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2007 News Archive

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December 31 New Issue of ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs
December 28 Vitamin A Suppresses Type 1 Diabetes in Animal Study
December 27 State, National Nutrition Info on Updated Website
December 26 Partnering, Licensing Opportunities With ARS Now Available on RSS
December 21 Getting Grade School Kids to Eat More Fruits and Veggies
December 20 New Nonchemical Approach to Curbing Mosquitoes
December 19 New Swine Flu Has Avian Flu Genes
December 18 Gauging Farmers' Water and Pesticide Use
December 17 Scientists Identify Bacterial Pathogen of Citrus
December 14 Portion Size, Energy Density are Key Components in Kids' Caloric Intake
December 13 ARS Licenses Purple Bacteria to Battle Crop Pests
December 12 Berries and Dark Chocolate Flavor Newest Treats From ARS Technology
December 11 Elevated Carbon Dioxide Has Uneven Influence on Longleaf Communities
December 10 Veggie Soybeans About to Get Even Sweeter
December 7 Fruit Fly Study Provides Insight into Bee Immune System
December 6 Calcium Requirements May Be Overestimated
December 5 Conservation Tillage: Good for Drought and Wet Years
December 4 Scientists Set to Release New Disease-Resistant Wheat
December 3 Secrets of Fish Oil Compound Probed
November 30 Scientists Developing Bread Rich in Beta-Glucan
November 29 Orange-Fleshed Honeydews Evaluated
November 28 Eating Beans Helps Lower Cholesterol
November 27 Village Wheats May Fend Off Stem Rust
November 26 Tropical Traits for Temperate Beans
November 23 New Technique Thins Excess Blossoms and Boosts Tree Fruit Size
November 21 Diet for Brain Development, From the Beginning
November 20 Revamping Relationships Among Cultivated Potatoes
November 19 Imported Bees Not Source of Virus Associated with Colony Collapse Disorder
November 16 When It Comes to Vitamins, More Is Not Always Better
November 15 Crimson Rocket Peach Making Its Way to Market
November 14 Likeable Legume Snacks from ARS Research
November 13 System Offers New Option for Managing Manure
November 9 Heading Off World Wheat Threat
November 8 Researchers Identify Cause of Watermelon Vine Decline
November 7 Study Weighs Cover Crop Use
November 6 Data on Food Antioxidants Aid Research
November 5 November Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
November 2 Scientists Re-Examine Soy Diversity
November 1 Using Beetle Biology to Protect Beehives
October 31 Measuring Peanuts' Moisture--While Still in the Shell
October 30 ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
October 29 Fast-Acting Carbs May Hasten Vision Loss Over Time
October 26 Researchers Build Case Against Insect as "Zebra Chip" Culprit
October 25 Microbes Plus Sugars Equals Hydrogen Fuel?
October 24 New High-Yielding Pecan Is Right for Many Regions
October 23 iFARM: Two High-Tech Tools Aid Farm Management
October 22 Norovirus Proposal Nets Top Research Funding
October 19 Ethanol Co-Products Could Lower Cost of Freshwater Fish Production
October 18 Genetic Clue for Fighting Swine Virus
October 17 ARS-Studied Gas Helps Apples Stay Crisp
October 16 New Campylobacter-Detecting Medium Licensed
October 15 U.S.-Thai Scientists Cooperate in Tropical Fruit Research
October 12 Glomalin: A Key to Switchgrass Ethanol Success
October 11 Wanted: Trees for Urban Landscapes
October 10 Preserving Genetic Variety of Valuable Specialty Crops
October 9 Spinach Gets New Protection Against Pesky Leafminers
October 5 Ticks Don’t Come Out in the Wash
