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Subject of Investigation

Agricultural supplies, general/other
Animal research, general
Aquatic plants
Arboreta and botanical gardens
Atmosphere, general/other
Beans (dry)
Beans (fresh, fresh-processed)
Bedding/garden plants
Beef cattle, general/other
Beef cattle, live animal
Bees, honey, and other pollinators, general
Berries and cane fruits, other
Broadleaf forests of the South
Chemurgic Crops
Citrus, general/other
Cole crops (includes cabbage, kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower,
Conifer forests of the North
Conifer forests of the South
Conifer forests of the West
Cool season perennial grasses (includes bluegrass, bromegrass, fescue)
Corn (for sweetcorn use 1480)
Cotton, other
Cottonseed (for meal, oil, etc.)
Cross-commodity research--multiple animal species
Cross-commodity research--multiple crops
Cucurbits, other (includes pumpkin, squash, gourd)
Cut flowers, foliage, and greens
Dairy cattle, general/other
Dairy cattle, live animal
Deciduous and small fruits, general/other
Deciduous tree fruits, other
Desert and semidesert shrub land and shinnery
Domestic and community water supply facilities and systems
Drainage and irrigation facilities and systems
Duck and goose, live animal
Durum wheat
Economy, general/other
Edible tree nuts, general/other
Egg-type chicken, live animal
Experimental design and statistical methods
Feed and feed additives
Fiber crops, general/other
Fish habitats
Florist crops, other
Food (not readily associated with specific plant and animal products)
Forage legumes, other
Freshwater shrimp
Fungi (includes yeast)
General Commodity
General technology
Goats, meat and mohair
Grain crops, general/other (includes buckwheat, millet, triticale)
Grain sorghum
Grapes, other
Greens and leafy vegetables (includes endive, lettuce, spinach)
Ground covers
Hard red spring wheat
Hard red winter wheat
Hard white wheat
Herbaceous perennials and decorative greens
Herbs and spices
Honey bees
Horses, ponies, and mules
Individuals (as workers, consumers, members of society)
Laboratory animals
Leguminous vegetables, other
Long fiber cotton
Machinery and equipment
Marine shrimp
Meat, beef cattle
Meat, dairy cattle
Meat, sheep
Meat, swine
Meat-type chicken, live animal
Melons (includes cantaloupe, muskmelon, watermelon)
Microorganisms, general/other
Miscellaneous and new crops, general/other
Mixed conifer-broadleaf forests
Mountain grasslands, meadow, and alpine
Mushrooms and other edible fungi
Narcotic plants
Noncrop plant research
Nonfarm structures and related facilities, including those used in
Oilseed and oil crops, general/other
Onion, garlic, leek, shallot
Ornamental trees and shrubs
Ornamentals and turf, general/other (includes cacti)
Other animals, general
Other beef cattle products
Other bees (non-Apis bees)
Other cultured finfish
Other dairy cattle products
Other non-bee pollinators, general
Other poultry products
Other swine products
Paper and pulp derived products
Parks and urban green space
Pasture and forage crops, general/other
Peas (dry)
Peas (fresh, fresh-processed)
People and communities, general/other
Perennial grasses, other
Pesticides (includes herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc.)
Plant research, general
Potted plants
Poultry meat
Poultry, general/other
Raisin grapes
Rangelands and grasslands, general
Rangelands, other
Red clover
Remote sensing equipment and technology
Research equipment and methods, general/other
Research on research management (not research management per se)
Rhizomes, tubers, bulbs, and root crops, general/other (for potato use 1310)
River basins
Rubber, gum, and resin plants, other
Seeds and other plant propagules
Sewage and waste disposal facilities and systems
Sheep and wool, general/other
Sheep, live animal
Soft red wheat
Soft white wheat (includes club, western)
Soil and land, general
Solanaceous and related crops, general/other (for potato use 1310)
Solar radiation
Spiders, mites, ticks, and other arthropods
Striped bass
Structures, facilities, and equipment, general/other
Sugar beet
Sugar cane
Sugar crops, general/other
Summer annual grasses (includes forage sorghums, sudangrass, sorghum)
Sweet potato
Sweet sorghum
Swine, general/other
Swine, live animal
Table grapes
The family and its members
The farm as an enterprise
Trees, forests, and forest products, general
Tropical/subtropical fruit, general/other
Turf (includes bentgrass, bermudagrass, bluegrass, dichondra, fescue)
Turkey, live animal
Upland cotton
Vegetables, general/other
Viroids, mycoplasmas, spiroplasmas, etc.
Warm season perennial grasses (includes dallisgrass, bluestems)
Water resources
Watersheds and river basins, general
Wetland and riparian systems
Wheat, other
Wild animals
Wildlife and natural fisheries, general/other
Wildlife habitats
Wine grapes
Winter annual legumes (includes subterranean clover, arrowleaf clover)
Wood and wood products
Wool fiber
Melons (includes cantaloupe, muskmelon, watermelon)
item A Multi-state Effort to Contain and Manage the Invasive Guava Root Knot Nematode (GRKN) in Vegetable Crops.
item Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation for Enhancing and Advancing the SustainabilitY of Organic Specialty Crop Production Systems (ASD-EASY Organic)
item Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation for Organic Strawberry Production
item Assessing the Effect of Exogenous Silicon Application on Yield and Quality of Lettuce Produce
item Basic and Applied Approaches for Pest Management in Vegetable Crops
item Celery Breeding for Resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. apii Race 2 and Race 4
item Characterization of Host Resistance and Biology of Diseases and Nematodes in Vegetable Crops
item Characterization of Lettuce Resistance to Impatiens Necrotic Spot Virus
item Controlled Environment Agriculture Platform for Hydroponic Cultivation of Salt-Tolerant Crops with Integrated Saline Water Irrigation
item Controlled Self-pollination of the Melon Core Set for Genetic Analysis and Development of the Set for Long-term Improvement of Melon
item CucCAP 2: Harnessing Genomic Resources For Disease Resistance And Management In Cucurbit Crops – Bringing The Tools To The Field
item CucCAP 2: Harnessing Genomic Resources for Disease Resistance and Management in Cucurbit Crops – Bringing the Tools to the Field
item CucCAP2: Harnessing Genomic Resources to Improve Disease Resistance and Disease Management in Cucurbit Crops (Charleston)
item Demonstration of New Vegetable Production Techniques for Urban Horticulture
item Development of Germplasm Resources and Molecular Breeding Tools to Combat Endemic and Emerging Diseases in US Spinach Production
item Development of Preseason Risk Prediction Models to Facilitate Areawide Pest Management of Whitefly-transmitted Viruses of Vegetables
item Effect of Irrigation Regimes on the Romaine Lettuce and Soil Microbiomes, and Their Transmission, Throughout the Growth Season
item Elucidating the Factors that Determine the Ecology of Human Pathogens in Foods
item Enhancement of Spinach & Leafy Vegetables for Disease Resistance & Nutritional Components using Genome-wide Association Study & Genomic Prediction
item Enhancing Educational Outcomes for Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Use
item Enhancing Resource Utilization for Sustainable Lettuce Production in Changing Climates
item Enhancing Vegetable and Ornamental Production by Synergistically Managing Nutrients and Pests
item Evaluating Watermelon Germplasm for Resistance to Reniform Nematode
item Evaluation of Watermelon and Cucumber Genotypes for Tolerance to Biotic and Abiotic Stress
item Evaluation of Watermelon and Cucumber Genotypes for Tolerance to Biotic and Abiotic Stress
item Fumigation and Alternatives for Production, Storage, and Trade Conference
item Functional Modulation of Escherichia coli O157:H7 by the Lettuce Phyllosphere Microbiome
item Genetic Improvement of Lettuce, Spinach, Celery, Melon, and Related Species
item Genomic Epidemiology of Campylobacter to Improve Disease Control in Low and Middle Income Countries
item Genomic Features of Human Adaptation of Campylobacter in Low-Income Settings
item Genomics and Genetic Improvement of Disease Resistance and Horticultural Characteristics of Watermelon, Broccoli, and Leafy Brassicas
item Government Owned Vehicle and Equipment Use by Non-federal Employees for Collaborative Research
item Human Pathogens within the Produce Production Continuum; their Detection, Mechanisms for Persistence, and Ecology
item Identification of Lettuce Cultivars that are Inhibitory to E. coli O157:H7 Survival upon Fresh-cut Processing and Cold Storage
item Impact of Residue Biochemical Quality on Soil Disinfestation
item Implementation of gaseous chlorine dioxide fumigation to improve post-harvest stockpile management of almonds
item Improving Lettuce Cultivars against Bacterial Leaf Spot (BLS) through Breeding, Genetics, and Study of the BLS-Lettuce Interaction
item Integration and Validation of Alternative and Multiple Intervention Technologies to Enhance Microbial Safety, Quality, and Shelf-life of Food
item Investigation of Verticillium Nonalfalfae as a Potential Bioherbicide for the Invasive Weed Ailanthus Altissima
item Lettuce Breeding and Genetics (2021)
item Lettuce Breeding for Improved Resistance to INSV, Pythium
item Lettuce Breeding for Improved Resistance to INSV, Pythium, Verticillium, and Fusarium
item Lettuce Breeding, Genetics, and Physiology
item Leveraging Concentrated Organic Byproduct for Nutrient use Efficiency, and Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation in Organic Vegetable Production
item Management of Crop Genetic Resources and Descriptive Information
item Mitigation of Foodborne Pathogens in Water and Fresh Produce via Application of Biochar
item Nematode Early Warning System (NEWS) Facilitates Real-Time Remote Monitoring of Soil Pathogens in Agricultural Fields
item Non-Fumigant Nematode Control in Carrot
item Novel Production Practices for Sustainable Vegetable Production and Nutritional Value
item Organic Soil Treatment Methods for Nematode Control in California Carrots
item Prevention of Pathogen Contamination in the Lettuce Production Continuum
item Prevention of Pathogen Contamination in the Lettuce Production Continuum - TTU
item Prevention of Pathogen Contamination in the Lettuce Production Continuum - UC Davis
item Prevention of Pathogen Contamination in the Lettuce Production Continuum- U-Arizona
item Recombinase Polymerase Amplification Toolbox for Field Detection of Diverse Virus Genera and Species Affecting Cucurbits
item SAM: Sustainable Anthracnose Management for Watermelon and Cucumber Growers in the Eastern United States
item Screening Seeded and Seedless Watermelon Varieties for Resistance to the Whitefly-transmitted Cucurbit Leaf Crumple Virus
item Screening Seeded and Seedless Watermelon Varieties for Resistance to the Whitefly-transmitted Cucurbit Leaf Crumple Virus (CuLCrV)
item Soil Amendment Effects on Tomato Bacterial Spot
item Soil Disinfestation Treatments for Organic Carrot Production
item Survival of Foodborne Pathogens on "Work in Process" Produce Ingredients During Holding Time, and Pathogen Transference Potential onto Containers
item Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms of Resistance to Tipburn and INSV+Pythium wilt
item Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms of Viral Infection in Lettuce in Support of the USDA Lettuce Breeding Program
item University of Florida, IFAS and FAES
item Utilizing Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to Determine the Effect of Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation on Soil Properties
item Year 3: Celery Breeding for Resistance to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. apii (Foa) Race 2 and Race 4