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2010 News Archive

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December 22 USDA Scientists Produce Palatable Gluten-Free Bread
December 21 Researchers Study Benefits of Barley as a Biofuel Crop
December 17 USDA Releases 2010 Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder Progress Report
December 15 Tactics to Safeguard Catfish and Tilapia Fillets from Foodborne Pathogens Explored
December 14 Research Leads to Fewer Yellowjackets on Christmas Trees
December 13 USDA Scientists Discover How Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus Begins Infection in Cattle
December 8 Infrared Sheds Light on Beneficial Microbes
December 7 USDA Scientists Study Essential Oils to Attract Asian Citrus Psyllid
December 3 Dr. Colien Hefferan Named Director of U.S. National Arboretum
December 2 USDA Scientists Develop Recirculating Systems for Warm-Water Marine Fish
December 1 Rain Gardens Sprouting Up Everywhere
November 30 Predatory Bugs Can Save Cornfields
November 24 Overseas Lab Seeks U.S. Weed Control "Recruits"
November 23 Scientists Find Psyllid Populations in the Americas are Genetically Distinct
November 22 USDA Researchers Seek New Ways to Boost Catfish Production
November 18 USDA Soil Lab Celebrates 75 Years of Innovative Research
November 17 Tannins' Surprising Benefits for Soils, Forests and Farms
November 16 Finding the Right Time for Rolling Rye
November 10 Potential Hemlock Hybrids Tolerant to Invasive Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
November 9 Improving Soil for Better Lawns and Gardens
November 8 Fish Gelatin: Ultra-High-Tech Biomedical Uses Ahead?
November 4 Pennycress Could Go from Nuisance Weed to New Source of Biofuel
November 3 Psyllid Identification Key to Area-wide Control of Citrus Greening Spread
November 2 Getting Rid of Cattle Fever Ticks
October 28 Helping Fish Get Rid of the "Ich"
October 27 October Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
October 26 Keeping In-Demand Smoked Salmon Safe to Eat
October 22 Vaccines Could Help What's Ailing Fish
October 20 Recirculating Water Systems Used for Fish Production
October 19 New Edition of Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
October 15 Small Business Success Spotlighted by USDA at Conference
October 13 Alternative Fish Feeds Use Less Fishmeal and Fish Oils
October 12 Canola on its Way to Becoming a First-Class Crop
October 8 Got Fish? Nutrition Studies Explore Health Benefits
October 7 New Study Shows Benefits of Bt Corn to Farmers
October 6 New Fish Feeds Made from Fish Byproducts
October 5 USDA Agencies to Join Scientific Networking System
October 1 New USDA Study Shows Extent of Land Degradation and Recovery on Western Rangelands
September 30 Black Aspergilli Species Responsible for Infecting Corn Identified
September 29 Blueberries Help Fight Artery Hardening, Lab Animal Study Indicates
September 28 Digging Deep for Ways to Curb Ammonia Emissions
September 27 Wasps Wage War on Behalf of Wiliwili Trees
September 24 Scientists Release First Cultivated 'Ōhelo Berry for Hawaii
September 23 USDA Partners with Texas Organization to Foster Research and Business Opportunities in the Southwest
September 22 Searching in the Microbial World for Efficient Ways to Produce Biofuel
September 21 Healthy Plant Sterols: A Daily "Drip" is Best
September 20 Kids and Diabetes Risk: Do Chromosomes Hold New Clues?
