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Laboratory Research

Rose plant started as cells grown in a tissue culture Preparing a sawfly antenna for GC-EAD analysis Examining leaves for ticks N-glycans affect tomato ripening Thermal ionization mass spectrometry Steam jet-cooking Fantesk Examining cultures of different root pathogens Determining bacterial contamination in alfalfa seeds Stomach tissue research for alkaloid transmission
Genetic transformation of castor beans Corn earworm pupae National Seed Storage Laboratory Gas chromatograph (GC) used for scent detection Celular model system that simulates digestion and nutrient absorption Chemist James Hill analyzing nutrients in shallow groundwater. Dr. Christina Walters using a differential scanning calorimeter Shockwaves for meat tenderizing Automated poultry inspection 
Chemist Chris Roager extracting nitrogen from soil Allergen-free latex products from guayule B vitamin folate for women Using liquid nitrogen for cryopreservation Examining T-cell proliferation cultures Soybean inoculation with Phytophthora sojae Gene mapping eastern gamagrass Biopesticide use to control insects
ARS scientists examine SEMs of white-speck neps Seed distribution / North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station Biocontrol of pernicious weeds Scientists prepare shredded carrots and other fresh-cut produce for automated measurement of respiration rate and ethylene production. Green dye measures flow velocity Cotton ginning Microbial analysis of beef Fungal sample collection Rexroad inspects cattle cells
Plastic production from vegetable oil Leafy spurge for biocontrol MRI for fat-to-lean research Africanized bee DNA Wind tunnel / Soil erosion research Futuristic peach and apple 'orchards' Honeybee DNA Livestock DNA sequences Biological technician artificially infects a mango with a fruit fly larva
A maze of hoses delivers precise CA gas mixtures to stored fruit. Analyzing fruit color, etc. Grafting sweetpotato germplasm Soybean inspection Soil analysis / Sycamore Creek Insect metabolic studies Radioimmunoassay test Biological control of whitefly SEM imaging
Cotton fiber spooling Analyzing hybrid corn samples              
Treated and untreated salmonella enteritidis Phomopsis mold National Parasite Collection National Parasite Collection Spraying a plant fungus that is harmless to humans Studying laboratory grown fungal cultures Paecilomyces fumosoroseus fungus Pin inoculation / Bacillus thuringiensis Observing the behavior of a sow and her litter
Working with scanning electron microscopes Scanning electron microscopy E. coli O157:H7 research E. coli bacteria Using an atomic absorption spectrophotometer Predicting beef carcass composition Ground beef fat analysis DNA to sort livestock sperm Embryo implantation
DNA sequence of Brucella vaccine Monitoring cattle grazing Bovine rhinotracheitis virus Human nutrition research Total lipid & fatty acid composition Carbonated milk production Chemical extraction Enzyme extraction Analyzing rice texture data
Alderman and Pfender look at rust resistance Watershed/WEPP interface on PC Nuna beans New Mid-Oleic Sunflower Hydrids Automated poultry inspection Testing the attraction of yellowfever mosquitoes to humans Ink from soybean oil Mycoparasites cultures used to identify antifungal chemicals Checking corn fiber oil sample
Tallow-based soap Technician inspects young citrus plants for citrus greening disease symptoms