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Microbiologist examines the results of a test Boy eating sandwich Microbiologist saturates filter paper Microbiologist examines cilantro Biochemist prepares tissue samples. Food technologist testing sanitizers on spinach. High school students use a rotary evaporator. Entomologist and technician examining insect cell cultures.
 Piedmontese-Hereford crossbred calf Girl eating fruit Technician examining petunia flowers Entomologist examines wildflowers in a test plot. College student collecting water samples Birds on beach along Chesapeake Bay Animal scientist holding a piglet Plant pathologists looking at wild watermelon germplasm.
Entomologist collects blood-fed, immature bed bugs. Boy holding lunch tray with a school meal. Graduate student tests samples to detect Salmonella. Boy eating french fries Plant physiologist measures alfalfa plants. Immunologist holding a gene chip containing up to 10,000 chicken genes. Researchers isolate novel genes from cauliflower A woman drinking a glass of milk
Agronomist inspecting wheat plants grown in biosolid-amended soils. Scientist preparing gelatin beads to vaccinate broiler chicks. College student helping sort aquatic insects Young boy eating an apple slice Researchers examine autoradiographic film showing bluetongue virus proteins. Graduate student is preparing dried Hypericum perforatum for extraction and analysis. A research assistant pollinates Snake River wheatgrass in a test plot. Geneticist collecting broccoli in a field.
A boy eating an apple Biologist separates crude botulinum toxin into individual protein bands. A chemist using a standard four-ball test method to measure vegetable-oil-based antiwear additives. Graduate student prepares a plasma sample for determination of fatty acid profiles. Technician prepares bacterial cultures in a skim milk-based broth. A man holding a laptop A technician examines culture medium for indication of growth of Leptospira bacteria. A technician looks for beneficial insects on a papaya plant
Plant pathologist examines the bacterium that causes bacterial blight of cruciferous crops Mite: ARS technician selects bee larvae from honeycombs Chemist prepares to examine human THP-1 cells. Researchers inspect guayule plants. A researcher uses a micrometer to measure the width of the clear agar zone around a petri dish. Two men and a woman A technician inoculates a tank of oysters with hepatitis A virus A chemist using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry
A technician collects a blood sample from a 7th grader A fish nutritionist examines flax oil that will be used in rainbow trout feed. Researchers use a moisture meter in a bag of grain expectant mother A group of seniors exercising A young girl holding an apple A microbiologist and a graduate student observe the display of a confocal microscope being used to examine an alfalfa sprout root A technician inspects sucrose crystals
A technician holding a tube containing concentrated immunomagnetic beads coated with antibodies. Woman talking on a phone