September 17 Pickle Spoilage Bacteria May Help Environment
September 16 New Soybeans Bred for Oil that's More Heart-Healthy
September 15 Three Scientists Named to USDA-ARS Science Hall of Fame
September 15 Sequencing of Cacao Genome Will Help U.S. Chocolate Industry, Subsistence Farmers in Tropical Regions
September 14 Future Soybean, Sorghum Growth Examined Under Higher Carbon Dioxide Levels
September 13 Scientists Test Corn Genes with MAGIC
September 10 Tracking Triclosan's Field Footprint
September 9 Tapping into Corn's Tropical Diversity
September 8 USDA Scientists, Cooperators Create the First Genomic Map of the Domesticated Turkey
September 7 Blocking E. coli Bacteria Before They Move In
September 3 Afla-Guard Also Protects Corn Crops
September 2 Corn Lines Resist Fungal Toxins
September 1 Helping Corn-Based Plastics Take More Heat
August 31 New "Ornamental Edibles" Exhibit Added to Arboretum
August 30 Cleaning the Chesapeake Bay from Space
August 27 Burning Invasive Trees Boosts Perennial Grass Recovery
August 26 Commercial Trap for Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets "Baited" with USDA Technology
August 25 Hyperspectral Imaging Speeds Detection of Campylobacter
August 24 Researchers Study Cinnamon Extracts
August 23 Better Insect Control When Air is Pulled Down through Grain Bins
August 20 CEAP Study Finds High Levels of Nitrogen, Copper in Bay Watershed
August 19 New Genetic Tool Helps Improve Rice
August 18 USDA Research Agency Awards $12.4 Million Contract Under American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to Repair Historic Laboratory Building in Maryland
August 18 Forecasting the Fate of Fertilizer in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
August 17 USDA Research Center in Hawaii Hosts Ground Blessing Ceremony
August 17 B Vitamins and the Aging Brain Examined
August 16 ARS, CIFT Team Up to Commercialize Research in the Midwest
August 13 Sensors More Accurately Map the Chesapeake Bay's Forested Wetlands
August 12 Blending Wind and Solar Meets Peak Energy Demands
August 11 Practical Screening Method from USDA to Speed Up Scab-Resistant Wheat Breeding
August 10 USDA Research Agency, Israeli Agricultural Ministry Sign Agreement on Cooperative Research
August 10 Adequate Zinc Eases Pneumonia in Elderly
August 9 Ditching Phosphorus Runoff
August 6 Flower-Dwelling Yeast Licensed for Use against Scab Disease
August 5 Scientists Develop Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Potting Medium
August 4 Bee Pastures May Help Pollinators Prosper
August 3 Throwing a Citrus Pest off its Scent
August 2 New Poultry Litter Applicator Holds Promise for Chesapeake Bay Area
July 30 Do Soy Isoflavones Boost Bone Health?
July 29 Researchers Study Benefits of White Button Mushrooms
July 28 July Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
July 27 USDA's Agricultural Research Service Enters Partnership with Kansas Bioscience Authority to Expand Economic Growh in Region
July 27 A New Tool for Improving Switchgrass
July 23 "Super Socks" Help Stem Pollution Runoff
July 22 Potential Indicators of Type 2 Diabetes Investigated
July 21 Better Control of Reproduction in Trout and Salmon May be in Aquaculture's Future
July 20 Dairy Farmers Can Fight Growing Disease Threat with Chlorine and Stainless Steel
July 19 Mapping Out Pathways to Better Soybeans
July 16 Concentration, Timing and Interactions are Key When it Comes to Dietary Compounds
July 15 Scientists Counter Brucellosis Threat to Livestock and Wildlife
July 14 July ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
July 13 Scientists Identify New Potential Biocontrol for Skunk Vine
July 12 Fungi's Genetic Sabotage in Wheat Discovered
July 9 Better Barriers Can Help Levees Withstand Wave Erosion
July 8 Luteolin Stars in Study of Healthful Plant Compounds
July 7 ARS Study Eyes Egg Quality and Composition
July 6 For Lambs, a Pasture a Week Keeps Blood Suckers Away
July 2 Pear Pest's Chemical "Come Hither" Identified
July 1 Nutrition's Potential to Save Sight
June 30 ARS Releases Heat-Tolerant Beans
June 29 Using Remote Sensing to Map Soil Salinity on a Regional Scale
June 28 Molecular Biology Provides Clues to Health Benefits of Olive Oil
June 25 Vitamin D and Mental Agility in Elders
June 24 ARS, Industry Cooperation Yields Device to Detect Insects in Stored Wheat
June 23 Researchers Study Value of Chicken Litter in Cotton Production
June 22 Computer Fun Helps Improve Girls' Food Choices, Fitness
