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Evaluating biologically based methods for weed and disease control.
Researchersl discuss commercial variety trials being conducted at a farm. A low-insecticide bait being applied to targeted against western corn rootworms. Soybeans ready for harvest. Mature soybeans Agronomist Edgar E. Hartwig A field of Akita Komachi rice Soybeans Rice harvesting.
Forest Ripening wheat Wheat harvest Aerial view of apple and pear orchards. Entomoloigst and orchard manager discuss areawide IPS. Hooded sprayers in sorghum field. Nozzleless sprayer Stalk-puller attachment drawn through cotton test field Field technician driving tractor-drawn stalk puller  
Researchers evaluating sugar beet breeding lines. Field of experimental sugarcane Small farm 100 center-pivot sprinklers          
Rice Researchers examine healthy wheat Northern Lights Researchers in wheat field Wheat harvest Scientists measuring growth of wheat Agricultural engineer examine sample from grain flow sensor. Corn harvest Corn production
Tractor cultivating for weed control Farm machinery running on mixture of diesel and biodisel fuel. Tasseled sugarcane Harvesting sugarcane Harvested sugarcane being loaded into dump trailers Ginned and unginned cotton Cotton field being sprayed with vegetable oil and dishwashing detergent. Cotton harvesting in Texas Researchers record cotton plant height, nodes and fruiting.
Planting foxtail millet. Researchers discuss placement of codling moth pheromone dispensers in a pear orchard Mountains Barley harvest Sunflowers Cranberry harvesting   Mahantango Creek Watershed showing patchwork quilt of forest, farmland, and other land uses. In a field, researchers scrutinizing an array of exotic lettuces Rye cover crop