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Microbiologist Maureen Wright saturates filter paper with the foam solution for termite bioassays. Microbiologist examines cilantro in a greenhouse
Food technologist testing spinach in various wash waters and sanitizers Students using a rotary evaporator Insect cell cultures Biophysicist tests a portable imaging device for food inspection
Technician examines flowers PhD student collecing water samples A summer intern uses a suction filitration apparatus
Researcher evaluating a piglet Scientists inspecting watermelon germplasm Entomologist collecting immature bed bugs Graduate student testing cattle waste for salmonella
Plant physiologist measures alfalfa plants Immunologist holidng a gene chip containing chicken genes Scientist and grad student isolate genes from cauliflower woman drinking milk
Agronomist inspecting wheat plants Biological monitoring of water quality Student research aid Jenny Dockham inspects autoradiographic film.
Cornell University graduate student performs extraction and analysis tests Utah State University student pollinates Snake River wheatgrass      

Boy eating an apple

Biologist separates crude botulinum toxin into individual protein bands

Visiting chemist uses a standard four-ball test method

Graduate student prepares a plasma sample

Technician prepares bacterial cultures

Man using laptop

Technician examines culture medium for growth of Leptospira bacteria.

Technician looks for beneficial insects on a papaya plant

Plant pathologist examines the bacterium that causes bacterial blight of cruciferous crops Technician selects bee larvae from honeycombs Chemist prepares to examine human THP-1 cells. A postdoc and an intern inspect guayule plants.
Technician inspects young citrus plants for citrus greening disease symptoms Three people Technician inoculates a tank of oysters with hepatitis A virus Chemist analyzes pterostilbene content in blueberries.
Technician collects a blood sample from a 7th grader Fish nutritionist examines flax oil Agricultural engineer and a graduate student use a moisture meter in a bag of grain. expectant mother
Excerisers Little girl eating apple. Graduate student Abdulah Harris examines Salmonella contamination Researcher inspects the growth of sucrose crystals
Technician holding tube containing concentrated immunomagnetic beads coated with antibodies Woman talking on phone A researcher uses a micrometer  

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