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2017 News Archive

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December 21 USDA's Agricultural Research Service Pays It Forward with Research Achievements
December 18 High-Tech Camera Helps Protect Sows and Piglets
December 13 Bringing Space Technology to Water Needs in California Vineyards
November 21 Exploring a World without Food Animals
November 15 Bringing Persimmons into the Limelight
October 30 Breeding Resistant Chickens for Improved Food Safety
October 23 New ARS Website Enhances Access to Scientific Information
October 18 A Big Step towards Reducing Strep in Farm-Raised Tilapia
October 16 Howard County Deer Do Their Part to Control Ticks
September 29 Soft Durum Wheat Opens Door to Expand Food Uses
September 28 “i5k” is for Insects
September 27 USDA Agency-led Group Profiles U.S. Aquaculture for World Report
September 26 Heat-Tolerant Broccoli for the Future
September 21 Entomologist Frank Zalom Delivers 2017 ARS B. Y. Morrison Memorial Lecture at ASHS Conference
September 13 Four Scientists Named to ARS Hall of Fame
September 12 USDA's Agricultural Research Service Honors Scientists of the Year
September 6 Rangeland Grasses Recover Quickly After Wildfires
September 5 Collaring the Mice that Carry Lyme Disease-Causing Ticks
August 30 Salmonella Vaccine Reduces Animal Disease and Foodborne Illness
August 22 Pickett's 2017 ARS Sterling Hendricks Memorial Lecture Suggests Plants Deliver Their Own Pest Controls
August 17 Detecting Defects Hidden in Hides
August 14 A Faster, Less Costly Way to Process Walnuts
August 8 Controlling Weeds in a Way that Saves the Soil and Costs Less
August 2 Good-Guy Fungus to Take on Killer of Oaks and Ornamental Crops
July 27 Latest ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
July 24 New Sensor System for Improved Peanut Drying
July 17 Chlorine Dioxide Pouches Can Make Produce Safer and Reduce Spoilage
July 10 Colored Rice May Brighten the Menu for Diabetics in the Future
June 28 Wiping Out Bacteria with Nanoparticle-Cotton Fibers
June 19 If It Smells Like a Petunia or Shampoo, It Might Be a Pesticide
June 12 Pig Pens: A Look at Mirrors and Mats
June 5 Eat Your Greens—Microgreens, That is!
May 24 ARS Hydrologist Honored for Bringing Accuracy to Soil Moisture Satellite Work
May 22 Giving Gardeners Information on Potting Media for Trees and Shrubs
May 16 Getting Direction and Information from U.S. National Arboretum App
May 10 A Faster, Less Costly Test Detects Foodborne Toxin
May 4 National Inventors Hall of Fame Honors ARS Scientist
May 1 Saving Costs with Cover Crops
April 28 Catfish Genome: A New Tool to Help Improve Catfish Products
April 27 ARS Geneticist Edward Buckler Receives First National Academy of Sciences Prize in Food and Agriculture Sciences
April 25 2017 W.O. Atwater Memorial Lecturer Renews Call for Excellence in Nutrition Research
April 24 A Better Way to Pasteurize Eggs
April 20 ARS Announces New Scientific Impact Video Series
April 17 Bee "Bed and Breakfast" Gets Helping Hand from Science
April 10 Making Products More Biodegradable With Starch
April 3 Science Confirms - You Really Should Eat Your Brassica
March 29 Guayule: Past Meets Future
March 20 Building a Reliable, Low-Cost Device to Measure Moisture in Grain Bags
March 15 Maximizing Profits with Poultry Litter
March 8 Analyzing Disease Mutations Using Online Cattle Genomes
March 2 Making Melons Safer with Steam
February 27 USDA Scientists and Partners Investigate Hawaiian Tree Deaths
February 15 Copper Sulfate Kills Fungus on Fish Eggs
February 13 New ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
February 8 Cooking Meatballs That Are Safe to Eat
February 6 Scientists Give an Old Elm Tree a High-Tech Helping Hand
February 3 ARS Genetics Researcher in Miami is Named Fairchild Medal Recipient
January 31 ARS Leads New Lyme Disease Control Efforts in Howard County, Md.
January 30 Making Spinach with Low Oxalate Levels
January 25 Smart Phone App Balances Conservation and Production
January 23 ARS Geneticist Edward Buckler Awarded First NAS Prize in Food and Agriculture Sciences
January 18 Test Uses Novel Antibodies to Detect Shiga Toxins
January 11 Helping Arizona Wheat Growers Maximize Resources
January 6 USDA Announces 2016 Appointments to Research, Extension, Education and Economics Advisory Board and Subcommittees