS Study Shows Pathways of Movement of Sudden Oak Death Pathogen
September 17 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces Funding for Research on Food Security in Northeast
September 17 Inventors Offer Ecofriendly Substitutes for Polystyrene
September 16 Three Scientists Inducted into ARS Hall of Fame
September 15 WDGS May Be High-Quality, Low-Cost Livestock Feed
September 14 Aerial Imagery System Helps Save Water
September 11 Scientists Find Evidence of Casuarina Hybrids
September 10 Honey Bees Selected by ARS Toss Out Varroa Mites
September 9 ARS Scientists Help Sequence Genome of Potato Late Blight Pathogen
September 9 No Mistaking this Bug with New Insect ID Technique
September 8 Fish-Killing Toxin Could Kill Cancer Cells
September 8 From Chicken Feathers to Flower Pots
September 4 Recycling Food Scraps into Gardens
September 3 With Biobased Additives, ARS Scientists "Just Say No!" to Petroleum
September 2 Mapping and Modeling Eastern U.S. Food Production
September 1 Researchers Develop New Glue from Corn
August 31 Food "Tattoos" an Alternative to Labels for Identifying Fruit
August 28 Researchers Study Factors that Regulate Vaccination Efficiency
August 27 Researchers Study Benefits of Grain Harvesting Device
August 26 Grasshoppers Can Transmit Virus to Livestock
August 25 Experimental Chickpeas Fend off Caterpillar Pest
August 25 ARS, Australian Researchers Team Up against Fruit Bugs
August 24 Honey Bees with Colony Collapse Disorder Show their Genes
August 24 Plant Essential Oil Eyed as Mosquito, Ant Repellent
August 21 A Hedge with an Edge for Erosion Control
August 20 Research Probes Day Length Sensing in Grapes
August 19 Animation of Giant Reed Plant May Speed Its Demise
August 18 Effective Communication Essential for Pathogens that Need to Succeed
August 17 Creating the Ultimate Drought-Resistant Lawn
August 14 Virus Enzymes Could Promote Human, Animal Health
August 13 Genome for Nasonia Wasp Now Complete
August 12 Pathogen Loads Higher in Bee Colonies Suffering from Colony Collapse Disorder
August 11 Study Shows ARS Device is Highly Effective at Controlling Ticks that Spread Lyme Disease
August 11 Chocolate Pod: Not So Sweet for Bean Growers
August 10 Flavorful Fruit and Veggie Wraps Inspire Tasty Creations
August 7 Study by ARS Microbiologist in Texas Shows Farming Practices’ Benefits to Soil Quality
August 6 Corn Research Unlocks Basis of Natural Diversity and Reveals Genetics of Flowering and Hybrid Vigor
August 6 Strawberry Gender Decided by Two Genes, Not One
August 5 New Genetic Material from Group B Streptococcus Identified
August 4 ARS Research Helps Develop New Leads in Cleft Palate Repair
August 3 ARS Helps Preserve Indigenous Crops in Ecuador
July 31 Developing Attractants, Repellants for a Cattle Pest
July 30 Scientists Identify North American Genotypes of Rush Skeletonweed
July 29 Cheatgrass' Success Secret Revealed
July 28 New Yeasts Could Help Fast-Track Biofuel Production
July 27 Trap Would Help Keep Stink Bugs Outdoors
July 24 Four Potential Biocontrols Found for Controlling Giant Reed
July 23 Water Hardness Plays a Role in Removing Bacteria from Chicken Skin
July 22 New Process for Making Activated Carbons Patented by ARS
July 21 ARS to Release Early-Maturing Pecan
July 20 Scientists Identify Weevil as Biocontrol for Garlic Mustard
July 17 Pesky White Peach Scale Targeted in Tropical Studies
July 16 Fungus Tapped to Take on Kudzu
July 15 July Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
July 14 Study Shows Why North America Tree is Invasive in Europe
July 13 ARS Research Promotes Sustainable Potato Production
July 10 Controlling Red Imported Fire Ants Two Ways
July 9 Antifungal Pepper Compound Has Potential in Agriculture and Medicine
July 8 July ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
July 7 ARS Releases New Leaf Lettuce Breeding Lines with Corky Root Resistance
July 6 Stem-Destroying Insect May Help Conquer Climbing Fern
