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Field Research

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Lesquerella oil Lesquerella Dr. Edgar E. Hartwig / Soybeans Soybean plants Bubblebees for controlled pollination Polyester bees
Snowmelt runoff in the Rocky Mountains Snowpack at 14,255 ft., Longs Peak, CO Reynolds Creek Experimental Watershed Wampling water at the Walnut Creek Watershed near Ames, Iowa Researchers check lake sediments for indications of ecosystem health. Controlling the growth of aquatic weeds.
Oysters collected from the Chesapeake Bay Insect collection / Soil erosion Evaluation of sugar beet plants Eliminating pollution in aquaculture Broccoli / Salinas, CA Growing plants under varying levels of CO2
Technician Amy Baker performs soil water infiltration studies. Two biologists collect macroinvertebrates in a Mississippi creek. Monitoring moth migration Wind power for agriculture Examining papaya fruit Insect collection in wheat field
Improving riparian buffer zones near streams Inspecting a dry stream channel below a 15-food flume Cranberry harvest Soil core sampling in Colorado Controlling cattle fever ticks High lysine rice
Technician and manager of Network site reset weather recording equipment. Fisheries science Africanized honey bees Trees for snow fence Limestone cave water sampling Severe erosion in wheat field
Sheep grazing preferences Water volume from snowpack        

Inspection of bee colonies Africanized honey bees Corn harvest Corn growth on soil treated with alum residue
Grain monitoring / Corn Wheat/corn/fallow rotation Cotton harvesting Whitefly control in cotton
Rainfall simulator Rain guage Rainfall simulator Controlling pear psylla
Ultra-low volume herbicide application Sampling oysters and water quality on the Chesapeake Bay Observing stream corridor habitats Water sampling in a raparian zone
Citrus fruit research Collecting pollinating insects Monitoring cattle grazing Scientists excavate gamagrass roots
Larkspur collection Inspecting cacao damaged by witches'-broom Exotic lettuces Anchoring a whole-canopy photosynthesis chamber
Catfish ponds Wheat / Elevated carbon dioxide    

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