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2011 News Archive

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December 20 Which Wheats Make the Best Whole-Grain Cookie Doughs?
December 13 Findings on Biochar, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Ethylene
December 7 Three Scientists Named to ARS Science Hall of Fame
December 6 Controlling Whiteflies the Natural Way
November 29 Tall Fescue Helps Protect Peach Trees from Nematodes
November 22 Special Delivery: Nematode-infected Insect Cadavers
November 15 Cleaning Cows from Inside Out
November 8 Using Biochar to Boost Soil Moisture
November 1 Teaming Up to Create a Successful Forage Grass
October 31 New Rice Varieties Offer Benefits to Growers
October 26 Updated Plant Genebank System Available Soon
October 24 Stem Rust-resistant Wheat Landraces Identified
October 20 October ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
October 19 Gypsies, Graveyards and Mysterious Plants
October 18 Analyzing the Sheep Genome for Parasite Resistance
October 17 Examining Rice Genes for Rice Blast Resistance
October 13 USDA Research Demonstrates New Breeds of Broccoli Remain Packed with Health Benefits
October 12 October New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
October 11 NAL Contributes to Searching the Deep Web of Science
October 6 International Partners Improve Cattle Here and in South Africa
October 4 Partnership Focuses on Developing East Coast Fever Vaccine
October 3 Tick Responsible for Equine Piroplasmosis Outbreak Identified
September 29 Test Identifies Red Angus Carriers of Bone Disease
September 27 A Labor Saving Way to Monitor Vast Rangelands
September 26 New Flavors Emerge from Peruvian Cacao Collection Trip
September 22 Patented Method Transforms Digital Cameras for Aerial Color Infrared Photography
September 20 Digital Panoramas of Rangelands Could Be Rich Source of Research Data
September 19 Scientists Develop New Potato Lines to Wage War on Wireworms
September 15 Cacao Collection Expedition May Yield Weapons for Combating Witches' Broom Disease
September 13 Tools That Will Help Reduce Nitrogen Pollution
September 12 USDA Scientists Use Commercial Enzyme to Improve Grain Ethanol Production
September 9 Cotton's Potential for Padding Nonwovens
September 8 Researchers Uncover Genetic Link to Cattle Diseases
September 6 Digital Cameras Open New View of America's West
September 1 Using Less Water to Grow More Potatoes
August 30 Using Ground Covers in Organic Production
August 29 Monitoring Ground-Level Ozone from Space
August 25 Making Tomorrow's Bioenergy Yeasts Strong
August 23 A Better Test for a Potato Pest
August 22 Breeding Ozone-Tolerant Crops
August 18 A Quick Way to Grade Grasses for Ethanol Yields
August 16 Flower Power Puts a Hurt on Caterpillars
August 15 Calibrating Corn Production in Potato Country
August 11 The Flight of the Bumble Bee: Why Are They Disappearing?
August 9 What Counts is the Water That Actually Enters Plant Roots
August 8 Technology Reveals Citrus Greening-Infected Trees
August 5 Modeling Erosion of Particulate Matter
August 4 Researchers Develop Fully Cooked Food-Aid Product
August 3 USDA Scientists Study Effects of Rising Carbon Dioxide on Rangelands
August 2 Versatile Compound Examined in Crops
August 1 New Freeze-dry Method Good for Processing Fish
July 29 Soybean Genetic Treasure Trove Found in Swedish Village
July 28 Researchers Tap Yeasts as Source of "Green" Surfactants
July 26 Testing Fumigant Films that Keep the Air Clean
July 21 Fingerprinting Fugitive Dust
July 20 July ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
July 19 How Dairy Farms Contribute to Greenhouse Gas Emissions
July 14 Researchers Examine Way to Undercut Dust Emissions
July 13 July New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
July 12 Researchers Study Pesticide Pathways into the Atmosphere
July 7 Chesapeake Bay Pesticides: Some Diminish, Some Persist
July 5 ARS and Cooperators Study Cotton Gin Dust Emissions
July 1 E. coli Can Survive in Streambed Sediments for Months
June 28 Does Grilling Kill E. coli O157:H7?