June 21 ARS and New Mexico Scientists Take a Long Look at Livestock and Locoweed
June 18 Model Predicts Individual's Vitamin D Needs
June 17 Bright New Dry Bean for Salads and Other Foods
June 16 Wild Potato Germplasm Holds Key to Disease Resistance
June 15 Tapping into Sorghum's Weed Fighting Capabilities to Give Growers More Options
June 14 ARS, Africa Trade Office and Prince George's County Economic Development Officials Sign Research Agreement to Spur Job Growth, Assist Africa
June 11 ARS, Cooperators Find Genes Involved in Yellow Perch Growth
June 10 Broiler Carcass Cleansing Solution Removes Harmful Bacteria
June 9 ARS Study Helps Farmers Make Best Use of Fertilizers
June 8 ARS Scientists Honored for Technology Transfer Efforts
June 8 ARS Announces Scientist of the Year, Other Staff Awards
June 7 ARS Launches Redesigned Kids Site
June 4 New Rust Resistance Genes Added to Common Beans
June 3 ARS Scientists Seek Blight-Resistant Spuds
June 2 Scientists Clarify Origins of Potato Germplasm Neo-Tuberosum
June 1 Uncovering the Mystery of a Major Threat to Wheat
May 28 Put More Nitrogen into Milk, Not Manure
May 27 Nutrient Retention of Safer Salads Explored
May 26 Genetic Screening Technique Can Detect More Than 700 Antimicrobial-Resistance Genes
May 25 Model Developed for Manipulating Vitamin D Levels in Calves
May 24 What Genes Help Blossoms Last Longer?
May 21 Using Remote Sensing to Track Invasive Trees
May 20 Seeds of Aflatoxin-Resistant Corn Lines Available
May 19 New Methods Developed to Detect, Measure Potato Phytonutrients
May 18 Scientists Release Biocontrol for Waterhyacinth
May 17 Using a Pest’s Chemical Signals to Control It
May 14 New Agreement Takes Aim at Potato Pest and its Disease-Causing Cohort
May 13 ARS Enters Tech Transfer Partnership with Pennsylvania Economic Development Group
May 12 ARS Poultry Farm Gains Organic Certification
May 11 No-Till Farming Improves Soil Stability
May 10 Better Beans Mean Better Health for All
May 7 Algae Advances as a “Green” Alternative for Improving Water Quality
May 6 ARS Scientists in North Dakota Help Improve Potato Storage Capabilities
May 5 A New Way to Use Herbicides: To Sterilize, Not Kill Weeds
May 4 ARS Scientists Identify Genetic Resistance to Rice Sheath Blight
May 3 A New Approach that Saves Eyesight and Lives in the Developing World
April 30 Sagebrush Rangelands Are for the Birds--and Cattle
April 29 Survey Reports Latest Honey Bee Losses
April 29 Less is More When Restraining Calories Boosts Immunity
April 28 Eliminating Weeds Could Put More Cows on the Pasture
April 27 New Hydrangea Cultivars for Landscape Gardens
April 26 Periwinkle Plants Provide Ammunition in the War on Citrus Greening
April 23 Helping the NRC Look Below the Surface
April 22 Calculating Crop and Ethanol Yields and Irrigation Needs in Four Easy Steps
April 21 Capturing the True Value of Rice
April 20 Hops Helps Reduce Ammonia Produced by Cattle
April 19 Tracing Listeria monocytogenes in a Commercial Chicken Cooking Plant
April 16 Table Grapes’ New Ally: Muscodor albus
April 15 ARS Strawberries Make Commercial and Home Growing Easy
April 14 April Issue of Healthy Animals Now On Line
April 13 ARS Researching Camelina as a New Biofuel Crop
April 12 Studying Droplet Sizes to Combat Corn Earworm
April 9 Cellulosic Ethanol: Expanding Options, Identifying Obstacles
April 8 USDA Dedicates New Miami Research Building, Offers Public Tours
April 7 April ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
April 6 ARS Scientists Develop Self-pollinating Almond Trees
April 5 Viral Life Cycle of Malignant Catarrhal Fever Explained
April 2 Longer-Lasting Flowers: Fresh Ideas From ARS Researchers
April 1 Diverse Wheat Tapped for Antifungal Genes
March 31 Model Predicts Shifts in Carbon Absorption by Forest Canopies
March 30 St. John's Wort Collection Mined for Its Medicinal Value
March 29 Cutting Fat—and Calories—from Cakes and Frostings
March 26 ARS Publishes Guide for Remote Solar Water Pumps
March 25 Keeping Cattle Cool and Stress-Free is Goal of ARS Study
March 24 Sugarcane Okay in Standing Water, Helps Protect Everglades
March 23 Bringing Better Grapes a Step Closer to Reality
March 22 Chicken House Attics Can be Tapped to Warm Broilers
March 19 Estimating Ethanol Yields from CRP Croplands
March 18 Tryptophan-enriched Diet Reduces Pig Aggression
March 17 Prior Herbicide Use--Not Irrigation--is Critical to Herbicide Efficacy
March 16 New Lentil Being Readied for Market
March 15 Baby's Obesity Risk: What's Mom's Influence?
