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chicken Turkey Chicks Female large white turkey Two chicks on a DNA map Cow and newborn calf Calf Cows on dairy farm Cow receiving tick dip bath
 Piedmontese-Hereford crossbred calf Sheep grazing Flock of sheep St. Croix sheep Birds on beach along Chesapeake Bay Duck Great Grey Heron Sunshine bass Goat
Cow Rounding up cattle Holstein dairy cows. Nelore breed of beef cattle Bison Researchers inspect for cattle fever ticks. Senopol surrogate mother with Romosinuano embryo transfer calf Cows graziing Angus cattle
Cattle Researcher attaching sensing unit to steer Dairy cow Cattle feeding Roundup at Fort Keogh Cow grazing in birdsfoot trefoil Bison Hereford cattle Hereford twins
Sow and piglet Researcher holding 10 day old piglets Sow and piglets Piglet Sow nursing her litter of piglets. White-tail deer. White tailed deer Researchers with a white-tailed deer Two elk
Pronghorn antelope A young shrimp Market-size USDA 103 catfish St. Croix hair sheep Turkeys Horse Cow