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United States Department of Agriculture

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Photo Illustrations

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Galaxy peaches Galaxy peaches Endless summer tomatoes High solids tomatoes Orange juice Ambersweet oranges
Exotic lettuces Mini lettuce Lettuce Foods for healthy diets Grape varieties Flame seedless grapes
Soybean varieties Soybeans Significant sources of nutrition Corn flour products Tortillas Bakery foods
Products from wheat Sourdough bread Baked products using Oatrim Some foods that will be fortified with folic acid. Papayas Hawaiian papayas
Fiber to reduce absorbtion of fructose Fruits and vegetables Carrots, onions, garlic and cucumbers Exotic crops Different colored carrots. Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries
Apples New uses for kenaf Kenaf Appetizing meal Good food sources of magnesium Uses for potatoes
Potato plant, worldwide staple source Honey Disease resistant wheat Lactose free products Science in Your Shopping Cart Plant exploration and collection
Leather production Uses for cornstarch International Research Products of twin-screw processing Cotton textile production  

Uses for peanuts Pecans Grain products with fiber. Oats, barley, and some products made from them Bread varieties Improving bread products
Deet insect repellant Deet insect repellant Flurosulfonate insecticides Biodegradable plastics Newly created products by ARS Flame retardant cotton
Products from soybeans Improving frozen food Maize from Latin America Cheese processing Wheat breeding Cereals can be rich in vitamin B12
Pizza Meat flavor and storage Lychee Citrus varieties Canteloupes Watermellons
Strawberries Peach & pear Apples Fresh cut produce Soy milk and low-fat yogurt are rich in soy and whey protein Charleston Hot peppers
Mini lettuce Foods rich in copper        

Last Modified: 3/14/2017
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