July 2 Fire Ant Outcompetes Other Species—Even in its Native Habitat
July 1 New Bait Lures Varroa Mite to its Doom
June 30 Spraying Herbicide on Invasive Weeds Doesn't Always Pay, Study Shows
June 29 Connecting the Dots for Alkaloids, Toxicosis Symptoms
June 26 New Designs for Making Old Dams Safer
June 25 New Test Corners Elusive Biofuels Enzyme
June 24 Researchers Identify Inhibitor that Controls Fungal Pathogen
June 23 ARS Sunflower Research Boosted by New State-of-the-Art Equipment
June 22 More Frying, Less Fat with New Cooking Batter
June 19 Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack Announces $176 Million in Recovery Act Funding to Improve Research Capacity at Laboratories in 29 States
June 19 Pirate Bug Tag-Team Spells Double Trouble for Thrips
June 18 Avian Bacterium More Dangerous Than Believed
June 17 SummerFest and FlavrBurst Join ARS Peach Variety Offerings
June 16 Biotechnology's Potential to Improve Seed Composition Outlined
June 15 Researchers Testing “One-Two Punch” Against Disease-Spreading Thrips
June 12 Reaping More Rewards from Crop Residues
June 11 Golden Success for Yukon Gem Yellow-fleshed Potato
June 10 Breeding Gentler Laying Hens that Still Produce Eggs to Industry Standard
June 9 Farming with Grass May be Just Right for 21st Century
June 8 Inside Look at Cellulose Provides Insight into Cotton Crystals
June 5 Bee-Killing Parasite's Genome Sequenced
June 4 It Pays to Furrow Dike
June 3 Clues on Corn Yields, Weather Conditions and Climate Patterns
June 2 "Junk" DNA Proves to be Highly Valuable
June 1 Arboretum Opens New Living Garden Catalog Exhibit
May 29 Vitamin Mix Helps Health of Farmed Fish
May 28 Phosphorus Leaching Differs in Dairy Manures
May 27 No-till Shows Benefits when Switching from Grasses to Corn
May 26 New Finding Helps Explain How Toxin Harms Farm Animals
May 22 Immunomagnetic Beads Can Attract Plague Bacteria
May 21 Benefits of Compound in Turmeric Spice Studied
May 20 Watermelons Tapped for Ethanol
May 19 Survey Reports Latest Honey Bee Losses
May 18 Lychee Studies Yield Keys to Plentiful, Predictable Harvests
May 15 ARS Preserves Plants and Animals for Future Needs
May 14 Coordinated Pushback Could Help Contain Bovine Bacterial Diseases
May 13 Study Finds Sugar Beet Varieties React Equally to Nitrogen Applications
May 12 Cotton Bests Other Spray-On Erosion Control Mulches
May 11 Online Peanut Warehouse Ventilation Calculator Available
May 8 New Food Safety Technology Developed for Eggs
May 7 Red Fungus Turned Orange May Help Tackle Vitamin Deficiency
May 6 New Techniques Developed for TSE Testing
May 5 A Better Understanding of a Major Threat to Wheat
May 4 Botulism Assay Quickly Detects Potent Foodborne Toxin
May 1 Food Supplements that Fortify Fowl
April 30 Why Invasive Plants Take Over
April 29 There’s Money in Managing Manure--When It’s Done Right
April 28 A Biocontrol for a Wide-Ranging Thrips
April 27 National Arboretum Unveils First Solar-Powered Irrigation System
April 24 Arcobacter: Foodborne Pathogen's Genome Exposed
April 23 Technologies Improve FMD Detection and Control
April 22 Organic Dairy Manure May Offer Fertilizer Option
April 21 ARS Investigate Genes Involved in Forming Plum Pits
April 20 ARS Dietary Supplement Data Supports Nutrient Intake Assessments
April 17 Pest-Resistant Potato on Tap
April 16 Knowing Where to Look for Invasive Leafy Spurge
April 15 Palm Oil Not a Healthy Substitute for Trans Fats
April 14 April ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
April 13 ARS Releases Iceberg Lettuce Breeding Lines Resistant to Bacterial Leaf Spot
April 10 Byproducts of Biofuels Could be Economically Viable for Growers
April 9 April Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
April 8 Helping Fruit Fight Back
April 7 Salmonella Strain's Path to Virulence Uncovered
April 6 Studies Reveal How Plants Protect Us from Disease
April 3 Research Closes in on Goat Scrapie
April 2 Estimating Crop Residue from Space via Satellite
