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United States Department of Agriculture

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Animals: Livestock, Fish and Wildife

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White Leghorn chicken. Large White turkey male Baby chicks Large White turkey female Chicks on top of a genetic map of a chicken.
Minutes after giving birth, a 2-year-old cow attends to her newborn calf Calf Dairy cattle on small farm Cattle fever tick eradication Piedmontese-Hereford crossbred calf with double muscling
Sheep Sheep / Southwestern Montana Sheep / Near Dubois, ID St. Croix sheep. Birds on the Chesapeake Bay
Green Mallard Duck Great Grey Heron Hybrid striped bass Goat grazing on weeds  

Cow Holstein dairy cows Cattle round up Nelore breed of beef cattle Bison
Cattle fever ticks Romosinuano embryo transfer calf Dryland grazing on the Great Plains Angus cattle "BUN" levels in cattle
Cattle grazing research Dairy cow Minimizing cattle stress Cattle roundup / Montana Birdsfoot trefoil / Cattle feed
Buffalo Hereford cattle Hereford twins Sow and piglet Healthy 10-day old piglets
Piglets from cryopreserved embryos Cannabinoids lead to calmer pigs Pigs White-tail deer White-tailed deer
Caretakers with white-tailed deer Elk Pronghorn antelope Penaeus vannamei / Shrimp Catfish
St. Croix hair sheep Turkeys Developing monoclonal antibodies that cause equine babesiosis    

Last Modified: 3/14/2017
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