March 12 Vitamin D and Calcium Interplay Explored
March 11 ARS Sends Third Seed Shipment to Norway Seed Vault
March 10 Plant Hormone Increases Cotton Yields in Drought Conditions
March 9 ARS Study Provides a Better Understanding of How Mosquitoes Find a Host
March 8 Geraniums Could Help Control Devastating Japanese Beetle
March 5 Exploring Echinacea’s Enigmatic Origins
March 4 Assessing Antibiotic Breakdown in Manure
March 3 Cows Like Leaves Their Tongues Can Wrap Around Easily
March 2 Tough New Spuds Take on Double Trouble
March 1 Kids Lose Pounds, Gain Fitness, in Houston Study
February 26 Nursery is New Tool in Fight against Ug99 Wheat Stem Rust
February 25 Inventing New Oat and Barley Breads
February 24 Water Quality Model Passes Another Test
February 23 ARS Scientists, Colleagues Sequence Genome of Major Agricultural Pest
February 22 Scientists Identify Specific Barley Tissues Infected by Scab
February 19 Fungal Fumes Clear Out Crop Pests
February 18 Forage Plant Wards off Ruminant Gastrointestinal Nematode
February 17 New Assay Helps Track Termites, Other Insects
February 16 Cooling Inflammation for Healthier Arteries
February 12 A Better Breed of Plants Help Revive Western Rangelands
February 5 Barley Protein Concentrate Could Replace Fishmeal in Aquaculture Feeds
February 4 ARS Scientists Turn to a Wild Oat to Combat Crown Rust
February 3 Secrets to Superb Malting Barleys Explored by ARS Researchers
February 2 ARS Researchers Develop Method to Speed Up Breeding of Scab-Resistant Barley Cultivars
February 1 Studies Provide Insight into Key Oat Chemical
January 29 ARS Genetic Analysis Helps Spot Sugarcane Rusts
January 28 ARS Parasite Collections Assist Research and Diagnoses
January 27 Helpful Yeast Battles Food-Contaminating Aflatoxin
January 26 ARS Studies Effect of Wind Sandblasting on Cotton Plants
January 25 In Organic Cover Crops, More Seeds Means Fewer Weeds
January 22 Collection Provides Supply for "Taxonomical Rescues"
January 21 New Issue of Healthy Animals Now Online
January 20 Potential of Dairy-Based Package Wraps Outlined
January 19 National Cotton Variety Test Program is 50 Years Strong
January 15 ARS Scientists Use Invertebrate Collections to Help Solve Agricultural Problems
January 14 New Farming Wrinkle May Help Peanut Growers
January 13 USDA Scientists, Cooperators Sequence Soy Genome
January 13 ARS Gene Collections Vital to Animal Research Efforts
January 12 ARS Food and Nutrition Research Briefs Issued
January 12 Microbe Collections Accelerate Discoveries
January 8 Cuphea Does Wonders for Wheat and Corn in Rotations
January 7 ARS Nursery in Mexico Plays Key Role in Cotton Breeding
January 6 Overseas Collections Play Important Role in Controlling Invasive Species
January 5 ARS Plant Collections Help Safeguard Crops
January 4 Roundworm Repository Contributes to Agricultural Wellbeing