October 4 New Lab Methods Speed Testing of Fumigant Emissions
October 3 Bottlegourd Gene May Curb Cucurbit Virus
October 2 Initiative Takes Aim at Fungal Crop Disease Culprit
October 1 U.S.-Thai Scientific Efforts Peg Guava's Nutritional Value
September 28 Plant BioFactory Ramps Up Relief for Dairy Cows
September 27 New Pheromone Sprayer Leads Amorous Moths Astray
September 26 Mapping Prairie Grass Protein, Yield and Carbon
September 25 Mineral Nutrition's Impact on Neonatal Development
September 24 Socking It to Strawberry Root Rot
September 21 Exposing Wheat's Genetic Secrets
September 20 Fortifying Feed with Biodiesel Co-products
September 19 USDA Web Portal Offers Big Food Safety Benefits for Small Food Processors
September 18 Garlic's Goodness Best Released With a Crush
September 17 Organic, All-Fruit Bars Bear Out Value of ARS Process
September 14 Geneva Station Celebrates 125th Anniversary
September 13 Switchgrass: Bridging Bioenergy and Conservation
September 12 Three Scientists Inducted into ARS Hall of Fame
September 11 Areawide Approach to Fire Ant Control
September 10 New Sorghum is Ideal for Both Fuel and Feed
September 7 Potatoes Chock Full of Phytochemicals
September 6 Genetic Survey Finds Association Between CCD and Virus
September 5 Fungal Foam Targets Termites Inside Trees
September 4 Carriers of Plaque Gene at Greater Risk
August 31 Climate Change and Groundwater Recharge
August 30 Treatment for Mouse-Eared Pecan Trees Now Licensed
August 29 Scientists Seek New Ways to Control Potato Pests
August 28 Elevated Carbon Dioxide Spurs Shrub Growth
August 27 Dry Pea, Sunflower and Spring Wheat Excel in Northern Plains Cropping Systems
August 24 Nutritional "Report Cards" Rely on USDA Data
August 23 Genetic GPS for Tracking Boll Weevils
August 22 New Online Help for Managing Whiteflies
August 21 With Inflammation, It's Better to Have a Cool Head
August 20 Bioenergy Experts From More Than 40 Countries Meet at International Conference
August 17 Soy Discoveries Lead to New Class of Cosmetic Ingredient
August 16 Looking for Links Between Sleep Patterns and Obesity
August 15 New Plant-Insect Interaction Discovered
August 14 New Issue of ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Posted to Web
August 13 Friendly Fungus Helps Keep Aflatoxin Out of Cotton
August 10 USDA Facility Celebrates Full Recovery from Katrina
August 9 Fungal Control for Root-Eating Insects
August 8 Blueberry Extracts Boost Brain Function
August 7 Lifestyle Options Dwindle for Bovine Bacteria
August 6 Antioxidants, Over Time, Support Aging Minds
August 3 New Sunflower Lines Resist Fungal Disease
August 2 Breeding Plants to Produce Industrial Oils
August 1 Tracking Vitamin K for Health
July 31 Literature Review Predicts Carbon Storage on Rangeland
July 30 Peanuts Studied as Source of Biodiesel Fuel
July 27 Researchers Roll Out the Rye to Rein In Weeds
July 26 High-Tech Tools Tackle Ag Management
July 25 Plum-Pox-Resistant Trees Move Forward
July 24 Managing the Medusahead Weed
July 23 July Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
July 20 Annual Spring Cropping in the Pacific Northwest Low-Rainfall Region
July 19 Of Watermelon and Waistlines: New Low-Sugar Varieties from ARS
July 18 New Southernpeas Developed by ARS, Cooperators
July 17 Gene Helps Explain Foulbrood's Spread Among U.S. Bees
July 16 Gaining Strides Against a Giant Reed
July 13 USDA Announces Colony Collapse Disorder Research Action Plan
July 12 New Irrigation System Asks "Can You Hear Me Now?"
July 11 High-Quality Corn for Low-Input Farming Systems
July 10 Organic Farming Beats No-Till?