April 1 Analyzing Caffeine in Selected Dietary Supplements
March 31 Dietary Intervention Shows Neuroprotection
March 30 Bacteria Tapped to Battle Crop-Damaging Roundworms
March 27 New Clues Discovered about Divergent Origin of Sudden Oak Death Pathogen
March 26 Scientists Identify Rust Resistance Genes in Soybeans
March 25 A Partnership to Promote a Cattle Herding Device
March 24 Catnip Compounds Curb Asian Lady Beetles
March 23 Community Sustains Control of Disease-Causing Ticks
March 20 Need Wild Bees? Plastic Totes Make A Superb Bee "Nursery"
March 19 New Approach Could Improve Safety Assessments of Biocontrol Pathogens
March 18 Company Expands ARS Technology to Save Water, Energy
March 17 Conservation Tillage and Cotton: The Bottom Line
March 16 New Ornamental Peppers Heading to Market
March 12 A Burning Issue in Winter Wheat Production
March 11 "Alkali Load" May Help Conserve Bone and Muscle
March 10 ARS Teams Up to Help Farmers in Jordan
March 9 Microsatellites Have Major Benefits for Berry Research
March 6 Lenetah and Tetonia: Two Top-Notch Barleys for Bovines
March 5 New Bacterial Species Named after ARS Scientist
March 4 ARS, Cooperators Produce New DNA Maps for Rainbow Trout
March 3 Satellites Help Keep Chesapeake Bay Clean
March 2 National Collection Conserves Colonial Sheep
February 27 Discovery May Solve Devastating Rust Fungus Issue for Bean Growers
February 26 Olive Fruit Fly Damage Pinpointed by X-ray Vision
February 25 Sorting Seeds, Saving Water
February 24 Longer Marketing Time Increases the Risk of Naturalization by Horticultural Plants
February 23 Lettuce Carotenoids Affected by UV Light in Greenhouse
February 20 Guayule: Is This Desert Shrub a Fuel of the Future?
February 19 ARS, Cooperators Discover Wheat Gene with Resistance to Stripe Rust
February 19 ARS Ships More Seeds to Genebank Facility in Norway
February 18 Less Nitrogen Could Increase Profit, Sustainability
February 17 Olives May Be Rescued By Helpful Wasp
February 13 USDA Pressure Chamber Makes Egg Microcracks Shine
February 12 ARS Scientists Sequence Citrus Disease Bacterium
February 11 Inventors Win ARS Technology Transfer Honors
February 10 ARS Honors Scientists and Support Staff
February 9 Futuristic Seafood: Raising Delicious Cobia and Pompano–Inland!
February 6 New Method Speeds the Detection of Ratoon Stunting Disease
February 5 Milkweed Oil Tapped for Sunscreen and Other Products
February 4 Piglet Feed Supplements Support Immune Systems
February 3 Food Choices and Health Indicators
February 2 Technology Improves Peanut Grading, Moisture Detection
January 30 Neutralizing Acidosis and Bone Loss among Mature Adults
January 29 Floating Vegetative Mats May Help Clean Fishery Wastewater
January 28 Grass Strips Help Curb Erosion, Herbicide Transport
January 27 Reducing Nitrate Discharge to Downstream Ecosystems
January 26 Gene Variants Affecting Blood Fats Identified
January 23 Canopy Cover Provides Practical Clue to Plants' Thirst
January 22 Wastewater Irrigation Effective on Bermudagrass Hay
January 21 ARS Research Explains Link between Stink Bug, Cotton Disease
January 16 MIRI Method Reduces Water Use in Rice Field Tests
January 15 Hogget Joins Nekton—and More—in New Glossary and Thesaurus of Agriculture
January 15 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
January 14 Nutrient Supports Bone Health Over Time
January 13 From Golf to Gulf, Drainage Industry Greens
January 12 Remediated Water Expands Irrigation Options
January 9 New Test Speeds Triclosan Detection in Water
January 8 ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
January 7 Scientists Aim to Spike Pest's Biochemical Punch Bowl
January 6 Careful Land Management Protects Mississippi Watersheds
January 5 Conservation Tactics to Help Fish and Wildlife Thrive Featured in New Bibliography
January 5 New Tools Aid Arid-Land Water Management
January 2 Helping Canneries Make Better Use of Leftover Water