June 23 Lowering the Color of Crystals in Sugar Factories
June 21 Blueberries Help Lab Rats Build Strong Bones
June 16 Historic Collection at NAL Gives Insight into Blueberry's Domestication
June 15 USDA's Agricultural Research Service Announces Scientist of the Year and Other Awards
June 14 Scientists Pitch in to Help Keep Salad Mixes Safe to Eat
June 13 New Research Facility Will Help Safeguard the Supply of Global Wheat Crops
June 10 USDA-led Consortium Sequences Genome of Key Wheat Pathogen
June 9 Controlling Starch in Sugar Factories
June 7 Mammary Gland Development of Blueberry-Fed Lab Animals Studied
June 2 With Feedlot Manure, it Pays to be Precise
May 31 Blueberry's Effects on Cholesterol Examined in Lab Animal Study
May 26 Factors in Berry-Splitting in Blueberries Examined
May 24 Beyond the Barn: Keeping Dairy Cows Outside is Good for the Outdoors
May 23 USDA/AIA Survey Reports 2010/2011 Winter Honey Bee Losses
May 19 Studies Focus on Feed Ingredient's Effects on Levels of E. coli O157:H7 in Cattle
May 17 Mitigating Mummy Berry Disease of Blueberry
May 12 Software Reveals Critical Crop Growth Stages
May 10 High-Tech Approach Uses Lights, Action and Camera to Scrutinize Fresh Produce
May 9 USDA Researchers, Collaborators Sequence Genomes of Fungi That Threaten Wheat, Poplars
May 5 World's Blueberries Protected in Unique, Living Collection
May 3 Market Lighting Affects Nutrients
April 28 New Pairs of Compounds May Help Tree Nuts Fight Fungal Foe
April 26 Developing Biocontrols to Contain a Voracious Pest
April 22 April New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
April 21 New Technique Improves Sensitivity of PCR Pathogen Detection
April 19 Keeping Oysters, Clams and Mussels Safe to Eat
April 15 ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
April 14 Dietary Yeast Extracts Tested as Alternative to Antibiotics in Poultry
April 12 Lesser Known Escherichia coli Types Targeted in Food Safety Research
April 7 Scientists Exploit Ash Tree Pest's Chemical Communication
April 5 Food Safety Study of Beef "Trim" Leads to Ongoing Research Collaboration
April 1 E. coli an Unlikely Contaminant of Plant Vascular Systems
March 31 Getting Closer to a Better Biocontrol for Garden Pests
March 30 Hidden Elm Population May Hold Genes to Combat Dutch Elm Disease
March 29 Calculating Livestock Numbers by Weather and Climate
March 23 Researchers Collect "Signals Intelligence" on Insect Pests
March 22 Developing Strategies in a Desert Watershed that Sustain Regional Water Supplies
March 16 Alternatives Eyed for Methyl Bromide
March 15 Dairy Farmer Finds Unusual Forage Grass
March 10 USDA and Russian Scientists Develop High-Tech Crop Map
March 9 Combating Cucurbit Yellow Stunting Disorder Virus
March 8 Study Shows No-Till's Benefits for Pacific Northwest Wheat Growers
March 3 Grazing of Cattle Pastures Can Improve Soil Quality
March 2 Sustaining the Biodiversity of the Western Great Plains
March 1 Don't Underestimate the Power of Herbal Teas
February 25 Successful Tech Transfer Leads to More Hawaiian Exports
February 24 Examining Climate Change Effects on Wheat
February 23 Careful Sleuthing Reveals a Key Source of Sedimentation
February 22 USDA Study Confirms Links Between Longer Ragweed Season and Climate Change
February 17 Smart Phones Soon Will Access Agro
February 16 Finding a Polyamine Way to Extend Tomato Shelf Life
February 15 USDA Scientists Match Bioenergy Sites, Feedstocks
February 9 A Green Way to Cap an Old Landfill
February 8 Detecting Pathogens in Waterways: An Improved Approach
February 3 Advancing Biocrop Alternatives in the Pacific Northwest
February 2 Fire Gel Protects Beneficial Nematodes from Sun
February 1 Tangerine Tomatoes Surpass Reds in Preliminary Lycopene Study
January 27 Grass Germplasm Collection Also Includes Fungal Endophytes
January 26 Tracking the Itinerary of an Unwelcome Visitor
January 25 Study Shows Snow Moving Upslope as Mountains Warm
January 24 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
January 21 USDA's National Agricultural Library Releases 2011 Edition of Thesaurus
January 20 Better Biocontrol with Citrus Root Signals
January 19 Strategies Developed for More Efficient Beef Cattle Production
January 18 USDA Scientists and Collaborators Complete More Comprehensive Genetic Analysis of Domesticated Grape
January 18 Scientists Study Immune System for Better Mormon Cricket Control
January 13 New Vaccine Developed for Newcastle Disease
January 12 Natural Tick Control Tested
January 11 No-Till, Summer Fallow Stores Water in Central Great Plains
January 10 New Edition of ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
January 6 New Fungi Could Curb Grasshopper Populations
January 5 Ultraviolet Light Boosts Carrots' Antioxidant Value
January 4 New Red Imported Fire Ant Enemies in Place for Combat