July 9 Proper Management Can Make Lower Yields Profitable
July 6 Measuring the Merits of Corn Stover-Based Ethanol
July 5 New Findings on Sour Taste
July 3 New USDA Animal Research Facility Dedicated
July 2 New Habanero Blasts Taste Buds—and Pepper Pests
June 29 New Dry Edible Bean Resists Bacterial Disease
June 28 Exhibiting a Pepper for Every Pot
June 27 ARS Scientists, Cooperators Identify Potato Pest
June 26 New Technology Could Lead to More Energy-Efficient Ethanol Production
June 25 Ethanol Byproducts Pelletized
June 22 Fuel for Your Body and Car
June 21 Foreign Herbivores May Be Key to Curbing Invasive Weeds
June 20 Letting Plants Talk to You
June 19 Threat to Grapevines and Gardens Now Easier to Pinpoint
June 18 Patented Prebiotic Helps Good Bacteria Take on Bad Ones
June 15 Can the Right Potting Mix Replace Fungicide?
June 14 Cowpea Plants React to Insect Attack
June 13 Scientist Pinpoints When Weeds Are Most Meddlesome
June 12 Not All Antioxidants Are Created Equal
June 11 Latest ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
June 8 Biofuel Crops Double as Greenhouse-Gas Reducers
June 7 Building and Heating a Virtual Greenhouse
June 6 USDA Station in Colorado Celebrates Centennial
June 5 Edible Films Made From Dairy, Biofuel Byproducts
June 4 "Cologne" Attracts Beneficial Lacewing Predators
June 1 New Fruit Fly Control Combination More Effective, Longer Lasting
May 31 Vaccine Offers New Control Options for FMD
May 30 Global Warming May Lower Grassland Quality
May 29 New USDA Research Facility to Open in Hawaii
May 25 USDA's Florida Research Station Celebrates 75 Years of Excellence
May 24 A Framework for Building New Desert Science
May 23 Bacterium Curbs Several Insect Pests
May 22 Maps Predict Path of Destructive Citrus Pest
May 21 Getting a "Charge" From Bugs in Wheat
May 18 Palm Mite is Red Threat on the Horizon
May 17 ARS Scientists Honored for Tech Transfer Efforts
May 16 Precise Irrigation Could Boost Raspberry Health, Production
May 15 Scientists Pit Fungus Against Potato Pest
May 14 Ethanol "Leftover" Has Weed-Fighting Potential
May 11 Possible New Control for Whiteflies Discovered
May 10 No More "Foul" Air From This Chicken Coop
May 9 ARS Research Leads to Deep Cuts in Pesticide Use in California
May 8 Planting Wheat Blends Means Higher Yields
May 7 NAL Publishes Spanish Language Agricultural Thesaurus and Glossary
May 4 New Lettuces Shrug Off Verticillium Wilt
May 3 Manure Treatment System Erases Greenhouse Gases
May 2 Tip for Greenhouse Growers: Add Silicon
May 1 Dairy Byproducts Can Supplement Plastic
April 30 What's in Foods Marketed to Kids? Findings Presented at EB
April 27 Weight Loss Study Focuses on Dairy Foods
April 26 Fungus Responsible for Africa's Deadly Maize Identified
April 25 In Producing Ethanol, Some Cornstalks Should be Left in the Field
April 24 Freezer-Friendly Fish Gelatins Fight Sogginess
April 23 Best Ways to Clean Kitchen Sponges
April 20 Scientists Turn Genetic Keys to Unlock Bioenergy in Switchgrass
April 19 Robot, Yeast Combo May Mean More Ethanol
April 18 ERRC Research Honored as ACS National Historic Chemical Landmark
April 17 Partner Sought for Development of New Biological Control for Fire Ants
April 16 April Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
April 13 Fungus Eyed as Stopper of Ash-Killing Beetle
April 12 Single Microbe Yields Ethanol, Plus Eco-Friendly Glue
April 11 Prompt Progress Made Against a New Threat to Watermelon
April 10 New Findings About Dairy Consumption and Body Composition
April 9 Enzymes Boost Ethanol Production Efficiency
April 6 ARS Bio-Oil Technology Heats Up
April 5 New USDA Cereal Crops Laboratory Dedicated
April 5 Genes Foil Hessian Flies' Feeding on Wheat
April 4 Keeping Mosquitoes Out of Foreign Airspace
April 3 Probing Tiny Plant Cells to Unleash Big Bioenergy
April 2 Cornstarch Yields Eco-Friendly Laundry Ingredient
March 30 ARS Center Searches for "Opportunity Fuels"
March 29 A Food's Composition, By Any Preparation Method, Is Not the Same
March 28 New Tool for Mining Phytochemicals From Soy
March 27 ARS, EPA Partner to Protect Watersheds
March 26 Blueberry Skins Eyed as Cholesterol Busters
March 23 Superb Iceberg Lettuces Resist Corky Root, Mosaic Virus
March 22 Dietary Copper May Ease an Ailing Heart
March 21 Watermelon Serves Up Medically Important Amino Acid
March 20 New Durum Wheat Line Resists Scab Disease
March 19 New Offerings Target Aphid's Grip on Barley
March 16 Pitting Microbe Against Microbe for Safer Foods
March 15 An Improved Diet Helps Screwworm Control Efforts
March 14 Precision Agriculture: Maximizing Benefits with Better Management
March 13 Onions with a Nutritional--Not Pungent--Punch
March 12 New Website Helps Manage Dairy Nitrogen
March 9 Scientist Sleuths Finger "Crazy Root" Accomplice
March 8 New Online Guide for Identifying the World's Seeds and Fruits
March 7 ARS Honors Technology Transfer Winners
March 6 ARS Honors Top Scientists for 2006
March 5 Get Into the Zone--the Root Zone
March 2 Working Towards a More Complex Cucumber
March 1 Partner Sought to Commercialize Patented Fly Trap
February 28 A Cold Approach to Nematode Egg-Hatch
February 27 Perfecting Pesticide Applications to Protect the Troops
February 26 What Makes a Mean Bee Stay Mean?
February 23 New Soil Moisture Sensors Assessed
February 22 Natural Enzyme Deters Fall Armyworms and Other Corn-feeding Insects
February 21 Advice for Hurricane-Harassed Sugarcane Growers
February 20 Two "New" Moths May Thwart Troublesome Weeds
February 16 Model Successfully Predicts Rift Valley Fever Outbreak
February 15 Fresh Offerings from ARS Peach Breeders
February 14 Latest ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Available in English and Spanish
February 14 Retail Meat Analyzed for Parasites
February 13 Great Expectations for Pectin
February 12 Superior Lettuces Fend Off Two Destructive Viruses
February 9 USDA Map of Africanized Honey Bee Spread Updated
February 8 Researchers Exploit Cattle Pathogen's Genomic Secrets
February 7 Counting Eimeria Before They Hatch
February 6 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
February 6 Rhizomania Resistance Helps Keep Sugar Beets Safe
February 5 U.S. and Brazil Sow Seeds for Germplasm Exchange
February 2 Sugar Makers Benefit From New Enzyme Test
February 1 Suppressing Psyllids Could Curb Citrus Disease
January 31 Extreme Survival--Insect Style!
January 30 DNA Fingerprinting Promotes Health and Safety
January 29 Genetic Findings Could Boost Catfish Quality and Grower Profits
January 26 Old-Time Mosquito Remedy May Work Against Ticks, Too
January 25 The Powers of Peanut Flours
January 24 Virulent Hessian Flies Renew Attack on U.S. Wheat
January 23 Using Plants to Clean Up Soil
January 22 Identifying Variation in the U.S. Bovine Prion Gene
January 19 Space-Age Tools Boost Food Safety, Quality
January 18 Spud Soars to Top Five in Idaho
January 17 "Orange" Cauliflower Gene Eyed as Nutrition Booster
January 16 Found: A Gluten-Free Pancake That Really Stacks Up
January 12 Technology Reduces Gossypol in Cotton Seed
January 11 New Pinto Bean Resists Viral Diseases
January 10 How Are You Fixed for Flavonoids?
January 9 Genetic Evaluations Help Breed Better Bossies
January 8 Scientists Probe "Fly Spit" for Clues to Serious Wheat Pest
January 5 Pome, Sweet Pome: Expanding the National Quince Collection
January 4 Going Whole Hog: BAC Map Expedites Swine Genome Sequence
January 3 Genes May Tell a Lot About the Secret Lives of Bees